Best simple timer extension, which actually has the features. One thing is missing for me though: CountUp could also use the time adjustment, just like counting down (with keys or with scroll), just start from that time and continue counting up.

Thanks very very much. Perfect and complete extension for my needs. Thanks again!!!

If I wanted to help with the code how can I do that?

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Hello !
I added some suggestions on Main WebStore. I have not seen if anyone has done the same, but this is my first small contribution. :) I expect a small guide with pictures, I would send you the link here!

Feature request -

MORE NOISY! I have ADHD, I need to be able to keep track of things, this timer is great, but one single chime is a joke for me. 

Solution. Allow selection of continual or single play of event sound. Allow selection of wav and mp3 files for sound.


Version 3.0.5 is up
Fixed notification, now using rich notification API
(old notification are no more supported in chrome 28) 

Version 3.0.1 is on its way.
This update adds the restart and dismiss buttons to the notification popup.

Firstly, this extension is one of the most useful extensions on the chrome for me, thanks alexander.
My some critisms on this new 3.0 version.

What is better in this version:
- black theme.
- a bit bigger timer numbers.

- some people may like it, but mostly i dont like to seeing the first finishing timer's remaining time on the extension icon. this version not showing it :). but this feature would be enabled via an extension control panel, but no control panel still.

- longer timer values.

- not sure, better or worse. now timer's description is always showing with very small font(this is not better of course for me, i prefer to see a bigger font, but i understand, some people may like this new small font) at top rigth. and description configuration section is now replacing timer's area to modify the text(this is better).

What it is still missing:
- no options page to configure some features.
- no color themes. no different layouts.

Downgrades that i dont like:
- no countdown for a specific clock time. this is very big downgrade :(

- with fade-in effect, now it is slower to showing up. for me faster=better.

- text description for a timer is so small now, hard to read and hard to enter it.

- there are problems if more than one timer exist. only the first timer is showing a pop up notification on-time. the others either late poping-up or completely not showing. and also, other than the first timer's pause icons, not returning back to start icon, still showing pause icon even timer is ended.

- there is no restart button/icon for a finished timer on the notification popup.

- no re-ordering timers.

- double clicking a timer's area was showing description text on previous version. now you have to click to configure icon, not good for simplicity. also why timer's value exist there. also text font is so small.

- new number entering system is very confusing and also wrong in all reason.
for example try to enter 999. at first keypress, it shows 9 as a second. on the second keystroke, it shows 1:39(99 is 1 minute and 39 seconds). on the third keystroke, it shows 10:39(this is wrong, it should be 16:39). 
another example, enter 444444. i was expecting to see, 5(days) 03(hours):27(minutes):24(seconds). but i am seeing 1(day) 20(hours):44(minutes):44(seconds).
and it continuous like this. you can try with other numbers. previous version working more correct way. for example it was not accepting 99, and that was correct way for SIMPLICITY.
and also on the previous version, hours, minutes, and seconds was apart from each other. now they combined, and my mind confused now. for example i want to configure the timer to 2 hours. in this version you have to type 20000, but on previous version i was just typing 2 in the hour section.

- also on this version i cannot modify a timer's hour, minute, or second value. everytime i have to reenter whole long time :(

- if you dont start a new entered timer, and if extension's window lost focus and disappear, than timer's value returns back to 00:00:00.

- the close icon in the configure section is confusing with deleting timer. instead of a X icon, a "close" text may be better.

Here is a feature request; right clicking on a time section(day, hour, minute, second) will add 10 to the existing value. for example i want to enter following value: 00:45:00. with this feature, we can right click on minute section four times, and scroll up mouse till to reach the value 45.

and also, a shortcut action to reset a previously defined timer to 00:00:00 would be useful. for example double clicking to the stop icon or another action, will reset the timer to 00:00:00. this would expecially be helpful, if you are using a timer with specific decscription text, and you just want to enter a new value for it.

and a short help section for features and tips, directly in the upcoming options page would be very helpful.
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