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What do you think are the most important parts of data conversations with students and families?

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Integrating Grammar Module: What are the benefits to students of doing regular grammar mini-lessons?

Selecting Text Module: How are you planning to determine the rigor of the text for your students? What has helped your students own their reading growth and passion for reading?

I'm teaching 7th grade ELA, and I am trying to do a service learning curriculum. I would like to have students create a portfolio of work as part of their assessment plan. Could you direct me to some resources for or examples of good project based assessment rubrics?

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Hi y'all! In our last blast, we recommended Ruby Payne's "A Framework for Understanding Poverty." While there are important takeaways from the book, there are also areas that the book can improve, especially when we think about culturally relevant pedagogy, so we wanted to share some additional resources and perspectives of Payne's work and stance from Teaching Tolerance. Their article “Questioning Payne” summarizes the critiques and they also put together a Toolkit as well. Special shout out to Michael who shared these resources!!

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What are some ways you have started the school year using reading, writing, and discussion to build relationships with your students? Comment below to share your experiences and ideas for next year! 

End the Year on a Strong Note: Share what ending the year on a strong note will look, sound and feel like for your classroom as you end the year.

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Grounding Reading, Writing, and Speaking in Text Evidence: 

Watch how Ms. Wessling uses text-dependent questions to push analysis for her students in the classroom. As you watch this 10 minute video clip, consider: 

1. What does this teacher to on the front-end to set expectations for students?
2. How does the teacher determine what questions are most important to ask students? 
3. What does this make you think about the questions you ask your students? 

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Reading, Writing, and Thinking: Student Burden and Joy: Watch the short 4 minute video clip on "Encouraging Student Voice in Discussions". Mr. Barlowe and other teachers share the role and importance of empowering students to share their thinking and thoughts. How can you ensure that your students feel heard?
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