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johnellizz DEBATES: Is My Sister An Organic Portal? (Part One)

INTRODUCTION: When I first learned about the theory of Organic Portals I was amazed at how well it explained the bizarre nature of our world. According to the theory, a large percentage of the human population is actually part of a conspiracy. This conspiracy is so vast that half the people in the world are part of it! How is this possible? Because these folks are not really 'alive'...or perhaps more accurately, they do not possess Free Will. They are more like programmable androids who must behave in whatever way or for whatever purpose the 'Programmer' (God? Alien experimenters?) decides to use them for. The vast majority of these Organic Portals seem to exist simply to behave like 'normal people' who always uphold the 'official story'. Their key trait is that they NEVER contradict the official explanations provided to us by our media, governments and educational systems (even though these explanations are almost always lies). In this respect the Organic Portals seem to function like 'confederates' in a global 'Asch Conformity Experiment' being conducted on the real humans - who are the unwitting test subjects.The purpose of this test is to determine if the Free Will humans will conform their own life-choices to the bizarre and non-nonsensical 'normal' and 'official' patterns being modeled by the Organic Portals OR choose, instead, to acknowledge the TRUTH and the PROVEN FACTS despite the deceptive landscape of madness being created by the vast population of Organic Portals.

Truly a fascinating theory! But...could it be TRUE? Recently I had an extraordinary opportunity to investigate this possibility...I had been suspecting that even members of my own family could be Organic Portals (after all, they ARE supposed to be at least half of the world's population). During a memorial service for a departed family member, I met up with my sister, Angela, and explained the 'Mandela Effect' to her in great detail. She seemed to find it quite interesting, so we agreed to keep in touch through email. I wanted her to watch my Kimba Evolution Video on YouTube and let me know her thoughts about the philosophy of 'Universal Love'. Over the next few months we had a splendid email correspondence about many Occult topics and I became almost certain that Angela was, in fact, an ORGANIC PORTAL! Here is part one of that conversation...see what YOU think and decide for yourself: Is Angela PROOF that this theory is correct? Are ALL of our families filled with 'programmable' human imposters???

ANGELA: Hi Johnny! I looked up the Mandela effect and it was indeed interesting. Thanks for enlightening us! [NOTE: Despite this statement it would gradually become obvious that Angela had absolutely no interest in the Mandela Effect - or anything else that contradicts the 'official story' provided by the ReptilaChons.]

What have you been up to lately Bro? Are you still painting and drawing these days or is your art all digital lately? It's great that you are a vegan, and you can be forgiven for indulging in too much rice and vegetables. For Pete's sake, if you're going to splurge, at least you know your body is happy for the wholesomeness of what you're splurging on! Please send me a link to the video you mentioned that you uploaded to YouTube. You know I am always interested in your creations. Your Sister and Fan, Angela [NOTE: Again Angela immediately makes a false claim. In fact she refused to watch the video for almost two months.]

johnellizz: You're welcome for the info about Mr. Mandela's strange Effect. Yeah, I know a lot about that subject. If you ever have any questions about the Mandela Effect you can always ask me. By the way... I forgot to mention one of the weirdest Mandela effects that day we spoke at the church: You know how everybody remembers Mr. Rogers singing, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood"? Well NOW he sings: "It's a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood." Yes... every time he walks through the door in every episode that's what he says now. Oh...and I also forgot to mention the one about Sara Lee... As we remember, the jingle went: "Nobody Does It like Sara Lee", or so we assumed. NOW we must accept that we had always misheard this jingle and it was always saying, "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee" !

I'm not painting or drawing and spend all my time reading or watching my large collection of movies and television shows. Up until last year I had been spending several hours a day making YouTube videos about my investigation into Reptilian aliens and the Illuminati. I wanted to perfect the visual evidence and prove that these Reptilian folks actually exist. I first discovered the amazing reality of Reptilians among us back in 2010, Angela. But it took me about three years to fully understand the nature of the shapeshifting phenomenon and to document it with total accuracy. As time progressed, it became obvious that the Internet is under pretty tight control and there was no way these lizard folks were gonna let me inform the human population about the PROVEN FACTS.

So that's why I gave up my ambition to make YouTube videos and returned to a life of frivolity. But before I quit I made a few videos that I'm very proud of... This video I'm sending you a link for is my very favorite vid that I ever made. I had developed a comprehensive philosophy of Life, the Universe and Everything during my many years of Reptilian investigation. I wanted to explain this philosophical viewpoint in the form of a lively adventure story. I had already perfected my skills at cutting and pasting using a digital pen so I could create composite images. I accomplished this mastery by adapting two Philip K. Dick novels into photo-comic movies ("Ubik" and "The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch"). So by the time I turned my incredible talents toward my adventure/philosophy story, I really knew how to cut and paste!

I had seen this excellent YouTube video in which a cute little cartoon character explains a complex Occult theory about Martians and Atlantis... I noticed how much more fun it was to explore this theory with the cartoon doing the talking - so I wanted to make a similar video to explain MY theory as well. I choose Kimba The White Lion as my character who would take the viewer on the adventure through the theory. (I had grown up with Kimba and watched the show every morning before heading to elementary school in Arlington.) Kimba taught the animals of the jungle not to eat each other and he turned them all into vegans! He had them open a vegan restaurant in a giant tree where free veggie meals were served. No kidding! He actually did this in the cartoon show.

So in this video, I have Kimba attending a meeting of world leaders on the eve of Doomsday (after all, he's the leader of the jungle). But he forgot to wear pants (since he's a cat) and they took offense. Also, he was jumping up on tables and that also aggravated them terribly. So Kimba is unceremoniously jettisoned into the vacuum of Space. This begins his adventure where he meets a beautiful stranger who shows him a whole other universe of possibilities. I'd love for you to watch this video and provide any thoughts or feedback you might have.

ANGELA: Thanks for the list of episodes on your YouTube channel. It's a funny coincidence, but I did google johnellizz last night and your channel came up, so I read comments from many of your followers. Well, I was impressed by the number of followers and that most of them were sympathetic to your extensive efforts. I'm not convinced about reptilians, but I DO commend you for the incredible amount of effort and research you've put into your videos and debates. Obviously, you have an audience!!! [NOTE: Angela immediately contradicts my statement about the ReptilaChons not allowing me to inform the human population through YouTube without expressing any curiosity about WHY I would have made such a claim.]

Also, thanks for the link to your video featuring Kimba as a tutorial guide. That is SO creative and charming. I do remember you watching Kimba and, I think, Speed Racer and other fanciful cartoons as a wee lad. It's so funny picturing Kimba jumping on tables during a feast because of course that's exactly what any feline worth his salt would do! I'll watch your video today. [NOTE: Yet another false claim. Angela may have intended to watch my video, but she seems to have been suddenly 'reprogrammed' to have a total disinclination to do so.] And of course I will read your debates and give you some feedback if you like on some of them.

Regarding the 2 Mandela examples you gave, I never listened closely enough to Mr. Roger's opening song, so I can't comment authentically on that one. [NOTE: Huh? Who DOESN'T know the Mister Rogers song?] HOWEVER, on the "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee," THAT I do remember!!! Shana and I used to have a discussion on that jingle not making any sense when it first aired because it's a double negative. It was and is so goofy because it basically says "Nobody does not like Sara Lee." Is that some "too cute" way of saying that EVERYBODY DOES like Sara Lee??? Anyways, the ad really did start out that way because I remember all the debate about how nonsensical the wording was.

johnellizz: That's great feedback about the Sara Lee Mandela Effect. I just assumed it was the way it sounded phonetically as I heard it on TV jingles all my life. But your specific memory is acceptable counter-proof. [NOTE: Later in the email discussions I would come to doubt the credibility of Angela's memories regarding the Mandela Effects.] These Mandela effects are so tricky because they have been intentionally altered in such subtle invites imagination and over-interpretation. I first heard of the Mandela effect in regards to the Berenstain Bears... Everyone was saying it used to be 'Berenstein' and that's how I remembered it, too. But I was never a big follower of the Bears in question, so I wasn't sure if the Mandela effect had actually transformed their name or not. [NOTE: Angela laughed upon first hearing the name 'Berenstain' and thought it sounded ridiculous. But since then she has now, apparently, been 'reprogrammed' to consider the name to be plausible. Angela also gave the correct name 'Sally Fields' when asked about the name of the famous actress...but when I informed her that the 'official' new name was 'Field' she immediately accepted this without any skepticism. As we will see, Angela is a person who immediately and unquestioningly accepts the 'official story' at ALL TIMES no matter how wildly implausible it may be.] But later on...later on I experienced an absolutely certain Mandela effect when I learned that C3P0, the golden robot from "Star Wars" was now altered from his original form: His post-Mandela effect silver right leg. As you well know, Angela, "Star Wars" was a religion for me in the 1970's and early 1980's. So I KNEW that Threepio was a solid gold robot with a gold right leg back then. In fact, I watched "Star Wars" about a hundred times in the year 1982 alone. So as soon as I saw his silver right leg I knew the Mandela effect was real and started investigating it.

