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"A stain on the Press" Even liberals admit it.

Do we give up? Did David give up facing Goliath? Heck NO!

MSM bias unites us. It makes us stronger.
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 WE WILL WIN TRUMP 2016!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Trump's Gettysburg Address - the 100-Day Plan

Term Limits on the Congress ✔️ Close the Golden Revolving Door to K-Street ✔️ End Foreign Campaign Contributions ✔️ Renegotiate or Repeal Clinton's NAFTA ✔️ Stop the TPP ✔️ Lifetime Ban on Former Senior Level Government Officials from Lobbying on Behalf of Foreign Nations ✔️ Each New Government Regulation will Require the Repeal of Two Existing Regulations ✔️ Cancel Billions of Dollars of Payments to the UN for Failed Projects ✔️ Cancel All Unconstitutional Laws and Executive Orders Instituted by Obama ✔️ Cancel All Federal Spending on Sanctuary Cities ✔️ Remove 2 Million Criminal Illegal Immigrants Returning them to their Country of Origin ✔️ Suspend Immigration from Terror Prone Nations where Vetting Cannot Safely Occur ✔️ Middle Class Tax Relief AND SIMPLIFICATION ✔️✔️ Institute the "End the Offshoring Act" ✔️ FIX the VA ✔️ "School Choice" END Common Core ✔️ Repeal and Replace Obama Care ✔️ Strengthen and Make More Available Health Savings Accounts ✔️ Increase Insurance Competition by giving the Power back to the States Removing the Fed Restrictions ✔️ Cut the Red Tape at the FDA ✔️ Institute Affordable Child AND Elder Care Plans ✔️✔️ Institute "End Illegal Immigration Act" ✔️ Open Jobs go to American Workers First ✔️ Return Violent Offenders to their Country of Origin ✔️ "Restore National Security Act" Ending Military Sequestration ✔️ Allow OUR BRAVE VETERANS to VISIT a DOCTOR of THEIR CHOICE not stand in line at a VA clinic for months ✔️ Institute New Ethics Policies in DC preventing Special Interest Corruption ✔️✔️


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"It Is too early to tell how this will impact the Presidential Elections"

During World War I, the city of Syracuse, New York outlawed the playing of pinochle in a fit of anti-German sentiment. Pinochle was the favorite card game of American Jews and Irish immigrants , while skat was the preferred game of a majority of German immigrants.

We are not sure if the RUSSIANS know how to play PINOCHLE.

No comment yet from the Trump campaign. We are not really sure if anyone is even attempting to get a comment.

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This whole Border wall is nothing than pie in the sky wishful thinking,  Donald Trump is just pandering to the morons who actually think this is even remotely possible. The United States has debated putting up security barriers of its own along the Southwest border and has spent billions of dollars in recent years fencing one-third of it.
Millionaire businessman Trump, who's running for President on the Republican ticket  claimed in a speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit in January that he would build a massive wall around the United States, and Mexico  to stop illegal immigration. His comments continued in later interviews, but where brought to light again in recent interviews about run for chief Commander of the U,S.
The Donald has repeatedly said Mexico will pay for the wall, though Mexican leaders dismiss that as a fantasy. Trump has suggested that the money would come from reducing the $50 billion trade deficit with Mexico — which as our friends at Politian have documented, is simply nonsensical.
But is his $8 billion estimate in the realm of possibility.
Look what happened when Bush tried to build a simple Border fence, They started out planing to build 2000 miles of fence and gave up after 600 miles or so.
What's funny is they only managed to fence off the most easily accessible areas where construction was easy. And Bush's 600 mile fence wasn't cheap it ran 2000 percent over budget and cost a staggering 1.6 billion for a fence. Trump isn't talking about building a cheap Fence. Trump wants to build a 20 foot tall 1 foot thick reinforced concrete prison wall that's 2000 miles long.
Well several contracting and engineering firms have published plans for lighter versions of Trumps fence and the numbers are staggering even for the least expensive versions.
To put this in perspective The least expensive wall would use 5 times the concrete used in the Hoover Dam, Thais more concrete than the mass of all the great pyramids joined, It would use enough concrete to pave a two lane highway around the earth and It would need enough steel to build 5 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers and would cost a staggering 1 trillion dollars assuming they stay on budget.
Now let's talk about maintenance costs. the estimates for management and maintenance range between 250 Million a year and 500 million a year. Which is a good chunk of the annual US Border Patrol budget, so they will either have to fire a few border patrol agents or double the Border patrols budget.
Trump’s border wall is not impossible, but it would certainly be a more challenging endeavor than he would ever lead you to believe. Maybe he should stick to 95-story buildings.
Oh and since were talking about 95 story buildings, according to one well-respected engineering firm Trumps 2000 mile Border wall built 8 inches thick and 15 feet tall with 5 feet of wall below grade to prevent people digging under would use enough steel and concrete to build over 350 95 story buildings. I say Get-R-Done LOL!!!
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