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EaseUS v5.8 Data Recovery Wizard

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard recovers deleted files, even if you’ve emptied the Recycling Bin or deleted them directly !!!

Website :

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I like its, but can I install on my Android

How do I no it's working

Hi, I want to install your app on my Galaxy S5 as the battery overheats quite a bit. However I noticed in the reviews a comment from another S5 user that it causes an open conflict with the S5. It has a screen that pops up continuously asking what to open the app with and that only solution is to uninstall. Also, a few people mentioned battery drain and of even more and more concern these days, permissions. I have already had my phone hacked through a reputable "security" app because I failed to look at the permissions and after the hack I was shocked to see what a reputable, well known and trusted security program could access and do with my phone that as I found out they had no business being able to do. So what about permissions and how much will it drain my battery. I am interested in your app, very much so, now I just find myself being more inquisitive. Also in some of the reviews people talk about CoolMaster. I looked at, still am leaning towards yours but can you tell me what is the difference between you two. Thank you for your patience.

Hey, guys, Coolphone has just released a new version, in which we have introduced a new feature, Coolswipe. Hope you guys can share your feedback with us as for the new feature. Thanks in advance. ^_^

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good news, the new version of Coolphone has been reported by one of Indonesian top 3 android download platforms jalantikus. ^_^

hey, guys, first, thanks so much for your useful advice on Coolphone. And now we have updated a new version. New UI design and new features. Looking forward to your feedback on the new version.^_^

Thank you +Simon Mlinar for the invite!!!
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