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I was hoping we had put this to bed last year. Once again, the EU is considering regs that says a web host can't allow any posts to "copywrited" content, including news articles or pics, including the link in this post, or face stiff fines. This means I would not be able to make the Mattermost server I planned for my Scaleway instance open to the public. Worse, if I read the article right, they may be able to go after content on non-EU servers. Sorry Europe, we may just have to block you.

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From +DoorToDoorGeek. Finally, "The promise I was kingdomed" Pine has announced a PineBook Pro, Rockchip based, metal case, 4Gb RAM portable. At $199, you could argue you could get a faster Intel on the secondary market, but no way it's this slim. Also, a Rockchip upgrade for the 14" PineBook, phone kits, gaming enclosures, a tablet with specs similar to the original Pinebook, a camera, more.

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From the "You ain't gonna believe this one department" (rant level 5 warning). In our last ep, I was trying to triple boot my new system to Windows, Fedora, and TrueOS. TrueOS (fork of FreeBSD) because they had been claiming Windows versions of Steam games would play as fast or faster on FOSS as they would in Windows thanks to PlayOnBSD. BSD doesn't use GRUB and I have UEFI active so even though the install was successful, TrueOS didn't show up in the bootloader. netminer actually read the Wiki better than I did and directed me to where it said I'd need a third party bootloader to make BSD play with EFI. They recommend reFind. Besides .deb and .rpm files to install reFind easily, there are also thumb drive and CD images so you can "try before you" buy. BTW, apparently there are more than one "run anything from UEFI" bootloader options, more on that next show.

OK, so I spend the evening beating on my new Fedora install because my USB stick is not automounting. Unetbootin gives me a permissions error and a different one after I install RPMFusion dd'ing the image seems to work, but no luck starting from the thumb drive. Eventually, I give up and unpack the CD ISO and burn a CD. I can hit that using the hardware boot menu, but it seems to jump right to Windows (gave me the opportunity to bring Windows up to date after several weeks). Put CD-ROM before the hard disks in the boot order, then I had the chance to pick my OS, including TrueOS.

OK, so now I'm into my TrueOS environment for the first time since install, but it's in the command line. I'm thinking, OK, there are a number of conservative Linux's that have you log into CLI, then run startx. Probably easily solved with a few config file tweeks once I Google how to get the GUI up. I got on another PC and Googled TrueOS and GUI and found THIS:

This was a truly "Why is it getting dark in here and why can't I feel half my face?" moment. HOW IN THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU GO FROM "WE'RE GOING TO SHOW THE WORLD YOU CAN RUN WINDOWS GAMES BETTER IN A FOSS OS" TO "GRAPHICAL INTERFACE? WE DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE" IN LESS THAN A YEAR? Seriously, the way I understand it, graphical desktops are not even in the "repos" (or whatever the BSD equivalent is, right now I couldn't give a turkey). The TRIAL/installer image was quite graphical. There is a further fork, , that is supposed to be TrueOS with the GUI. From the download page : "TrueOS and FreeBSD recently changed their bootloader to a new tool written in Lua rather than the traditional bootloader written in Forth. If you experience issues with booting the ISO or the installed system, please file a bug ticket with the FreeBSD project." Sorry, if I wanted system breaking updates, I'D RUN WINDOWS ONLY. Four out of Five hackers recommend anything but Trident for their clients who run games.

I can erase the partitions TrueOS created easily enough. I guess I am now in search of a BSD with enthusiasm for PlayOnBSD.

Looking for a shortcut (when am I not?). Triple booting a new "to me" i5 tower. Windows came on /dev/sda. Added a 4TB drive, /dev/sdb. Used 2TB to install Fedora, left the remainder to TrueOS (BSD). TrueOS claims using PlayOnLinux, they can run Windows Steam games as fast or faster than Windows. My problem, TrueOS does not automagically appear in Grub (BSD still uses Lilo, right?). Anyway, I'm finding solutions online, but they all seem to require a better understanding of Grub then I'd like to spend time on, because I'm lazy. "grub update" isn't helping. Does anyone know a quick and easy way to add BSD to my bootloader? Does BSD play nice with UEFI?

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This could be just what +Fifty OneFifty needs to finish kitting out his house

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Slackware Raspberry Pi is now a read-only file system

I left the solution to this on Reddit. It was not a Slackware only issue as I first thought, but that there were no inodes left in root.

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With Google Plus going away (OK, we have at least a year), I took the liberty of creating a MeWe page for the podcast . I'm going to look at setting up a Discord, a Mattermost, maybe even a Diaspora on my cloud space. These will all be test instances for now, I don't want to split the fanbase (meaning, I don't want to look five places for messages before each show :), but we can spend a few months kicking the tires on these things.

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Episode 29.5 of the Urandom Podcast is up. Recorded from the eighth floor of the impressive Hyatt Regency in the Columbus Convention Center, this exclusive Ohio Linux Fest episode includes +Thaj Sara and +Lyle McKarns from Urandom, +Kevin O'Brien from Hacker Public Radio, +Tony Bemus from the Sunday Morning Linux Review, and yours truly. Enjoy.

Figured I would drop this here before G+ goes the way of the Dodo. We realized this weekend that the Ogg feed for the show stopped at episode 100. I just thought you guys were not releasing episodes. Figured you would want to know.

Also, +honkey Magoo and +Fifty OneFifty you guys are free to use my Mattermost server to organize NELF stuff/OggcastPlanet Live stuff. +Lyle McKarns and I are working on re-doing the server, but everything "should" be carrying over to the new server. Also, as far as NELF I know I am willing to help in whatever way I can to help bootstrapping it's revival. Just let me know if I can help.

Looking for a battery pack/UPS for Raspberry Pi. Unit needs to supply continuous power when main power is lost. Any suggestions?

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