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This is an illustration of how tabs can be arranged by theme.
- In this case, a new Tab is created each time the user hits the "Bookmark" button to the left.
Tabs can be organized grouped copied and removed at will by the user.

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This place is for those who have something to share about the RTabs android app project I am working on. As most of what makes this app useful comes from what users will bring into its configuration, those ready to give it a try for free at launch time are welcome to get it here:

It is currently on the Play Store as a testing project that I will soon turn into a first release version:

To summarize my main concern: I really need to have a better idea about what are the priorities for improvement!
As I am well aware that the whole thing Is not easy to get comfortable with, your first impressions are likely a good place to start if I want to make it more friendly to play with...

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