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Abilities:Cat like agility
Personality:Easy to gain trust, loyal, harsh at times,especially when people call her a dude
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Name: I'm Dipper Gleeful. And your name is (Y/N)..."

Age: "I am fifteen years of age, and I have a license."

Species: "Human, whaddya think?"

Appearance: "Standard brown hair, blue eyes. I'm slightly taller than my twin sister, Mabel Gleeful."

Abilities or Weapons: He held up a book that had a golden, six-fingered hand on it, with a '3' written on it. "Does this count?" he sounded bored, although his pendant glowed.

Personality: "I have certain leadership qualities, meaning I single-handedly run the Tent of Telepathy...Most of the time."

Backstory: "Ask my sister. She tells the stories around here."

Journal Entries: He had only found the journal a few days ago, and has not written anything on it yet. Dipper has only skimmed through the pages...
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//Hey! So I was just wondering, since +Charlyn Cabera (sorry if I misspelled that-) seem to be the only active members, is this RP community officially dead?

+Dipper "Pine tree" Pines 

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P R O F I L E/ U P D A T E

Name: "The name's Mabel. Mabel Gleeful. What'cha starin' at?"

Age: "I'm fifteen years old, and no, I'm not too young to be wearing clothes like these. So shut it."

Species: "I'm human. Nothing more, nothing less."

Appearance: "I've got brown hair, up to my...well, let's just say my waist. My eyes have been said to be very blue. I'm taller than my brother, no matter what he says."

Abilities or Weapons: "If you tell anyone, I'll make sure your life is miserable. I've got this pendant, see, and it gives me telekinesis powers."

Personality: "People have told me I'm snarky and impatient, although I call myself stubborn. They've also said I'm self-centered, but that's just another way of saying I take care of myself."

Backstory: "My brother, Dipper, and I run the Tent Of Telepathy together. We're very successful, mind you. Many of the townsfolk dislike them, but have no other place to go for psyhic help. We don't give a-"  Dipper gave a look as she rolled her eyes. "We don't care, as long as their money comes into our hands."
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~NAME: "i found out my true name was vandle bell"
~AGE: "im i will out live you all"
~Species: "fallen angle yes i fell out of heaven and it's ironic when a man asks me that......mortals"
~weapons: "i have the ability to control minds and use telekinesis my other powers are unknown"
Likes: "i like music and making others happy.....does that count?"
Hates: "i very much dislike rude people......and when they use me.....or when they try to kill me.....the list go's on"

Enemy's: none mabel gleeful

Appearance: "i wear a sweat shirt along with a short dress and red sneakers......i some times change the type of sweater or dress but thats none of your concern"

Back story: "i was happy when i was in heaven i was the most powerful angle there i could summon angles or devil's i was caught and sent back to was very painful"

Pets: "i have a cat that's actually the devil"

personality: "I'm mostly kind but when some one trys to fight....or atleast when they try to hurt others smirks my cat hops on my shoulder my eyes glow lets just say i can put up quiet a fight"
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//I am playing 15-year old Rev! Mabel. It can be a romance RP if you want.

Mabel Gleeful was inside the Tent Of Telepathy, watching her brother coldly as he 'read' people's palms and minds. But even she had to smirk when the ignorant citizens placed a thick wad of dollar bills in his hand. Dipper gave them a charming, yet almost frightening smile.

"Come again any time. We'll be waiting for you."

A few teenage girls giggled and talked among themselves as he kept his icy eyes on them, all the way out. Mabel walked up to her brother, giving him a small yank on the ear.

"You don't see me flirting with the customers, and I'm much more capable of it," she said, flicking her hair to the side as her heavily lidded eyes narrowed.

"It makes them come back, which equals more money for us." Dipper saw the look on his sister's raised eyebrows and scowled.

"It's only for the money, nothing more, got it? Now, leave me alone." With that, he promptly got up and left. Mabel crossed her arms, watching him leave as he did with those girls, as she noticed one last straggler still in the tent. She walked up to (Y/N).

"It's closing time. Get out," she said without emotion. But (Y/N) refused to leave and-


I watch the old man get in his car and leave the Mystery Shack. The two kids I see all the time run back near the forest.
Now was my time to say hello!

I inch(or more float) towards them. I take a deep breath, and call out "hi!".
Both look around cautiously, and start to back away. I come out to reveal myself.
The boy freaks out;the girl backs up a bit.
"Ghost! There's something in here to get rid of them! Let's see..", the boy mumbles as he flips through that stupid journal.
"No! Please don't get rid of me!", I start." I'm not here to kill you! I just wanted to say hi."

The girl stares at me in awe. "You're a fun ghostly thing! I've inoy seen old ones and bad ones so far." She smiles. "My name is Mabel, and this is my dorky brother Dipper!"

Dipper takes his time to chose his words. "So... What's your name? And how did you become a ghost?"
I cringe. "I prefer the term spirit. Ghost sounds really scary. My name's Raven! And I got this way by Bill. Do you know who he is?"

"Bill the yellow triangle? He made you like this?", Dipper asked.

I halfheartedly smiled." He tricked me and gained possession of my body, and he 'accidentally destroyed' it. So I've been likes this for forever."

Dipper shuddered. "I can't believe that happened to you."
"Yeah, and it might've happened to you too, I've noticed", I said.

He looked up. "You saw that??"
I chuckle. "We can see everything that happens. I've been like this for over 30 years."

Mabel gasped. "Wow, you'be been like that for a LONG time!"
"I have! So how old are you two?"

Dipper stepped up. "We're both 12, going on thirteen."

"Cool! I was fourteen when I left my body, but now I am technically 40. That's actually very young for people, er, things like me", I exclaimed.
Then I heard noises. The type of noise that no earthen thing could make.

I panic. "You guys better go, I have to go too, so bye!!"
I frantically leave, leaving them in confusion. But it's Better to be confused than to be in danger.

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I wander through the woods cautiously, making sure someone didn't see me. As I walk, my transparent clothes flow about me. It was always pretty boring around rhis place, yet this summer seemed different. Everyone acted slightly more different, and Bill looked restless. I hated that darn demon. Every time I walked by, he would taunt me and say "nevermore". I can't help it if my name happened to be Raven! Suddenly, a noise echoes through the woods. I hide, or the best that a spirit could ever hide. I quietly wait. Then, two kids pop out of a bush and onto the dirt road. What are they doing in such a rural forest? I've seen them before, nevertheless. The girl tells fun stories and the boy I always see either in that book or doing something big/ catching something. He he, he sneezes like a kitten. The girl( I think I heard someone call her Ava or Mabel, still not sure) was chatting and skipping around. The boy( have yet to hear his name) looked in my direction and did a double take. I inhaled sharply and ducked behind a tree. Shoot! He wouldn't have seen me if not for my stupid piercing blue eyes!! He looks around, as if searching for something.
Like me.
Finally, he puts his attention back in studying other things. I relax. Even though I know they're only 12 going on 13( spirits can tell what age anything is) and my technical age before I passed was 14, but I don't want to be seen by anyone. Far too risky. Even though those two are the most interesting people I've seen, I can't sacrifice any of my privacy. 
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Should I approach the two?
Or should I leave the matter be/

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Name: Markus magucket
Spiecies: human
Likes: reading,being silly,Fighting monsters
Personality: sometimes unstable,nerdy
Bio: I was born and raised in gravity falls my grand father is filthfurd magucket and before he went all cyco crazy he taught me how to survive in gravity falls and my mom died in a car accident and so fillfurd was the one who raised me and when he went bonkers I kinda had to take care of myself

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I am a nerd bruh! U can't change that 
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