Yes, I am REALLY interested in the nature of consciousness! Have I ever told you about when I experienced The All Seeing Eye? Like most folks, you may have assumed that this EYE is merely a symbol of the Occult perched upon a pyramid on the back of the dollar bill. But as I discovered to my absolute horror, the EYE is a very real experience that an individual can have inside of their mind/psyche.

This happened to me a few days after Christmas in 2003... I had recently ingested a psilocybin mushroom and was feeling very weird for days afterward... One night I became aware of feeling extraordinarily bleak. I mean, a suicidal impulse suddenly INVADED my mind! I recognized this as some kind of alien presence because I never have this kind of gloomy feeling. I took a quick cold shower to try and wash this gloom out of my mind. Then, I laid down on my couch for a while... suddenly... FLASH! This colorful EYE appeared in my mind! It was just one big eye. Whenever I closed my eyes I saw it staring at me! This was super-scary because there was no escape. It was an alien mind examining me. All I could do was lay there and see the EYE looking into my very soul! That's why it's called The All Seeing Eye - because it sees everything about you as it examines your mind.

This was a tremendous ordeal that lasted three whole days. During this time, the EYE would try again and again to remove me from my own head and replace me with an invisible entity. I had to hold on for dear life and fight tooth and nail to remain in the 'driver's seat' of my mind. It was a truly agonizing time of intense fear and pain. At long last, the EYE finally stopped appearing in my mind. I was FREE! Freeee! Anyhow, there was a lot more to it but I'll keep it short... As I healed from this awful mind-rape experience, I began to ask myself: WHY is the world full of people who refer to this All Seeing Eye through cryptic symbolism? And WHY don't they just explain what the EYE really is? You'd never hear any of these folks just say, "The EYE is an inner-experience in which you see this one big EYE staring at you in your head."

They would never say that because they WERE assimilated by the EYE and are controlled by it. It's amazing to think that millions of humans may have seen this eye and become assimilated into the Occult. There was a recent movie called "World War Z" where the whole world is getting turned into zombies. But later in the film we meet an immune person who cannot be turned into a zombie. The name of this immune person was 'Ellis'. I had to wonder: was this a Hollywood reference to me? I'm practically the only person who explains what the EYE really is.

Angela, at this point you might think I'm a bit nutty. But consider this: There was one Hollywood movie that even went so far as to identify me by a personal body scar! I was watching the re-make of"Carrie" staring Chloe Grace Moretz. In one scene when young Carrie is attending the prom, she says, "To the Devil" and then cuts her right hand accidentally...but get this, Angela: The cut Carrie gets on her hand is an EXACT replica of my own scar on my own right hand! I mean they precisely and perfectly reproduced it on Carrie's hand! The scene occurs for no reason whatsoever - it doesn't have anything at all to do with anything going on in the movie. Nobody would understand this scene except for me. The Reptilian folks in Hollywood understand that I have figured them out. They were acknowledging this PROVEN FACT and, perhaps, issuing a threat of some sort. Were they suggesting that I would go to Hell for exposing them? Whateverr, you crazy, adorable lizards!

I should also mention that in the movie "Django Unchained" we even have actor Jamie Foxx sporting a Reptilian 'clown slit' (this is the signature Reptilian shapeshift in which a black line extends above the human eyelid and onto the forehead) one scene Jamie Foxx says, "johnellizz" directly! I was amazed - so I casted Jamie Foxx as the main character in my adaptation of "Ubik" as a reward for his audacity! [NOTE: I mentioned these amazing Hollywood references to me because I already knew that if I did Angela would just totally ignore them! I had already figured out that Angela will totally ignore anything that contradicts the 'official story'. I was already testing Angela for the possibility that she was a 'confederate' who is part of the conspiracy and is programmed to always 'play it dumb'.]

As far as your curiosity about what happens when we die physically... My personal opinion is that we can not leave this illusion that we experience as solid, physical reality UNTIL we choose 'Universal Love'. I'd say that so long as we choose to victimize or harm others we are making the choice to remain here in the 'predator universe' in which the game of victim/victimizer is played. But this game is played in the illusory physical universe. Once we choose to evolve and stop playing this game, we go to the 'real' universe where we have super powers!

Consider that song by the Eurythmics: "Sweet dreams are made of these / Who am I to disagree? / Some of them want to use you / Some of them want to get used by you / Some of them want to abuse you / Some of them want to be abused"

But also consider the song "Bungle In The Jungle": "I'll write on your tombstone: 'I thank you for dinner' / This game that we animals play is a winner"

So I advise everyone to recognize that the 'game' of victim/victimizer is being controlled by Reptilians - who are actually at the top of the predator 'food chain'. They entice humans to remain in the primitive universe by making us into predators and violent militarists. We'd have to choose 'Universal Love' to get off their menu and evolve beyond this predator cycle.

ANGELA: I was up quite late (2:00 a.m.) reading the 2 transcripts you sent. I was truly astonished at the brilliance of insult you displayed during your debate with the 3 individuals on Creeping Barbarism and the De-evolution of Humanity. I didn't realize that the hockey trade was embedded with the Russian mafia or that hockey players and fans are on the order of troglodytes. I think your powers of articulation and observation overwhelmed your opponents!

Regarding the debate on How to Be Your Own Best Friend, I read your discussion with Neda with fascination. You did go into quite a bit of detail about your research and findings on reptilians and their motives, history, our outlook for the future, etc. You have most certainly acquired an enormous body of specifics in all your years as an investigator Johnny.

You state to Neda, "I realize I can't make humans believe in the reality of the Reptilians." Have you ever considered that you face a similar challenge to that of Jesus in trying to reveal to humanity the nature of the kingdom of Heaven and how to become children of the Light? You may find this suggestion bizarre, but perhaps you could present your knowledge in parable format, just as Jesus did over 2,000 years ago, because he understood that humanity wasn't ready to accept his message. This approach would accomplish 2 things: It would give you an outlet for your wonderful writing talent and ability to convey in such vivid detail your life experiences; and, it would enable you to continue your mission (for want of a better word) to assist anyone who is interested in your body of knowledge. If done with this approach, you might or might not convince your listeners, but I believe that you would hold their attention and enrich their lives. You're presenting information to them in a story format which they might perceive as less threatening and apocalyptic as "The Proven Facts" methodology. It's merely a suggestion, but I think you have a remarkable way with words that shouldn't be wasted. Share your knowledge with readers in this way if you deem it a worthy approach.

I had no idea you have so many followers on YouTube. It almost seems that they view you as a sage of sorts. Young Needa for one. She is a real person, right? Incidentally, I find your term for children charming. You call them "younglings." It sounds like it came from Tolkien or perhaps from the movie The Dark Crystal. Wasn't that a neat film? It was such a unique and imaginative approach to conveying the epic battle between good and evil. It was really a parable in itself that Jim Henson and his crew revealed. In the end, at the appointed hour, the fractured universe is restored to balance and truth with the aid of the Gelfling Jen and the restoration of the Crystal. The peaceful Mystics and the wicked Skekis are reunited by the healing of the Crystal and darkness reigns no more. What a story, huh? And what a method of telling it, via a parable with animated muppets, that is!

Now, as to Kimba and your Escape From Planet Earth Video, I am about one third through viewing it. [NOTE: One third? Apparently that's where the reprogramming came through because she refused to watch the rest of it for almost two months!] I will give you more comprehensive feed back when I've finished it. For now, though, I understand your being proud of it. It's obvious that it took a great deal of time and effort to teach yourself to use the digital pen with such artistry. You've also "revived" Kimba to a younger audience which is quite timely because he is a beautiful anime type figure (and you know how much many milllennials enjoy watching anime!)

