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Hey everyone, welcome to Alitoria; the kingdom of the sky! Please make sure to read the discription thoroughly and make sure you understand the rules, let's make this community great!

< L O R E >
10,000 years ago, Alitoria was down onto the actual earth, like a normal continent. To ensure peace, the ancient rulers of the world established a rating for everyone on a one to five star rating; zero being lower than low and the rare six star being the ranking of the royal family.

Eventually, the ranking system that was established for peace lead to mass anarchy. Many greedy people, including humans, tried to overthrow the peaceful rule of King Dorian, eventually putting him on his deathbed. In an attempt to preserve their kingdom, eight wizards were ordered to use their power to chase the rebels off to the rim of the land and separate the continent; raising the landmass high into the air and leaving those on the outer ring behind.

These people were the first zero ranks to grace the earth; those who weren't even deemed worthy to lick royalty's shoes. Because of the wizards' decision, the ranking system stayed in place without question for thousands of years. Skipping to around the present age, two queens ruled over the land; Ellanore, the Gryphonkin Queen, and Lillian, the Dragonkin Queen. Together, they had a glorious rule and, arguably, made their world a better place; establishing homes on Ground Zero, ( The previous rim of Alitoria )opening the castle's doors to ambassadors, and other incredible services.

However, Ellanore was arguably the more popular queen because of her beauty, and her shadow cast upon her sister she loved. Because of her popularity, she was the main target for Reamor, the God of Death, to offer unlimited power. In hopes of becoming great in the eyes of Lillian, she accepted the offer, and became the Harbinger of Destruction.

Lillian, seeing her sister as a threat to the kingdom, had no choice but to engage in combat with Ellanore. The battle raged for days until Lillian was forced to dawn the most powerful artifact in the royal family; The Crown of The Grand Emperor, which gave her a massive upper hand.

However, the artifact hadn't been used in thousands of years, and her beloved sister was uncontrollably banished from the realm, her likeness becoming a constellation in both the day and night sky. As she removed the crown, she realised what she had done, and some say her cry of agony and anguish could be heard from across the kingdom.

The queen then fell into a deep, deep stage of depression. She still ruled her kingdom, though heavy hearted. She spent most of her sleepless nights crying and apologizing to the heavens. Eventually, she seemed to come out of her depressed episode, but servants in the castle still say that it is evident that Queen Lillian has been unable to forgive herself.

And this is where the history ends and the present begins.

< R U L E S >
-Only moderators and owners can be main characters or Royalty. NO EXCEPTIONS
- Your character will be ranked by a mod or owner depending on personality and occupation
-Royalty includes advisors, personal guards, etc.
-If you have a conflict, please allow a mod or owner to resolve it peacefully and answer any questions you have
-Please be patient when waiting for a profile to be approved and ranked. No one can type at the speed of sound
-Please at least try to use good grammar and spelling.
-No spamming the community with memes and junk. We don't want that here.
-Please don't overreact if your character doesn't get approved the first time or get the ranking you desire.
-Rankings are final

< A V E R A G E R A N K I N G S >
ORC: 3-5
Human: 0
(ANY)KIN: 4-5
(More races to come)

< T E M P L A T E >
RANKING: (provided when approved)
PROPHET OF: (Must put N/A if not permitted by mod)
HOME KINGDOM: (Alitoria by default)

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--Inside the Main Kingdom
Date October 15th
Time 6:00am Early morning

96 made his way down the cobblestone path, his arms tucked under his cloak. He was out getting goods for his current master. He did get paid, but it was a very small amount. he doesn't mind though, he's treated much better than his last home of employment. His master, nor his mistress weren't able to get out of the house today. He had a small piece of parchment in hand as he made his way to the market. He began to speak with the shopkeepers, organizing the list. People were amazed he was a servant that could read, and write. 96 smiled as he spoke, he was shy, and didn't really enjoy this. He got managed to get this organized, though he didn't need much.
"Dried foods, Meat, vegetables, cloth, milk, cheese..."
96 rereads the list in his head before continuing on to get everything. His status was obvious by his clothes, but he was able to keep his had down pretty well, but this time was going to be different, unbeknownst to him. 96 continued walking, he could cross off dried meats. Suddenly a small child ran by, knocking him in the shoulder, and a small pouch was suddenly in his arms, as he put the out to try and stop the child. 96 turned around, watching them flee, he was about to stop them when a hand grabbed his shoulder and wiped around. A armored guard stood before him, He was bulky, and had a very strong build, figured among his profession. He glared at 96 before his eyes fell on the pouch.
"So, your the pickpocket."
96's eyes widened and they shot down to the coin purse, and he shook his head.
"No! no, sir. A small girl shoved this into my arms, she went-"
The guard interrupted the servant
"Don't try to fool me with're coming with me. I implore you not to resist."
96 sighed before he was lead away, though he was worried what would become of him. His master was bound to be furious and he felt his heart sank, hoping they won't throw him out. 96's eyes fell in despair, and he was brought into the dungeon, and they stripped him of his items and threw him into a holding cell until further notice. 96 sat down in the corner, and place his head into his knees...

