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"The Origins of Mathematical Words." This is a book review. It looks like a fascinating read. 

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Plato related polyhedra and elements of nature. Can we relate true chemical elements and other polyhera?

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Noether theorem is amazing because it is not just beautiful it is also useful, what the theorem says is that if we find a symmetry in nature there must also be a corresponding conserved quantity somewhere. And we can also use the theorem backwards as well if we find something has been conserved we know that there must be some underlying symmetry that caused the conservation.
This video uses Noether's Theorem to support an artist theory on the physics of ‘time’ as a physical geometrical process. If we look down into the atoms we find the greatest conservation of them all with matter anti matter annihilation with 100% energy exchange. Energy is 100% conserved and Noether's Theorem links energy conservation with time symmetry!
In this theory this is because matter anti matter annihilation represents part of a universal geometrical process of energy exchange that forms the continuum of time. In such a theory the mathematics of quantum mechanics represents the physic of time itself, with classical physics representing processes over a period of time as in Newton’s differential equations.
We have an uncertain future unfolding photon by photon with each new photon oscillation or vibration relative to the atoms of the periodic table. With the wave particle duality of light and matter in the form of electrons forming a blank canvas that we can interact with forming the possible into the actual.
At the most fundamental level this is a process of symmetry forming and breaking that forms the entropy or the disorganization of everyday life. It also forms the potential for ever greater symmetry formation that we see in the diversity of cell life. The main effect this process of energy exchange has on us is the aging process, with everything continuously changing. In this theory intelligent life forms its own time line or evolutionary path as an integral part of this process. Noether's Theorem predicts that if this is true there should be a continuous symmetry to the energy exchange that does not change over time.
In this theory this is represented by the line symmetry or left and right handedness that all intelligent life has with creation being in the hand and eye of the beholder.
Symmetry ~ Conservation
Translation ~ momentum
Rotation ~ angular momentum
Time ~ energy

I am studying for my topology Qualifier, and learned only tonight (from an online conversation) that not only are T2 spaces in topology called "Hausdorff" but the other separation axioms ("trennungsaxioms") have names as well:

T0 Kolmogoroff
T1 Fréchet
T2 Hausdorff
T2 &1/2 Urysohn
T3 Vietoris - (Regular)
T3 & 1/2 Tychonoff
T4 Tietze -(Normal)

I think it's sad that knowing these names wasn't part of my standard course, because it's not considered essential to understanding the math. Mathematics is deprived of all its drama when we skip over the names of its characters.

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History of Mathematics. Starting with Greek mathematics, this course discusses Hindu, Chinese and Arabic influences on algebra; the development of coordinate geometry, calculus and mechanics; the course of geometry from projective to non-Euclidean in the 19th century; complex numbers and algebra; differential geometry; and topology.

#HistoryOfMathematics #Mathematics #Geometry 

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Una muy ingeniosa forma de hacer que los muchachos descubran por si mismos el Teorema de Pitágoras.

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Albert Einstein

Just the occasional reminder that non Math History related posts will be removed. There are plenty of forums and people to follow on Google+ if you want math memes, jokes, tutorials, problems, puzzles, questions, etc.

Occasionally it's hard for me to tell if something is History related or not if there is no description, so please try to be descriptive. I don't even mind if it's not in English. Hopefully I can use Google Translate or my brain, one of which occasionally works. 
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