I will give you more feedback on your recounting of the experiment with a psilocybin mushroom. Your description of the experience and its outcome is quite compelling and vivid!

johnellizz: Thanks for complimenting my debate skills (or at least my insult skills). I always feel like I've won the debates, but when somebody else affirms it it feels great. Did you know that I even created a 'celebrity insult gallery'? It's part of my video, "Perverted Reptilian Danger Island" and in the description box there's a place you can click to go straight to the gallery to see all the ways I insult Hollywood's acting community. But I can also be generous...for example: When Angelina Jolie did a supremely elegant shapeshift in "Girl Interrupted" I believe I paid it a nice compliment.

Regarding the "How To Be Your Own Best Friend" segments... I don't know if Neda married the conservative Muslim and haven't heard from her in a couple of years. I think she was determined to live an ordinary life and hope that somehow Reptilians don't exist. This is the overwhelming human personality trait. These lizard folks understand that humans want to be fooled. Adolf Hitler (some people say it was Adolph before the Mandela effect) explained human psychology extremely well when he stated that we are 'more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of our subconscious minds rather than consciously or voluntarily'. He should know since he was unquestionably a host for the lizard. With this understanding, the Reptilians encourage us to keep our 'eyes wide shut'. This phrase simply means that we are shown the truth of the Reptilians - but only in very subtle ways. This allows us to subconsciously know about them and agree at this deeper strata of our minds to obey their system. In the film, "The Matrix Reloaded", we are shown the mastermind who devised the Matrix system...this guy says, "We discovered that 99% of humans accept the Matrix as long as they are given a choice - even if they're only aware of the choice at a nearly unconscious level of their mind."

This Reptilian psychological tactic is why we have the phrase, "The Devil's In The Details".

I think you're very perceptive to notice that I'm similar to Jesus, Angela. Of course, I'm an ordinary human without his super powers. Darn! I'm always wishing I had such powers because then some humans would listen to my advice and evidence. I explain what I think about Jesus' teachings in parts 6, 7 and 8 of my "The Bible & Aliens" playlist. I made an 8-part series to explain the Bible.

That term 'younglings' comes from the Star Wars prequels. I really like using that term for some reason (even though, like most people, I don't think the Prequels were very good).

"The Dark Crystal" was a great movie! In one scene from "The Dark Crystal" the Aughra character holds a triangle up to her eye to create an Illuminati symbolism of The All Seeing Eye as she says, "The end of the world! Or the beginning." (pictured below)

She is referring to the cyclical nature of human existence on Earth. As the folks of Hollywood well know, the system is recycled every few thousand years to prevent to evolution of humankind. [NOTE: I already knew for an absolute fact that Angela would simply ignore the obvious Occultism depicted in the movie as we see Aughra hold the Illuminati triangle up to her left eye. But HOW? If Angela were a normal human wouldn't she find this to be strange and intriguing?] The current system is about 6,000 years old, it seems, and may be due for a recycling anytime. Hollywood movies are filled with this kind of Occultism even though we never take notice. Do you remember when you took me to see "A Clockwork Orange" at the Skyline mall? Well, that is an extremely Occult film, Angela...

The movie is actually about the way that the 666 system of Reptilian control is tightly watched by The All Seeing Eye. This makes the Reptilian folks feel like a robotic servant of The Eye. They want to be juicy and full of pulp, but instead feel like they are made of clockwork inside. As Alex receives 'The Treatment' to control his mind, we see a close up of his right eye...this is because the right eye is supposed to be the authoritarian 'god eye' that watches the misdeeds and mischief. (The left eye is the 'devil eye' of individuality). In the scene where Alex meets his old friends who have become police officers, one is wearing uniform number 665...Alex is filmed walking to the right of him to identify him as 666.

Hollywood is mainly a 'left eye' organization controlled by the 666 system. There's a lot of movies with the subtle theme of a character identified with the number 6 who rebels against a system identified with one eye. (In my video, "What Icke Will Never Tell: Illuminati Eye Explained" I take the viewer through some of these movies.)

Thanks for so much wonderful feedback! It's great to know at least somebody in my own family has a mind and a curiosity equal to my own.

ANGELA: Thanks for sending "The Parable of the BioDomes." I should have realized that you would have thought of the format already! I think that's a brilliant way to submit your ideas, and it seems you never give up trying to get through. Your YouTube video with Kimba and Princess Leia is another way of presenting the BioDome parable. Incidentally, I just can't get over the many videos you've created for YouTube! One of them, was it "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch?" had something like 37,000 views!!! [NOTE: Angela continues to pay superficial compliments to my YouTube channel. For her, everything is about superficiality and the refusal to look deeper or scratch under the surface.]

Do you know, I can't remember taking you to see "A Clockwork Orange?" I do wish though that I never had. I don't like that movie at all now. I suppose I revered my 9th grade English teacher, Miss Glasgow, so much that I unquestioningly followed her literary recommendations. We had to read the book and then went to see the film. Miss Glasgow always used this excellent teaching method of reading a literary work and following up with a film viewing. I didn't think it was an occult theme at the time. I just don't care at all for the dark and cynical world view postulated by Anthony Burgess. It's far too grim, and if I had it to do over again, I would never have exposed you to that film. What the hell was I thinking? I feel as though I operated on half a brain in my youth! The pursuit of knowledge should always be tempered with wisdom. Boy, that was profound (not)! [NOTE: Here we see Angela devote an entire paragraph to "A Clockwork Orange" without ever once acknowledging anything that I had to say about the film - since the things I said were not part of the 'official story'.]

johnellizz: Since you mentioned Orson Welles I thought I'd point out that I created a video documentary hosted by Orson. I used my cut & paste method to resurrect him. I had remembered the 1970's documentaries that he hosted like "The Late, Great Planet Earth" and "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow" so I wanted to recreate that kind of documentary to explain the Reptilians.

Regarding your concerns about humans being turned into drugged-up zombies, Angela, I have an opinion about that...Do you see the ever-present 'chem-trails' in the sky? It's these large ribbons of white vapor that are being disbursed from high flying aircraft. Most people don't know what to make of it. But I saw a movie called "Things To Come" that was written by HG Wells (both the novel and the screenplay were written by him). HG was a Free Mason and part of the Occult insiders. So in this movie we see a globalist government called 'Wings Over The World'...They say they "don't approve of nation states" and even identify themselves as being 'Masonic'. Whenever a nation state defies Wings Over The World and refuses to accept global government, they fly over in these huge airplanes and bombard the nationalists with 'peace gas' to sedate them and assimilate them into the global government. I was amazed! They made this film in 1936 and here we are today with sedating 'peace gas' being dispersed in the sky above population centers all around the world! [NOTE: Obviously I was aware that Angela would totally ignore all of these statements and never acknowledge the insanely obvious reality of Chem-Trails.]

I think the best major discussion/debate I've got is "The Secret Hidden Message In The Exorcist" where I collected debates from six different comment sections. I had been visiting lots of videos about "The Exorcist" and dropping the tantalizing suggestion of a hidden message in the film to get the conversations started. Since so many people are talking in that one it's a good one to read by email with the different colors for the different speakers. But that's just a suggestion.

Let me have your impressions and criticisms of my Kimba video whenever you can. That'll be invaluable feedback. [NOTE: I had become fascinated by the possibility that Angela would be literally incapable of watching the rest of the Kimba video. It was as if the 'Overmind' had reprogrammed her to not be able to watch it. This is why I constantly applied pressure to see if it was even possible for her to complete the request to watch the entire video (which was only 27 minutes long).]

ANGELA: Please do send me the discussion/debate "The Secret Hidden Message In The Exorcist." I will read it with interest. The Exorcist is an extremely disturbing film, as is the book, and it still has impact after all these years following its release. I could never watch it alone, but I did watch it a couple years ago. I don't like horror films any longer, Johnny. I prefer to keep my mind at peace nowadays and use my time to absorb knowledge and study science during any spare time. Time is so precious that I'd rather be studying and learning than any other pursuit. I wish I had treasured science as much when I was younger.