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Name: I'm 96 or at least that's what they call me
Age: I'm 19 years old
Gender: I'm a boy
Species: Run-of-the-mill human
Appearance: I have blond hair and one green and one brown eye. 96 has been tattooed on my left cheek for as long as I can remember.
Abilities: Nothing special

Personality: I'm quiet and don't have much to say, but I have a short fuse with people but I will do what I'm told.
Likes: I like to read and help other out..but alone time is cool
Dislikes: I can't stand pain....and call it childish but the dark scares me...well not the dark itself but what's in it I can't see...
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Mother: Don't know...don't remember...
Father: same as mum, but Roger is the man I remember raising me here
Siblings: not sure but maybe
Wife: I don't have a lover
Kids: nope
Occupation: Human, Servant
Ranking: 1
Prophet of: N/A

Bio: I remember waking up in this place were lots of humans are held...I don't know where we are but the man who was there when I woke up...Roger his name is...and he said I had this tattoo when they found I'm hold enough to exchange for money...I was bought soon after and now live in a quiet manor of a noble. He is rather nice, and doesn't treat any of the servant badly.

He comes from a strange family who has a strange tradition that those who are part of the blood family, get this tattooed on on their cheek at the age of 3 and it strangely grows allow with them. His mother knows more.







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Be sure to help me make this community awesome if you're a Pokémon fan or a historian when it comes to warfare!
I know you will be into this +TheMissfitTestSubject o3o

(Thats how we say hello where I come from!)
I hope I can help you all get some good RP's going!

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( Profile is a BETA of the one I shall develop, hopefully, in the near future. This is a placeholder, just like the image. )

< N A M E >
Lillian Strongcastle

Queen Lillian of Alitoria

< A G E >

< R A C E >

< O C C U P A T I O N >
Queen of Alitoria

< R A N K I N G >

< S T R E N G T H S >
Naturally, she is a master of melee combat; a perfect balance to Ellanore when she was a queen. However, ever since the end of their battle, she has been training with her firebreath. Her mastery comes from her special ability to turn her hands into razor-sharp blades.

< A B I L I T I E S >
MELEE: 10/10

RANGED: 4/10



MAGIC: 1/10

< R E S I D E N C E >
Alitoria Grand Castle

< P R O P H E T O F : >

< H O M E K I N G D O M >

< B I O >

Ever since Lillian was born, she turned out to be a born leader. She had incredibly political-based decisions and fought for the best for her kingdom. She was placed into the election for queen at 20 years old and stomped her competitors beneath her feet winning her way into the final two.

She never had anything against the Gryphonkin Ellanore, in fact, she agreed with points the candidate made in her speeches. However, the Kingdom ended up in a stand still in the elections.

This was only one of few times the previous royal family had been completely wiped out and elections had to be held, but one could easily confuse the two as being sisters. They believed the same, spoke in the same manner, eventually being called sisters by the rest of the kingdom. "The Royal Sister Debate."

Alitoria was split by who they should choose, and eventually, a new decision was made. They were both inducted into the royal line and graciously accepted their thrones. It wasn't a problem, admittedly, they had gotten to know eachother during the elections and had become close friends. This was the first case of two queens in the history of Alitoria.

They ruled over their kingdom with pride. Building homes, strengthening their military, and making the ranking system more fair. They were beloved by all, but Ellanore always felt littler in Lillian's eyes, even though she was arguably the more beautiful of the two.

However, everyone knows how their story ended...

Is this community dead already, or should I advertise?

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< T E M P L A T E >
NAME: Phoenix
AGE: 22
RACE: Half Human Half Wood Elf
OCCUPATION: Castle Servant
STRENGTHS: Her incredibly high IQ
ABILITIES: She is capable of receiving prophecies. It was the only way the castle would hire her. Being half human drastically affected her and she was forced to lie saying she was full wood elf.
PROPHET OF: Pain. (When making contact with a human she is capable of seeing all their past pain mental and physical and their future pain)
HOME KINGDOM: (Alitoria by default)

Being half human wasn't easy. She came to the castle with her abilities hoping to be made an advisor but not wanting even a half human on their council the made her a servant who they'd secretly receive advice from when receiving their prophecies. The royal family forced her to lie and convince others she was fully woven.
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