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"I kill for one reason Doctor... Because I choose to."

"Whoever created that monstrosity makes the two of use look positivelt moral." - Maleficent (Once Upon A Time)

"Are you insane... Like me?" - Gasoline (Halsey)

"You are not a human being." - Gasoline (Halsey)

"An Army of sheep lef by a lion is better than an armt of lions led by a sheep."

"I've come to burn these kingdoms down."

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Name: Kefira Sumhaya
Alias': Kefira Oz, Lion
Age: Kefira is currently around the age of 13
Gender: Female
Species: Modified Human
Birthday: Same day as the disappearances of previously known Huntress Summer Rose
Time of Birth: Currently Unknown
Country of Origin: Vale
Birthplace: Unknown
Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Child
Language(s): English
Native Tongue: English

Education: Currently Unknown
Semblance: Based off of her mother's semblance of Telekinesis, Kefira had gotten the semblance of teleportation. Her semblance is still new to her making it hard for her to use it greatly in battle. As expected of her, she mainly uses her semblance to escape battles that she is losing.
Weapons: Kefira uses a set of three heavily made chains. One that is normally wrapped around her neck, and one wrap around each arm. The chains are too heavy for any normal human, or huntress to hold for a long period of time. She is also well versed in different weapons and fighting style which makes it hard to keep track of her patterns and moves, as well as it makes it easier for her to use anything around herself as a weapon. She's also genetically modified to act more like a lion or large cat, meaning stronger body, quicker than most people, sharper teeth, and the ability to extend claws from her hands to use when she is out hunting(Killing).

Recent Picture: Below
Blood type: Unknown
Height: 6"0
Weight: 130lB
Eye color: Bright emerald green
Hair: Grayish almost white
Skin: Tan
Figure/Build: Tall, Large, Heavily built frame(appears to look like a guy)

Tattoos: A small brand of Salem's emblem on her right shoulder blade
Scars: Her entire body is laced with different scars from different weapons. 80% of her skin is scar tissue.
Piercings: N/A
Clothing Style: Her outfit tends to stick to colors of a lion, along with the design of a prince and/or modern style clothing.

Currently lives: Unknown
Living Arrangements: Unknown
Description of Daily Surrounds: Grimm

Hobbies: Unknown
Talents/Skills: Parkour, Climbing, and Fighting
Strengths: Large pain tolerence
Weaknesses: Small effects of PTSD

Love Interest(s): Cinder Fall (Too young)
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Dominant Hand: Right
Addictions: Being inflicted with pain
Pet Peeves: Disrespect towards her mother

Personality: Sadistic but also a masochist. She's considered mental insane in the eyes of the public, worse than Tyrian. Depending on her mood her personality and change.
Likes: Lions
Dislikes: Ozpin & his family, Most people in the entire world of remnant.

Parents: Ozpin Oz, Glynda Goodwitch
Siblings: Kali Oz, Kadir Oz
Friends: Lapis(Dead), Tyrian, Ali
Partner: N/A
Offspring: N/A
Enemies: The guardians
Pet(s): N/A

Early Childhood:
Kefira lets out a cry for her mother. "Mommy!" Another crack of a whip splits onto the back of the child who was no older than 4 years old. "Your mother isn't coming. Not your father. Not your siblings either." A dark voice echoed from the chambers. The young girl in a pale yellow dress still cried out until her voice couldn't handle it anymore.

A girl stood tall with her hands behind her back. Looking at the gathered members of her mother's circle. Pale gray hair bounced on the eight-year-old kid, her bright green eyes following the movements of Tyrian's hands, ears listening to everything he was speaking about. Every now and then her eyes would drift towards the newest member in the circle, a women with black hair.