I'll watch your video hosted by the "reincarnated" version of Orson Welles. What a genius he was! Here's a link to a video of the quip I mentioned about the Borgia family from "The Third Man" film:

[NOTE: I watched the video Angela linked...The clip of "The Third Man" was a 'Left Eye' philosophy diatribe and there was even an obvious 'Left Eye' symbolism at the start of the clip!]

johnellizz: Oh, my! You just walked into a 'teachable moment' with that video link about Orson Welles... So you know how I was explaining about how this world (generally speaking) is dedicated to the 'left eye' of the Occult? As you recall, I was describing the left eye as the 'devil eye' of individuality and rebellion against perfect harmony and peace. So in this scene from "The Third Man" we see Orson's character advocating the 'left eye' philosophy of war and discord as a means of progress and a way of avoiding stagnation. But notice that at the start of this video we see a 'left eye symbolism' in which the right eye is obstructed on the Henry Paulson Pictures logo. That sort of subtle reference to the left eye of the Occult is all around us but most humans don't recognize just goes past the conscious awareness. Now that you know how to spot it, let's look at this 'left eye' symbolism in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and "The Dark Knight":

[NOTE: See all this incredibly obvious PROOF that what I'm saying is TRUE? Well, naturally, Angela somehow does NOT. She completely ignored this 'Left Eye' symbolism phenomenon - even though it's EXTRAORDINARILY FASCINATING to anyone with normal human curiosity!]

Yeah...Reptilians are big believers in war and conflict. Did you ever see "Fury" starring Brad Pitt? That movie was extremely 'left eye' oriented - basically Reptilian propaganda to condition humans to accept war and hatred. The film depicted a character arc in which a young boy starts off hating war and killing, but by the end of the film he has completely accepted the 'left eye' philosophy and delights in mowing down Nazis with a machine gun. Check out this poster for the film in which his right eye has been blotted out to indicate his 'left eye' conversion:

[NOTE: This poster PERFECTLY and EXACTLY confirms everything I just explained - showing a 'Left Eye' symbolism blotting out the young soldier's right eye. Despite this, Angela has absolutely nothing to say about this topic. Later, however, she would reveal that she, herself, is a STRONG PROPONENT of the 'Left Eye' philosophy as we will see.]
But anyway I am definitely going to watch "The Third Man". I can't believe I've never seen that film yet. Orson really was a genius indeed. I hope you do get an opportunity to see my Orson-hosted documentary.

Angela, I wanted to follow up about the prevalence of 'left eye' symbolism in our Hollywood picture shows. Specifically, I want to make this email a little 'tutorial' with pictures. The subject is the film "Donnie Darko". Although you may not be familiar with the film, almost everybody who was a teen or young adult in the early 2000's has seen this hugely popular cult movie. The main idea of the film is to create an 'evil christ' figure who reverses the concept of 'universal love' for today's young audiences. To subliminally indicate this idea the film shows us a scene where Donnie is standing under a movie marquee featuring "The Evil Dead" and "The Passion Of The Christ"(pictured below). We understand subliminally that this juxtaposition of movie titles equals "The Evil Christ":

We see Donnie become possessed by a strange bunny named Frank. When Frank takes off his bunny mask, we see he has a missing right eye (Above). Frank Bunny is really Number 6 - the corrupting reptilian alien who controls human puppets in the 666 conspiracy. This is why he has the missing 'god eye' or, right eye. Frank is of the 'left eye'of the Occult game that is being played out on earth.

Donnie asks Frank, "Why do they call you Frank?" To which Frank replies, "It is the name of my father and his father before me." This is a clever way of referring to 666 - because the mention of three Franks is equivalent to the mention of three sixes since F is the sixth letter of the alphabet. Philip K. Dick also used this method when he described the conspiracy of corrupting androids in "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep". These androids had a TV show called "Buster Friendly and his Friendly Friends". If you notice, this has the three F's to indicate that the android conspiracy was actually the 666 conspiracy. Dick also used the method in "Valis" when he named his president of the United States character Ferris F. Freemont.

Donnie is corrupted by Frank (666) and is made to attack 'Jim Cunningham' - whose initials refer to Jesus Christ. Jim Cunningham is an advocate of 'Universal Love' and teaches the younglings to truly love themselves and overcome fear and hatred. Donnie is made to burn down Jim Cunningham's house to rebuke the concept of universal love. Later in the film Donnie commits cold-blooded,execution-style murder of an unarmed young man:

Virtually all Hollywood heroes are depicted as cold-blooded murderers and we see that Donnie is no exception to the rule. This relentless portrayal of 'left eye' heroes who choose to be judge, jury and executioner over unarmed victims is a repudiation of the philosophy of 'universal love' and the important concept of judge not and you won't be judged either.

Another film that clever portrays the possession by Number 6 is "The Beaver" starring Mel Gibson. Mel finds this old beaver puppet in a dumpster (pictured above) and the dumpster actually has a big '6' spray painted onto it. Mel is possessed by Number 6, the beaver takes over every aspect of his life. Finally Mel escapes from the beaver by chopping off his own hand to free himself from the domineering hand puppet. [NOTE: Can Angela possibly continue to totally ignore my endless presentation of the 'Left Eye' Occultism in these movies? I intended to press the issue to see if it was even possible for her to ever acknowledge anything about it in any way. Let's see how she handles this...]

ANGELA: I have never seen the movie "Fury." I don't watch many (if any) Hollywood films because I can't bear the utter predictability and commercialism in the productions. Also, I really don't care for any of the popular celebrities. I really don't like Brad Pitt in any way, shape or form, Johnny. All of Hollywood is absolutely irrelevant to my sense of well being. I want you to please understand that in my "waning days" on this planet, I hope to learn as much as possible about science and philosophy. [NOTE: With this brief statement Angela completely moves on from any discussion about the INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS PROOF of Hollywood's 'Left Eye' agenda. Notice that only the most superficial and general things were even discussed at all.]

Regarding commentary on the Kimba video of which you are most proud: I have gotten about one-half through. I don't think I am qualified to comment on the content because I don't embrace the concept of reptilians. But, I certainly do embrace your right to believe whatever you choose to, Johnny! You have been very productive and creative in pursuing the subject. On the "Exorcist" debates, which I have been reading, one person in opposition to your theories does indeed acknowledge your creativity. Having watched the first half of the "Escape From Planet Earth" video, I can see that you were very painstaking in your efforts to create an audiovisual experience for those curious about reptilians. I know next to nothing about digital cutting and pasting and story formatting. I wish I could give you more informed opinions about your production methods. I have yet to finish the second half because of being able to find an uninterrupted moment to watch it, but I do think that what YOU think about your PROVEN FACTS videos is what counts most. It's quite obvious from all the views on your YouTube channel that many others either share your views or are curious about the subject. As far as my own sense of well being though, I prefer to engage (as I mentioned earlier) in the pursuit of contemporary scientific knowledge.

[NOTE: Angela has clearly been 'reprogrammed' to not watch my Kimba video, right? She seems interested only in the most superficial aspects of the video (such as my 'production methods'). Now she turns to "The Third Man" and, again, she seems to be incapable of saying anything meaningful or true about this classic film - advising me to focus exclusively on it's superficial aspects and to ignore any deeper meaning or expression in the film...]

If you do get around to watching "The Third Man," watch it for its artistic value Johnny. I recommend focusing on such qualities as the unique lighting technique, [yawn] the use of closeups [yawn] and long shots, [yaaawn!] and a technique used by the director which, I think, was experimental at that time. If I recall correctly, it involved filming some scenes on a slant board. All the director's efforts lent to what I think gave the film its impact. There are some very surreal moments when an evil little Austrian boy fingers the protagonist Holly Martin in a crowd scene. The kid speaks entirely in German (there are no subtitles in the film for the German dialogue) yet we fully know what he's saying because of his demonic little voice and inflection. It's a work of art. Please do try to attend to the artistic details and perhaps not as much in other realms.

johnellizz: Angela, you don't have to bother watching the Kimba video. However, I would like to make one final request for your most intellectually honest feedback about one of my videos. This video is only four minutes long and I hope you'll make an effort to put aside other activities and watch it closely before giving me your best opinion about it. This one simply explains how the shapeshifting phenomenon works by diagramming the two most convincing types of shapeshifts. Then, we see a few quick examples of these types of shapeshifts as demonstrated by actors in movies and TV shows. I would also like you to read the video description which explains how shapeshifting occurs for specific psychological reasons pertaining to what's happening onscreen at the moment of the shapeshift. Here's the video and if you'll watch this and give me your thoughts about it I promise not to task you anymore with this issue of the Reptilians. [NOTE: The video I asked Angela to watch documents truly irrefutable shapeshifts from the TV show "Lost" and many of the examples very clearly showed the iris extended WAY above and outside of the human eyelid. This video is so conclusive that once Angela totally ignored it as proof of shapeshifting I would have an even more clear indication that she must be a 'confederate' who plays it dumb at all times.]

