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Do you have a ship that you wish you could be honest about shipping, but are too embarrassed/afraid of being hated on by others?

I'll be using abbreviations in the poll answers below. I'm going to include what they stand for:

AITEOTF - acceptable in the eyes of the fandom (something that is not acceptable for example, is Pinecest. I am neutral on it, but the majority of the fandom is not. I have ships that aren't AITEOTF and I wish I could be honest about them).

* - read the following:
option #1 means you are OPEN about the ship(s).
option #2 means they are a SECRET or you feel shameful about the ship(s).
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Some of my ships are not AITEOTF #1 *
Some of my ships are not AITEOTF #2 *
All my ships are AITEOTF
I don't ship anything/Decline to state

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