As if fate had told her that she was ready, one foot off the ledge. She falls. Nothing but blacks fills her vision. Suddenly the sounds of laughter echoes, along with clapping. Splash. She landed into the water. Swimming up to meet the surface, she turns her head to see Tyrian sitting at the edge of the cliff above the river, almost 30 ft up. "Hehe. Ooo~ How is her majesty going to act when I tell her that her pet tried to commit suicide." Tyrian laughed out with his annoying tone. Kefira glared at him. "Go ahead." She growls back.
Chained to shackles in the torture room, Kefira hung from the ceiling. "Now. Now. I heard you tried to escape... And through death. Oh. Trust me pet. You're gonna wish you were dead now." Soft mumbles of sorry stumble out of the now ten-year-old girl.

A smirk on her face as Salem drags her nails against Kefira's face. "Good job my daughter." Kefira's outfit was stained with blood, still wet blood. Kefira's hollow eyes meet the dead eyes of her best friend at one point in her life... Lapis.

Kefira curled up aginst Ali as she quietly runs her hands through the younger girl

Today is the day. Vale falls.

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Are you sure you want to attend Beacon, Kefira? I could always train you.

RP for +Kefira Sumhaya

Ame wasn't interested on the pre-VYTL Festival party that Beacon students were throwing for the teams that made it. She was grateful to make it but parties and people just weren't her thing. She walked on the back side of Beacon, walking on the cliffside. The sun was setting and the air was getting cooler. The wind was strong though, whipping her discolored hair around. She heard the faint howl of a Beowulf from the Emerald Forest and rubbed her left arm where it became mechanical. "Tch... pathetic creatures..."

A young girl no older then 13 walks through the Grimm infested streets of Vale. Clicking of chains echoed into the air. Grimm running pass her almost like she didn't exist. White hair could easily be spotted in the night, her yellow shaded outfit seem to only brighten more in the moons empty gaze.

Growling. Snarling. Yelling. All could be heard in the empty air called the night sky. As she walked it became more easier to see her determined emerald green eyes. But as soon as she was gone.

In another part of the Kingdom. She stood in a place that once was a battlefield. Was now just ruins... The ruins of Beacon Academy. A place where she taken from by the people who called themselves family. A place we she watched someone she had strong feelings for be completely destroyed.

She stood in this spot. Seeking revenge... Always wondering when someone would show up. Asking what a kid who's only 13 is doing in this Grimm infested place.

The sounds of heavy feet clashing with the ground could be heard from her superior hear. A smirk on her face, showing off her strangely sharpen teeth. Grabbing her two chains that were around her neck. She waits for them to make the first move.

(Closed for that David person. Because it's not letting me tag him)

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Quote: "I promised I'd find you. I never gave up looking." ~Kali Oz

Name: Kali Oz

Age: 21

Status: Huntress/Freelancers

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Personality: Kali hides behind a wall. A mask. She hides her emotions unless you're close enough to her.

Weapons: Kali's weapon is a Dust infused whip. It responds to her aura, the Dust reacting to its owners desire. It can be used to slash or choke simply. Or when used with Dust, it can burn or electrocute for example. When she is not using the weapon, it's wrapped on her arm like a brace or arm wrap. It's a rare weapon, created to react directly to her semblance and can only be used by Kali.

Semblance: Kali's semblance is directly followed by her father; time. She can manipulate time. Changing day to night. Force memories. Show her memories. And even with enough power, she can freeze time. It's a dangerous power she rarely uses. She's even being hunted for her power.

Likes: Her family, killing Grimm or criminals, Qrow

Dislikes: Grimm, General Ironwood, Salem, people attacking her father

Bio: Kali Oz is the eldest child of Ozpin and Glynda Goodwitch. She has a twin brother named Kadir and a little sister (who she looks more like) named Kefira. Kali was obviously going to be the one to follow after her father with her semblance and taking over Beacon when he was gone. But Salem set out for Ozpin's eldest daughter. Because of this, she was hidden away. On her 10th birthday, Kefira was kidnapped by Salem and Kali blamed herself. Since then, she trained nonstop in the shadows, refusing to join Beacon. When she turned 18, she entered a (secret) not so intimate relationship with Qrow Branwen, using his company when she was stressed, the two usually relaxing by sex. She has a strong hatred towards James Ironwood and his attacks on her father. Her 21st birthday fell on the Battle of Beacon. She was present for parts of her father's fight against Cinder Fall but left him to fight when he ordered her to leave. It also the day she saw her sister for the first time in 11 years.