If you don't want to watch this brief, four minute video and let me know what you think about it can you explain why not? I think it's fascinating that humans refuse to see or think about our reptilian overlords. Does it cause you too much anxiety,or something? Do you believe the authorities will knock on your door if you dare to consider this subject? Feedback about this psychological obstacle you're experiencing will also be helpful and increase my understanding of the situation. Have you heard of the 'Fnords'?

"The word was popularized by The Illuminatus! Trilogy. In these novels, the interjection "fnord" is given hypnotic power over the unenlightened. Under the Illuminati program, children in grade school are taught to be unable to consciously see the word "fnord". For the rest of their lives, every appearance of the word subconsciously generates a feeling of uneasiness and confusion, and prevents rational consideration of the subject. This results in a perpetual low-grade state of fear in the populace. The government acts on the premise that a fearful populace keeps them in power. In the Shea/Wilson construct, fnords are scattered liberally in the text of newspapers and magazines, causing fear and anxiety in those following current events. However, there are no fnords in the advertisements, encouraging a consumerist society. It is implied in the books that fnord is not the actual word used for this task, but merely a substitute, since most readers would be unable to see the actual word. To "see the fnords" means to be unaffected by the supposed hypnotic power of the word".

That's really interesting to me...I would say that in real life, the 'Fnords' are the subliminal shapeshifts that we see in the eyes of actors. Our subconscious can always spot these moments - because the shapeshifters (who are members of 666) intentionally display clear indicators in their eyes in order for us to know that they are really doing this. Do you, Angela, experience a 'low-grade state of fear' when I talk about the reptilians and their wacky (but adorable) shapeshifting eyes? What is up with the absolute refusal to acknowledge anything about the Reptilians? I'm making it very simple with just a four minute video and an earnest request for your help - so if you cannot do this then it must mean that you have been subconsciously intimidated by the Reptilians and simply experience too much fear when you even begin to begin to consider allowing the clear reality of them into your mind.

Okay, that does it for the Reptilian section of my email and I won't mention the frightfully clever little buggers again. (But it doesn't matter how many scientists you throw in front of the door, those Reptilians are totally real and are a PROVEN FACT.)

ANGELA: You asked how discussion of reptilians affects me. I must say that I don't have nightmares or anything like that about them. I don't want you to misunderstand that I dismiss your own investigation into their existence. But, as I mentioned before, I would prefer to keep my own consciousness free of anxiety about reptilians and the Illuminati. There are so many circumstances that are within my immediate sphere of awareness that warrant my attention. I have to draw on my inner strength and resources to cope with these circumstances on a regular basis. Therefore, I prefer to focus on immediate things (a human being passing out in front of me, for instance) and having to solve these non benign things, and also planning to avert them. I don't think I have any reserve energy or will to overcome, or admit into my realm of awareness, anything otherworldly or of a sinister nature. I daresay you could actually call it self preservation (mental, that is).
[NOTE: Okay, that was interesting. Angela claims that she is ignoring the proof to manage her anxiety. If this is actually true, then maybe she is NOT an 'Organic Portal' after all!]

I don't think your request for me to watch your 4 minute video is unreasonable at all. I will give you my best opinion about the diagramming of the 2 most convincing types of shape shifting after I watch it. Also, if you still want feedback on the Kimba video, I'll finish watching it as well. I chuckled when I read your wry comments. You DO have a sense of humor about it all! Since it is very important to you, I will try to ask some discerning questions on the content as well. But make no mistake (as the politicians often exclaim) I would actually have to witness a reptilian shape shift before my very eyes, and not subliminally, in order to accept their existence. And as I said above, I have enough within my range of vision and consciousness to occupy me for the here and now.

Johnny, I DO find it interesting that Hollywood portrays heroes as cold blooded murderers. I once started to watch that "Donnie Darko" movie, but I only got about 10 or 15 minutes into it and realized that it had a sinister theme. I refuse to watch movies like that now. They just don't appeal to me whether I need to be aware of them or not. Aren't there any films at all out of Hollywood that portray gentle heroes? Is there not even one move that gets the message of universal love across? Did you ever see "Little Miss Sunshine?" There are a huge amount of "f" bombs in it, but I think the message is perhaps one of universal love. It might have been an independently produced film though.

[NOTE: The star of "Little Miss Sunshine", Abigail Breslin, went on to star in "The Call" in which she played a young woman who exacted 'left eye' revenge on a man by illegally torturing him in a dungeon without mercy or compassion - yet another example of Hollywood's relentless agenda to brainwash the masses with 'Left Eye' movie propaganda. I didn't even bother mentioning this to Angela - since I knew it could not possibly interest her.]

johnellizz: Regarding Hollywood making gentle movies about love and forgiveness... There's not much to recommend. They are really clever about manipulating human perception. Even before the 2000's they were always trying to add subtle levels of corruption to movies. It got much heavier and more direct as time went on. But go back to seemingly innocent movies like "Superman 2" (1980) or "Return Of The Jedi" (1983). These films depicted very pure heroes that even small children could watch. Nobody would realize the subtle moments of corruption that were slipped into these movies to suggest that these heroes were cold-blooded murderers. Yet in "Superman 2" we see Superman apparently kill a completely defenseless and powerless general Zod. But because Superman is 'pure', they cannot just show him murdering the defenseless Zod because it would arouse suspicion from the audience. They just show Zod disappear down a chasm. We are never shown a scene of him to see if he's alive or dead. They leave it up to you to decide if Superman just killed Zod. But he's Superman! He's not supposed to kill a defenseless person or anybody, for that matter. It's inappropriate to suggest that maybe he killed a defenseless Zod if you want to assume he did. See? It's subtle, but corrupting.

In "Return Of The Jedi" Luke Skywalker is too pure to commit a cold-blooded murder. It would arouse suspicion in the audience. In cases like this, the hero commits the murder in essence, but not in fact. Luke stands over the unarmed emperor, holding his light saber high above his head...Luke brings the deadly weapon down to kill the emperor in cold-blood! But suddenly...Darth Vader's light saber blocks the deadly strike! The emperor cackles gleefully. Luke hasn't committed cold-blooded murder...or has he? He intended to do it. He attempted to do it. In essence, he did it. Very subtle and clever! The younglings watching the film can accept Luke as a hero and accept that he is, in essence, a cold-blooded executioner...a judge and jury over another person.

In the recent Disney movie, "The Lone Ranger" we again have a pure hero...too pure to commit a murder in cold-blood. People might wonder about that. Tonto, on the other hand, believes in the revenge concept. He wants to kill his enemies without mercy. Perhaps the ranger will show Tonto the error of his ways and lead the native American toward a more compassionate and just view of life. After all, this is a film that children will be watching. Actually, the exact opposite happens... We see a character arc - not for Tonto, but for the ranger. It is the ranger who discovers the error of his foolish ways. Compassion and mercy? These are weaknesses! The ranger begins the film as a champion of justice who would never murder anyone in cold-blood. But by the film's climax, he pulls the trigger on an unarmed man standing defenselessly before him and posing no immediate threat. But wait! It's okay! The GUN DIDN'T GO OFF! The ranger had run out of bullets. The younglings can see this movie and absorb it's message: compassion and forgiveness are weaknesses. Heroes execute the unarmed and defenseless. The ranger has learned that Tonto was right all along.

One of the craziest things I've ever seen is "The Bible A.D." - an NBC mini-series that aired a couple of years ago. In this sinister television show about the events shortly after Jesus' crucifixtion, we see the beginnings of Christianity - a religion of 'love' according to the disciple, Peter. But in one scene, a member of the new faith comes up light - not forking over enough cash to Peter. Peter exclaims, "You bet against God!" He then uses telepathic mental powers to melt her brain and make blood pour out of her eyes. He then murders her husband in the same grotesque way. Some religion of love! I have no idea how people see things like this and don't become suspicious about Hollywood. Everything is about misleading humans into a judgmental state of mind where it's considered okay to commit murder.

But there WAS one movie called "Risen" that I saw recently about Jesus and I didn't notice anything very sinister or misleading in it. It was a pretty excellent film! The main character had an arc of going from being a murderer to being a non-violent person. If it was meant to have a clever mis-teaching, maybe it was that this guy only changed once he discovered that Jesus was powerful. If he hadn't witnessed Jesus coming back from the dead he wouldn't have changed his ruthless ways. The key to evolution is to care about the Truth for it's own sake - not because you think it's the 'winning side' and you want to get behind a winner. We exist in a world where good can never prevail over the ruthless, primitive ways of corruption and violence. It is more advantageous to align ourselves with the grand deception. The only reason to care about the truth is because you cannot accept the lie.

