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Welcome to my community- follow the rules bad you'll be a-o-k

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Hey hey hey I updated it so its better. Btw plss read all of it.. It gets interestinnnggg

Anyone wanna rollplay?

It has to be either on here but on my profile, on facebook messenger, or skype.

I will be playing my fictional character Ive had for a while now:

Dre Michi Katashi

Dre is the goddess of the universe... but ill tell u all about her before the rollplay starts.

I need some people to be the following (ur only allowed to be one unless we dont have enough people),




(Demon Goddess of the Under World)

(Demon God of the Under World)

Ur Personal Hybrid-
(A made up character of ur own imagination. Everyone can pick this if they wanted to... this choice is available to everyone, 12 people could be this at once)

Please comment who u would like to be!

Whoever comments who they want to be first can be who they pick, UNLESS that person is picked by someone else.


Anyone who fights over being someone, ill pick for u, and if u dont like who I pick for u, u can leave or pick something else.

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I hope all you guys like this 
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I hope you guys like this 

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Morning... And this is the last cj danti drawing :(

HOLY FOOK its empty HIYA echos DA FUK?echos

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Some Septiplier stuff I got going on here.
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Hey people I'm so bored, anyone want to rp?
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