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All who are in the consortium are welcome to share. Make sure it is positive. 

Please share information on events, programs, classes, websites/apps, pictures of past events with explanations, pictures of elders, teachers, and professionals with bios, and any other helpful information that can help the Southeast Alaska Language Community.

Also, add pictures of students that are working with the language. Outstanding students K-12, Bachelor/Masters/PHD students that will be looking for jobs in the language field or currently are looking for jobs; you can always just brag about them too.  

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Language Specialist

SHI is recruiting for the position of language specialist. This position is responsible for the integration of Tlingit language into educational programs & curricula material and exhibit and cultural programs; transcription and translations of tapes; and translation of meetings of Tlingit language speakers. Please send resume or inquiries to or apply through “careers” link

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Good Morning Consortium Members,

Here is a video of Lance Twitchell explaining the Establishment of Tribal Schools.

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*Anchorage: Tlingit Language Circle *
Tuesdays, June 16 - July 28
Open to all ages

Will be added to consortium calendar

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Good morning,

Today, I am working on creating an in-kind contribution document for volunteers for the Consortium and a separate one for CCTHITA Language Department. 

If you have any advice or sample documents I can adopt for this please share in the comments below or email me at .

I found a sample document online but it would be useful to see how other language programs handle in-kind contributions.  

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Ketchikan, Alaska

Haida Language Class
Date: June 8-19, 2015
Time: 6:00PM - 7:30PM
Place: 615 Stedman Street #214
Price: Free

Please Share with your friends and family living in the Ketchikan area.

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I'm sure some/many of you already know about this, but I just came across classes at UAS that focus on implementing Dual Language in the school and classroom.  

ST: Dual Language: School-Wide Implementation
     -Participants will learn how to become DL leaders in their school, to identify opportunities to facilitate the consistent implementation of the DLE model school wide, set goals and follow through using leadership teams.

ST: Dual Language: Where to Start
     -Participants will gain knowledge on how to develop a Dual Language classroom that will include a language-print rich environment and develop challenging, interactive and authentic lessons which will include many specialized language enrichment activities.

ST: Dual Language Texas Internship
     -Participants will co-teach using Dual Language pedagogy and curriculum with expert teachers in Grand Prairie, Texas and will experience the embedded vocabulary development, use of student engagement techniques, and planning necessary to deliver effective core instruction to Dual Language Learners.

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This is awesome!
"Druckenmiller is working with Alaska Native speakers to come up with names for the new Alaska dinosaurs. The exhibit takes visitors into what it’s to be paleontologist exploring for dinosaur evidence in Alaska’s backcountry."

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Good Afternoon Consortium,

We will be picking out a mission statement with these next couple of quarterly meetings. Between the meetings we will be holding small work group sessions to discuss what the Mission Statement should encompass. One of our first meetings we will hold a SWOT analysis.

Please look at the photo below and think or comment on what the consortium's Strengths,  Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats are.

Read up on more on how to establish a mission statement from the link below: 
Haw'aa Jasmine James for sharing this.

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