ANGELA: You certainly have a lot of knowledge about films. You view them with a critical eye and not at all passively. Thanks for your perspective on Superman 2, Return of the Jedi and The Lone Ranger (I didn't see this one however). I did see some episodes of "The Bible A.D." , and I think it smacked too much of "Hollywood" for my taste. I think Franco Zefferelli's "Jesus of Nazareth" series is one of the most beautiful depictions of the life of Jesus, but even that one has many stereotypes. One of the stereotypes is that Mary Magdalene was formerly a prostitute. Nowhere in the Bible is there mention of her having been a prostitute. She was one of Jesus' most devoted followers and helped to spread the gospel. I believe the Catholic Church made her into a harlot to downgrade her position in Jesus' inner circle. A patriarchal society could never have countenanced Mary Magdalene having a virtuous background. That would have necessitated allowing women into the priesthood .

The scene you described where you say that Peter used telepathic powers to smite Ananias and Sapphira is not what is put forth in the New Testament, Look up Acts Chapter 5, Verses 1-10, to see what it reveals. In summary, each of them ("An. and Sapph.) "immediately falls down dead" at Peter's feet as soon as he reveals to them separately that he knows they are lying to God. It doesn't say anything about Peter using telepathy or calling on God to kill the couple. They just "fall down dead." It might be allegorical, who knows? [NOTE: Here we have Angela excusing the 'Left Eye' murders of two people! Notice that she NEVER acknowledges the absolute validity of my point about the other films but subtly disregards it 'my perspective'] Or, it could be read literally and perhaps they each suffered some natural fatal shock when they realized that God knew of their deception. [Yeah right] Maybe they died from sudden cardiac arrest! Theology is so problematic for me. The New Testament was written by many different people with many different objectives and at many different times. And ancient cultures were unbelievably harsh by today's standards.

Thanks for the information on "Risen." I had planned to watch it but just haven't made it a priority. You've piqued my curiosity with your synopsis. I'll definitely watch it.

I recently saw a western from 1958 called "The Big Country." The hero, played by Gregory Peck, abhors violence and never kills anyone, even though he is provoked by violent brutes many times. He doesn't fit your murderous Holllywood hero profile in the least. I think this was one Hollywood film that completely bucked the vengeful hero trend. I do agree with you that the majority of commercially produced films use the vanquishing hero or, today, heroine formula. The formula appeals to our human nature to root for the underdog who is bullied into revenge by the archetypal one dimensional villain. Every one, and I mean "every one" in Hollywood films is either good or bad. One dimensional is the winning concept because the masses can't comprehend that everyone is inhabited by both good and bad. And today, we have an abundance of antiheroes due to the reigning philosophy that "the end justifies the means." You can forgive a man who, because he's dying of cancer and needs to provide for his family after his death, resorts to cooking crystal meth in order to attain this goal. Obviously, he just couldn't rely on a meager teacher's salary to lay aside funds for his loved ones. And obviously, they could never be relied upon to struggle and survive on their own afterward. Just too unthinkable, and therefore better to resort to criminal methods to attain security. And so it goes. . . America love's its antiheroes. [NOTE: Again we have Angela making an insincere statement where she claimed, "I DO find it interesting that Hollywood portrays heroes as cold blooded murderers." ONLY to dismiss this extraordinary and bizarre trend by simply saying, "America love's its antiheroes" NEWSFLASH, Angela: Actual human people do NOT like these movies and are weirded out by them. (For example "The Lone Ranger" was a huge bomb.)

I am also going to attempt to pose well reasoned, well constructed questions addressing the premise that reptilians exist. I hope you will bear with me because I don't want to put forth some trite and dismissive remarks. I hope I will be able to avoid doing that.

johnellizz: Yes, I am in a perpetually uncertain situation in terms of falling into the homeless category. In recent years it's become even more complicated due to my philosophy of life changing. Take something as simple as property taxes...even I can afford to pay them on a small manufactured home like the one I live in...but should I? It's a moral dilemma because I sincerely believe that we live under a totally non-representative government. (In fact, I believe it's a non-human, non-representative government.) And they put the facts right before us with such things as chem-trailing (which, as I explained, I believe to be an enforced medication program from an un-elected one world government). So for me to pay any taxes at all is very problematic - even if it's to keep my humble little roof over my head.

The other major problem is the financial system...On June 6th 2006 (that's 6/06/06 or 666) Georgie Bush announced the creation of 'BioMetrics' - which is the digital identity revolution. Last year, the federal government announced that all banks must issue microchip cards for all digital transactions. I, in particular, freaked out a bit when they mailed me this microchip card because I had made a video about three or four years ago called "Interview With A Reptilian" where I adapted an interview that appeared in the book "Body Snatchers" by Susan Reed. I had Kimba do the interview with the Reptilian. In this interview, the Reptilian explains a plan to eliminate the human population using implanted microchip technology. "We'll make it damn hard to survive without your chip." assured the clever Reptilian. At some point in the future, we may see a cashless society where everyone has to accept a microchip in their hand in order to buy and sell. The initial phase of using bankcards with microchips may be a way of acclimatizing us so that we're comfortable with the idea of microchips before they go inside the hand. With the Reptilians, everything is done this way...slowly, slowly, so that you are comfortable every step of the way without panicking. [NOTE: This microchipping concept is directly applicable to the real ,everyday world so I wanted to get Angela's reaction to it. I assumed she would consider it to be no cause for alarm. (Even though it clearly IS.)]

Eventually, the micro chipped human population could be eliminated in one, fell swoop! The Reptilian said that "There will be a few thousand humans left and we will deal with them. We may allow a few to live. We are not sure."

By the way, have you noticed how Trump is always making the 666 hand gesture? (Provincially, this is considered the 'A-OK' gesture. But it's really the Occult gesture for 666.)

See how it's a circle with three upward tails? That means three sixes. If you think all these Occult gang signs are pretty stupid, I agree. Don't blame me that the Reptilians are into these dumb gang signs. They also make the 'devil horns' a lot. If you watch any animated Disney film, you'll see the characters making this Occult gang sign. And it's quite intentional because it has to be deliberately animated. The genie in "Aladdin" does it constantly. Snow White did it in that old, classic film. Same with animated characters in "Peter Pan" and "Mary Poppins" and "Robin Hood" (the one where Robin is a fox). [NOTE: I already KNEW that Angela would totally ignore this bizarre animation trend - which she did. In part two of our discussion we'll see how I deliberately drew her awareness back to it as emphatically as I could to see how far she would bend over backwards to deny this incredibly obvious PROOF of Occultism in Disney films.]

I don't know much about the Gnostic gospels... Vaguely, I think they are about how 'archons' are keeping humans enslaved on Earth under a lower, primitive god. Sounds fairly accurate to my personal investigation. In the official Bible, Jesus claims that the world is comprised of humans and impostor humans. He compares the impostors to the tares in a field of wheat. He also mentions a kind of person who 'appears as a sheep but is a ravening wolf, inwardly.' In other words, a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'. Have you read "Breakfast Of Champions" by Kurt Vonnegut? The title refers to 'Wheaties' the breakfast cereal because of the 'Wheat and Tares' comparison made by Jesus in the Bible. The novel is about a science fiction book called "Know It Can Be Told" which reveals that many of the humans on Earth are imposters being controlled by a super-intelligence. The super-intelligence uses them to carry out experiments on the real humans. I think this is definitely the real situation going on in the world. One theory I read claimed that possibly 50% of the humans we see around us are actually the imposters. (In this theory they are called 'Organic Portals'.) As usual, I have made my own video about the topic.

I don't agree with your theory about why Hollywood depicts the cold-blooded murderers as heroes. But I'm glad you're thinking about it! The trend toward this kind of 'evil hero' has been ever so slowly and gradually increased over time - so I'm not surprised that you can find heroes who don't commit cold-blooded murder in movies from the 1950's. The basic idea is to convince humans that 'evil is the new good'. That's just what these 'archons' do. The trend is highly specific. Let me explain the exact concept: [NOTE: I wanted to erase any doubt that Angela would dismiss the cold-blooded murderers are now Hollywood's heroes trend by explaining it in very thorough detail. naturally, my detailed and alarming explanation did NOT alarm Angela in the slightest!]

