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Hope you will consider participating...It is FREE!!
Description: One of the factors that hinders ecumenical dialogue is the fear that one will lose one's roots. Where will this conversation lead? To idolatry? To bigotry? To agnosticism? Do I have to believe that anything goes in order to engage in dialogue?

Dr. Robert LaRochelle has extensive experience in comparing religious traditions, and can help you locate where the ecumenical center is for you and your conversation partners. It is possible to be different and still communicate. You can celebrate and maintain diversity while also seeking unity.

This webinar will help you get started toward that goal.

Date: October 21, 2014
Where: Google Hangouts on Air (watch the Energion Google+ Page [] for announcements)
Time: 7:00 PM Central / 8:00 PM Eastern (US)
Duration: 1 hour
Bob LaRochelle holds a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching from Chicago Theological Seminary. He was raised in the Roman Catholic Church, attended Catholic elementary and secondary school as well as college and graduate school. He then served as a Theology instructor in Catholic high schools, a Diocesan level official in adolescent religious education, a parish youth minister and Director of Religious Education. In 1989, he was ordained to the Permanent Diaconate and served in that capacity until 1998. After a period of study to discern how he would continue to serve the church, he became an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ. He remains deeply committed to ecumenical work within the universal church of Jesus Christ. He has been married to his wife Tricia for 34 years and they are blessed with three children: Brian, Kathleen and Stephen. He is a proud and grateful alumnus of the College of the Holy Cross. He is the author of Energion titles Crossing the Street, So Much Older Then …, What Protestants Need to Know about Roman Catholics, and What Roman Catholics Need to Know about Protestants.

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Great interview with Dr. Bruce Epperly on how, in practical terms to transform dying mainline congregations.

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