Will there be a mailing or meeting to tell residents about the cameras that have been installed? They were not discussed at a prior meeting. What are the installation and monitoring costs? Will they replace our security guard? Who has access to the feed?

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When can these faded signs be replaced? They were overlooked when the rest of the signs were replaced and the one at the entrance gives an ugly welcome.
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1. Thanks to those who have participated in this group. The road repairs are finally done. I would like to explore the possibility of having all our roads blacktopped(for a better uniform appearance). It's just something to keep in mind. We'll address at the next meeting if not before.
2. Some comments and statements have been made about the way the board handles HOA business. If anyone ever has any concerns about this please feel free to post concerns here(or an alternative)
3. In closing I will invite as many homeowners to this group as I can. Please do the same.

I got a call from Sosa's office responding to my e-mail. They said I was the 4th constituent contacting them and mentioned your name, Al's, and a "Pedro" (maybe Alcocer).
She said that they contacted both the Public Works department and the Water & Sewer department on Alhambra's behalf and found out:
1) Public Works says we have "private roads" that the HOA is responsible to maintain, and
2) Water & Sewer says that there are no pipes under the road and the HOA is responsible for drainage.
She also mentioned something about contacting the Property Appraiser's office regarding taxes, and maybe we should look into a discount if we're not receiving services, but that's not the immediate concern.

I don't know if there is a difference between the sewer system and the drainage system. I suppose that the "grey" and "black" water leaving my house go through some type of sewer system and the rain goes through a drainage system, but I don't know if they are the same or different. The explanation of the French drains made sense at the time, but I don't know enough to make an argument or evaluate whether their story is valid. What have you determined?

Meanwhile, it's getting harder and harder to drive around the potholes, so can we get those filled soon? Perhaps if they are done the "right" way, the repair will last long. Of course, I don't know if they were done the "right" way or not in the past.

After repeated episodes with District 6 staff, Public Works Superintendent and the Dept. of Water and Sewers personnel it's not going well. My contention is that the county does in fact maintain storm drains county wide. So why not for us. While the roads are our responsibility I don't believe that the infrastructure is our problem. Everyone is very defensive. I'd just like to know what percent of our "county operating fund" and "unincorporated fund" goes to this maintenance that we're excluded from.

A friend of mine had a huge water bill that indicated a leak. Someone came to the house with a device that detected the leak location. Somehow it listened underneath the pavement.
As we are alleging that our potholes come from leaks, would such a device help us to prove that there is a leak? I realize the pipes are supposed to have some water exiting through smaller holes because that's how it works, but perhaps the listening device could detect heavier outflow of water.
I would want to get the county to send someone over next time it rains to listen, but if needed, we could hire someone to come do the testing and make a report. I want to say the standard price was around $500. It would be worth it to have proof of faulty pipes, so the county can't allege it's a mere surface issue.

I'm also wondering about how/if we can construct an argument that the County is liable for the streets because they were responsible for permitting and inspecting the placement of pipes and the paving of the roadway. They were to corroborate with the Developer to ensure all proper procedures were followed, and we already have seen cases that I think prove negligence and potentially recklessness: 1) The development lacks a second exit/entry and 2) Driveways have been redone and the work burst pipes which I think should have been placed deeper.
So if the County allowed shortcuts, knowing the Developer would shortly be out of the picture, then they should be responsible for the consequences. The county residents who own homes in the neighborhood have merely the expectatoin of having to maintain the surfaceway of the streets, not the underground infrastructure for which the County was responsible. And for which they pay property taxes and sewer/water bills.
This line of argumentation's goal is to show County liability, wherein they should either arrange repairs or face legal action to make them do so. I just want to hear feedback to improve/correct my reasoning before writing them.
(I was out of town for almost 2 weeks and haven't had a chance).

I have sent an email to Rebecca Sosa today about the current pothole situation. I will post updates here.
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