Reptilian Hollywood relentlessly promotes the archetype of a COLD-BLOODED murderer as the Nazi ideal of a heroic good guy. In film after film, we see the protagonist execute a defenseless person laying on the ground who often pleads for their life (to no avail). Cinema's merciless Reptilian heroes indoctrinate a generation of young human minds into the 'New World':

"We stone the poor with slogans:
Cut up your friend and screw up your brother
Or he'll get you in the end'
We can force you to believe" -Lyric, "Cygnet Committee"

*It's totally amazing that we've got the constant displays of Reptilian shapeshifting eyes going on in all of our movies and TV shows. This subliminal disclosure event is ongoing and can help all humans to recognize that we have an alien society controlling us. That's a fact that's proven by my own documentation of visual evidence. Then, all humans should be made more aware of the agenda these BioDigitals have to corrupt our species. It's crazy that we've got young children growing up with 'heroes' that condemn other humans to Nazi-style execution without mercy or compassion in one movie and TV show after another.

1. The victim must be unarmed and utterly helpless to establish that there is no element of self-defense involved in the murder. This is always established in these scenes in a clear and unambiguous way.

2. The 'murder star' must very deliberately choose to condemn the victim to cold, execution-style death without remorse or compassion. The longer and more premeditated the decision is, the better it is for the scene. There must be no element of 'acting before thinking' in a moment of 'temporary insanity'...instead, the murder must be portrayed as the only sane and logical thing to do.

3. The 'murder star' must then continue to be the hero, or likable 'good guy' who the audience roots for and approves of.

4. Other characters who had misgivings about this Nazi-style of ruthless killing must come around to this way of thinking and eventually embrace it as the 'right way'.

5. The 'murder star' must also be shown doing good deeds and helping the weak. This willingness to protect the weak and condemn the 'evildoer' to death is what allows the 'murder star' to remain a hero.

*I happened to be watching season 4 of "Game Of Thrones", for example...This show is as popular as they come...I wasn't at all surprised to see a scene where a young girl stands coldly over a man with a sword pointed at his throat as he lays helplessly on the ground. With total coldness and premeditation, the seemingly pure and innocent young child executes this helpless man. She had become Hollywood's latest 'murder star'.

*"The Lone Ranger" was a Disney film for kids based on a classic hero...but in the film, we see the Lone Ranger pull the trigger on an unarmed man in an execution-style attempted killing.

*Ragnar the Viking is a very good example of where our culture is heading: In our recent pop-cultural history, this character would have been the 'bad guy', but NOW, he's the 'good guy'. He commits acts of extreme villainy but is the protagonist of his own TV show. Everywhere we look, 'evil' is the new 'good'. What kind of people will the children being raised on 'evil heroes' and 'murder stars' turn out to be?

* Generally, the effort to brainwash young human minds is a full-spectrum assault in which The All Seeing Eye utilizes a vast legion of it's BioDigital 'meat puppets' to spread the message of Gangsterism and Nazism in Movies, Television, Music and Videogames. I can't imagine what I would have turned out to be like if ALL my heroes growing up were committing Nazi-style executions of unarmed victims in EVERY movie and TV show I liked - yet that is exactly what the human children today must face. [Not that Angela cares!]

* Anybody who cares about humans should warn parents about the BioDigital Conspiracy and it's alien agenda to corrupt us. Also, try to explain to children that these entertainments are meant to poison them into hating their own sweet and innocent human species.

*Hollywood is the new 'megaphone' that has replaced Religion. In film after film, Hollywood teaches the Bible's message: "Show no mercy". The key characteristic of the Reptilians is to mislead Humanity into a judgmental philosophy of cold, premeditated homicide.

ANGELA: Johnny, in order to have services such as trash pickup, road maintenance, law enforcement, city parks, trails, and recreation, public libraries, etc., we have to pay taxes. Now, you might not use many of these services, granted, but still, if someone didn't pay for their funding, just think what civilization would look like. We would probably go back to the Dark Ages and feudalism. I certainly don't wish to sound condescending, please understand, it's just that I can't think of an alternative way for Americans to have these kinds of services. Granted, we pay too much for inefficiently run local, state, and federal governments. If no one paid any taxes, however, consider what might happen. I know you think of it as a moral dilemma, but I don't see it that way. You state that we have a non representational government, and, to an extent I agree. We have majority rule. The politicians who are supposed to be governing are mostly reprehensible, but who elects them? Actually, we were supposed to have a government by majority as set forth in the Constitution, but we have become a government ruled by "big business." Nonetheless, one has to consider what would happen if our current form of government collapsed. Look no further than Venezuela. There is NO perfect government on the planet.

Regarding what you refer to as the digital identity revolution, I think you misunderstand the function of the microchip. [NOTE: Hmmm....Now how did I already know that Angela would have NO PROBLEM with the introduction of microchips?] Contemplate the security risks that folks are faced with every single day: Hackers with evil intentions, scammers. thieves, digital outlaws, and on and on. How do we stay one step ahead of them? Obviously, through the use of "digital" technology of which you and I and virtually all Americans avail ourselves on a daily basis when we use computers and the internet. Microchips assure that thieves can't infiltrate and capture our account information. Their function is actually to prevent someone from assuming your identity and wiping out your bank account or charging vast amounts to your credit card and bringing about financial ruin. These digital thieves are SO clever that they constantly develop sinister schemes to make easy profits. Schemers who use the dark web to profit from the most abhorrent human activities such as selling drugs, human trafficking, pornography, etc., are the real reptilians, Johnny.

If you think that the U.S. is bad, you should take a look at what's happening in Mexico with the drug cartels. Mexico had their highest murder rate in recent history, and the cartels are now even impacting the population of Mexico City. If Mexicans have to fear for their lives every single day, can you imagine what would happen (and is actually already happening in middle America) once these drug cartels capture and enslave huge swaths of our population? This predicament is touching everyone's lives including our own family and those of most American families. Johnny, the drug cartels, the human traffickers, the peddlers of child pornography, these wolves will be the TRUE downfall of civilization if it isn't brought under control. It won't be, in my opinion, alien reptoids giving us "shapeshifting eye winks to indicate that we're a population of sheep and that they are actually "wolves in sheep's clothing."

Incidentally, I carefully watched your 4 minute video on "How To Spot Shape Shifting Reptilians Like Angelina Jolie." Technically, you have created a very riveting presentation. [NOTE: Naturally Angela is only interested in the superficial and technical aspects of what she has seen.] I thought your selection of music to accompany the video was spot on. So, as far as the actual production, I think you made a very impressive video. However, it's the logic behind your belief in reptilians that is so problematic for me. It makes no sense to me whatsoever why an alien race would want to micro chip the human population in order to eliminate it in "one fell swoop" as you said. Of what benefit would that be to them? According to you, they need "us" to serve as slaves. Why would they want to kill of their source of free labor and eliminate their dominion over the sheep population? Microorganisms don't kill off their host. They need the host to survive. It's certainly not in the interest of parasitic entities to kill off their hosts. And in the "Exorcist" debates (which I have been reading with great interest), here is a query:

ELLE: They can be killed? They bleed or they are immortals? So are you telling me that EVIL, bad people in a nutshell, are Reptilians?

And your response is:

johnellizz: I don't think they're evil. It's all just a continuum of victims and victimizers. A human that chooses to be part of that continuum is also not evil. Humans victimize animals and other people...we slaughter cows and pigs, we bomb cities...but we don't think of ourselves as evil. We're just making a choice to play a 'game' of victim and victimizer. We can withdraw from this game whenever we choose to do so. The alien Reptilian that controls us is not physical - more like a holographic entity inside of actual flesh and blood human bodies. But the physical Reptilian aliens exist as an ET civilization. They probably have real bodies.

Then follows what I perceive as a contradiction in your logic:

AGUAS CRISTALINAS: this reptilian people are demonic entities, I suppose?

johnellizz: They are definitely very similar to that concept.

ANGELA: It is my understanding that demonic entities are by their very nature "evil." [NOTE: Yes, and THAT'S why I said they are 'very similar' and not the same thing, Angela!] And why would human beings choose to "withdraw from this game whenever we choose to" were it not an "evil" game? What motivation would there be to not participate if the concept of good and evil don't apply? The moral concepts of good and evil are integral to your theory of two universes, Johnny, the one of predator/prey (victimizer/victim) and the one of "universal love." Your statements mutually exclude one another. How can there exist a universe where our species lives under the illusion of good and bad, with no actual good or bad, and yet aspire to escape to a place of universal love? The very "existence" of reptilian overlords implies malevolent intent and consequently the counterbalancing will toward benevolence on the part of humanity.

