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I take off into the sky in search of my kind. I spot a speck into the distance that distinctly reminded me of dragon. I fly closer.

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Name Ailan 
Species Star Dragon
Gender Male
Age 200 dragon years
Eyes Amber
Hair None
Wings Baby blue
Skin/Scales Icy blue-silver 
Strengths Battling (he has experience in battles), seeing the future and predicting prophecies, surviving physical pain
Weaknesses A fierce loyalty to his family, can hold grudges
Likes Sapphires and crystals, coastal cities
Dislikes Fighting between the Sun and Moon dragons, being pulled into taking sides
Background Ailan is an intelligent and wise dragon, and is one of the few who can read prophecies. He is fluent in the elder language of Dragons and has acquaintances who owe him favors in most species. He was separated with his parents when he was captured at the age of 100, causing him to develop a deep mistrust with slave traders and a wariness of humans in general.  
Others He often calls others younger than him "young one" and dragons "dragonlings". He's a bit patronizing. 

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Name: Soarin
Species: Sun dragon ((leader))
Gender: Male
Age: 1 million dragon years ((I look young though xD))
Eyes: Black
Hair: none
Wings: Large golden wings
Skin/scales: Golden
Strengths: Attacking other dragons sunlight and looking like something so I'm camouflaged
Weaknesses: Night time and water things during the night
Likes: Nothing really
Dislikes: Other dragons and deer meat
Background: Was abused by older brother and father my mother was the only one who loved me I have scars from my brother attacking me. My brother and other family were killed by a unknown creature and I took on the job of leading the sun dragons
Others: Is looking for the perfect one

I soar high above the clouds, watching the land below me. I screech with joy, swooping through the air gracefully. (Open rp)

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Name: Moon Shine

Age: Around 11,000 (11) she's still young

Gender: Female

Species: Moon Dragon

Strengths & weaknesses: Her strengths are flying, fighting, and protecting the sky. Her weaknesses are climbing up things.....

Personality: Moon Shine is very laid back and peaceful. She enjoys scenery and Moon gives respect for those who earns it. Moon also can be very hostile but not most of the time.

Other: She thinks that her species is endangered since she can't find anyone like her.

(Open with +Sarah Vilburn )
We were practicing diving and catching prey at the same time trying to get a friend something so she wont be angry

I am walking through a forest, enjoying the feeling of a cool breeze rustling my feathers. I caw contemplatively, watching the crisp green grass sway in the wind. I stroll along a hard, dirt packed road until I reach a burbling brook. I majestically dip my beak into the water, closing my eyes. (Open rp)

 *Clumsily flies around and looks for Moon Dragons. Crashes into a tree and falls*

(Open rp)

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Name: Fianna (phee-AH-nah ((It means flame in Italian ^ω^))
Species: Phoenix 
Gender: Female
Age: She is uncertain of that, but she estimates herself as around 4000-5000 years old.
Strengths: Flying, Fighting, Being unnoticed
Weaknesses: If you feed her wine or any alcoholic beverage, she will suffer from grave pain; Lightning and violent storms
Likes: Peace, but she will defend herself if necessary, she also likes quiet places and nature
Dislikes: War, destruction, chaos, disorder, ruin
About: Is very peaceful and prefers to stay with a small group, not with bunches of people or creatures. She is the leader of all the phoenixes. She will not fight others unless it regards the safety of herself, a friend, or nature. Is very secretive at first, and may seem a little reserved. She does not trust easily, as her parents were killed when she was little. One of the last of the phoenixes, she hosts a small tribe of 16 survivors who were not captured for their wisdom by humans. She is very wise. She is also resistant to fire, and can manipulate flames. She also can heal others with her tears or her will. Has enchanting singing skills that she can use to hypnotize those who disturb her. She has a slow temper, but when she's mad, watch out. 

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Name: Soarin
Species: Sun dragon
Appearence: Below
About: I am a bold tall male dragon I fight for my territory and watch over the land I rise the sun and lower it i am friendly to all accept moon dragons
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