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Quote: "There's always lies told in your childhood but there's always something truth told behind them" -K.A.F

Name: Ame Sandã

Age: 18

Status: Huntress/Student

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Personality: She's known to be very joking with her team, usually used as a mask to hide her normal emotions. Then very sadistic in battle

Weapons: Nightmare: A pure silver sword, sharp enough to pierce straight through your heart in one jab/swipe. The sword also has the ability to transform into a Dust firing rifle. Midnight: A shield made purely of obsidian. Unbreakable by common items.

Semblance: Ame's semblance is the ability to create storms from nothing. This ability allows her control storms; thunder, lightning, rain, snow. And conjure them herself. This also allows her to control parts of storms such as lightning, water, and wind. This also gives her an advantage of speed and sound.

Likes: Music, weapons, her friends, training, food, and reading

Dislikes: Blood, Grimm, the White Fang, Qrow

Bio: At the age of 13, Ame woke up in the Sandã house with no memories of anything. Her past. Family. Even her name. But what she did remember was her ability to fight. Her combat skills were exemplary. She went off to train at Sanctum Academy before passing the entrance exam of Beacon Academy. At 18, Ame became the leader of her Beacon Team, AREZ. And very slowly, memories flooded back to her. Her scarred past. Her family. And even past lover. During the VYTL Festival, Ame succeeded in making it to the singles round. Her fight was between Shiro Yuki. She was also present during the Battle of Beacon. Fighting with Ruby Rose against Roman Torchwick and climbing Beacon Tower. During the flash of silver, Ame blacked out. She still does not know of the power that lies inside her sparkling silver eyes.

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Quote: "Your emotions can grant you strength, but you must never let them overpower you." ~Winter Schnee

Name: Winter Schnee (Ice Queen by Qrow)

Age: Late 20s (around 28)

Status: Huntress/Atlas Military Specialist

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Personality: Winter is very stone faced, known to be monotone most of the time unless angered by Qrow or alone with her family.

Weapons: Winter's Weapon appears as an upper-class dueling saber. The sword has a single edged, slightly curved blade. The sword's hilt sports a wide, crescent shaped guard that envelops the hand of the person that wields it, purposefully protecting the hand and fingers from any angle. The hilt has a spiral design etched down it that stops at an orb shaped pommel similar to that of Ozpin's Cane. There is a trigger located between the hilt and the guard that opens the hilt. The lower side of the hilt sports a light blue component that is embedded or inserted onto/into the side. The weapon opens to reveal a smaller sword inside. Both swords have one type of Dust infused within it.

Semblance: Winter has the Schnee family Semblance of "Glyphs". Her glyphs have many of the same effects that her sister's do, most notably including the ability to exert forces on herself and objects, which Winter uses to increase her speed to super-human levels and boost jumps. She can also summon versions of her past enemies to fight for her. Her summons are known to include dozens of small Nevermores, as well as a full size Beowolf. Her summons take on a white-blue coloration and emit a soft glow.

Likes: Atlas, Dust, Qrow, fighting, working for General Ironwood

Dislikes: Her family (besides Weiss), people talking down on her or Atlas, Qrow

Bio: Winter Schnee is Weiss Schnee's elder sister, and a specialist in the Atlesian Military's Special Operatives unit. She the oldest child of the Schnee family and is an extensively trained Huntress. 

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When my sister disappeared, I learned to hide my emotions. I wouldn't allow them to become my weakness.

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Kali always dreamed of what it'd be like to see her little sister again...
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