And, again:

AGUAS CRISTALINAS: So the devil is a reptile alien is what your saying the people in the government are alien too that's horrible

johnellizz: It's not really a bad thing. These aliens are just doing their jobs. Man chooses to be a predator by enslaving and killing other animals in a predator 'food chain'. This choice limits our species to the animalistic universe of victims and victimizers. The nature of this illusion of a world is to teach us and help us to evolve by showing us our primitive nature in a mirror. The Reptilians are that mirror. As we victimize others, we receive victimization so that we can learn how it feels and choose not to inflict this harm upon others. Humans can learn not to enslave or kill others by experiencing this oppression and exploitation from the Reptilians. Finally, we will free ourselves by this process and enter the True Reality beyond this illusion once we have accepted the philosophy of Universal Love and compassion toward others.

ANGELA: Again, I ask, why would we want to free ourselves , even knowing the true state of our condition, if goodness and evil are nothing more than an illusion? Johnny, I don't know whether you realize that this David Icke dude is just making a lot of money off of people who are looking for an explanation of the perplexing bad deeds they witness throughout their life spans. This person, Icke, has borrowed from and corrupted the traditions and myths of Gnosticism. He has debased their belief system by inserting this concept of reptilian domination into it.

johnellizz: So you don't worry that the Biometrics stuff was officially announced on 6/06/06? (C'mon! You can't believe they do that sort of thing by coincidence, these wacky Archons.) Regarding the various problems you pointed out involving identity theft and so on...I'd say that's an example of Problem/Reaction/Solution...They (the archons) create these problems themselves so they can offer the solutions (in this case the microchipped society). We all know how this works from the way that bankers fund the enemies who threaten America in order to offer the solution of military build-ups ( a very lucrative practice). If they want to change the world to advance their goals they first create the very problems that they can use to justify the changes.

It's well known that drugs are the government's business and the 'war on drugs' is simply a way to drive out competition from this lucrative black market. They say that the endless war in Afghanistan, for example, is actually about controlling the country's poppy fields for drug production. It seems likely that the end of cash will be explained to us as a way of ending the drug cartels and drug distribution - since it's based on cash exchanges on the streets. Once they get rid of all the cash they'll want to advance this plan to the implant stages. It's already beginning! [NOTE: To prove this fact I sent Angela a TV News report showing how employees of some companies are already accepting microchips inside their hands.]

Why would these alien entities want to kill us all off in one fell swoop? It's not my theory but one I adapted to a video called "Interview With A Reptilian" that I made. According to the Reptilian entity who purportedly gave this interview, they want our planet for themselves. He explained that they do this procedure on many planets, claiming, "We don't make war on other planets, we just take them from those who can't fight back." The basic idea is to infiltrate a planet and possess the native's bodies...then you get control of their governments and money systems. Then you have to rig the transition to an implant money system and get all the natives implanted so they can all be removed. This Reptilian fellow explained: "We'll leave it about ten years for everything to rot, then we'll come down to takeover. There will be a few thousand humans left and we'll deal with them."

There was a weird movie called "Season Of The Witch" that seems to have divulged this plan. It was made by John Carpenter - the same chap who made the astonishing "They Live". Everyone who knows about the Archons knows this movie, Angela. "They Live" explicitly shows the world as it actually exists - with aliens disguised as humans controlling Earth and progressively enslaving the outwitted human species. So, anyhow, this same filmmaker made a movie called "Season Of The Witch" where a sinister Occult conspiracy has used microchips hidden inside of Halloween masks to mass murder all the children on Halloween! In the film's final moment, the protagonist looks directly into the camera...directly at us as he exclaims, "Stop it!.....Stop It!.....STOP IT!" In, other words, he breaks the 'fourth wall', as they say. But WHY? Why would he look at us and tell us to stop this merely fictional plot occurring only in a movie?

Thanks very much for watching my video about the shapeshifting phenomenon, Angela! So if that's an inaccurate video, how do you explain how their irises can be ABOVE their eyelids like that? [NOTE: Angela has NEVER offered a counter explanation and never will...because there IS no other explanation. When Angela cannot refute something she simply ignores it entirely - a key trait of all 'confederates' in the world conspiracy.] I first noticed that type of shapeshift in "The Shining". Jack Nicholson was playing a demonically possessed character so he was making liberal use of his shapeshifting eyes. At a subconscious level, we see this and feel more scared and impressed with his performance. I noticed that Jack had his iris above and outside of his eyelid to an incredible degree. That's the thing about the real shapeshift phenomenon: they do it for specific reasons and not just randomly. For example, good luck finding Jack's iris above his eyelid BEFORE he becomes possessed in the film. You could look all you want but it simply won't be there. Why? Because it wouldn't have made sense for him to do it before the possession occurred.

I LOVE the way you inserted your comment into my debate about "The Exorcist Secret Message". That's such creative thinking! You asked: What motivation would there be to not participate if the concept of good and evil don't apply?

I think that we are in a 'training wheels' universe and it just seems to us that we are in a super-important life and death struggle over things here on Earth. Once your mind evolves in awareness you don't buy into the drama of good versus evil. It seems these concepts are just more Archon propaganda. The motive for spreading this errant philosophy that good and evil are waging a war is simple: When you choose sides in a war, you are choosing to have enemies. Beyond this limited and primitive concept is 'Universal Love' where we have no enemies and don't fight over anything. The truth is that good has it's own universe and primitivism has this thin-air, holographic universe. I'd say it's like a simulator where we can develop our minds before we decide to live in the 'real' universe of total love and freewill without any rules, laws or restrictions. We'd choose to withdraw from the 'bungle in the jungle' of primitive Earth life because we find it boring and repetitive - and repulsive. But not evil. There isn't such a thing as evil because animals cannot be evil. They are just doing what their instincts tell them to do. The very act of preying upon others defines us as an animal consciousness. So it's like a 'catch 22' matter how hard you might try to do evil, the very act of doing evil redefines you as an animal - which is incapable of doing evil.

I don't think the very presence of reptilian overlords implies malevolent intent. They are just doing what humans do to cows and pigs and chickens. The universe is like a mirror to show you what you are. We see an apex predator species controlling us in very clever and adorable ways. Why? Because it shows us that we are doing that to other weaker, less clever animals in a cycle of exploitation. It's good that we have the ruthless and clever Reptilians to show us this. If we tried to defeat the archons/reptilians, it would be like trying to 'comb the mirror'...when you look in the mirror, you don't comb the mirror's hair, you comb YOUR hair, right? Well, when we see the Reptilians in the 'mirror' of our universe, we need to comb our own hair (in other words, consider not victimizing the animals that are weaker and less clever than we are).

The great thing about evolving to the higher reality would be the total freedom from restrictions. Imagine what the animalistic people (like humans and reptilians) would do if they had superpowers...Why there'd be an epic disaster every few seconds! The minds that are limited to the physical universe of predators must exist in finite bodies...but once we are in the infinite universe we have an infinite body and are like a super hero. Why? Because we can be trusted with this power. We're not going to harm anyone with our amazing levels of power and ability. That's certainly a great motive for leaving behind the primitive game.

Angela, I'm impressed with your knowledge about Gnostics. Philip K. Dick was also a Gnostic. I'm reading these Gnostic gospels and will give you my review in my next email. Philip K. Dick put Sophia into two of his books "Valis" and "The Divine Invasion". I remember reading those books way back in 1985 on your couch when I was crashing with you and Shana! I would read them all night while you guys slept. I was munching peanut M&M's the whole time, too.

The New Testament appears to be an effort to assimilate Jesus into the sinister religion of the Old's as if Jesus had made a splash and was reforming humans - persuading them to adopt the evolved philosophy of 'Universal Love''. The inclusion of Jesus into the Bible allowed the Reptilian controllers of Earth to own Jesus' message and thereby corrupt it. This is probably something Gnostics would agree with.

Such is the way of the Reptilians: They are not enemies, but rather, frienemies - meaning they pretend to be supporters so they can subvert and corrupt from the inside. So when Jesus had a message out there, the Reptilians were like: "Yeah! We LOVE Jesus, too! We want to honor him by adding him to our religion!" Once Jesus becomes part of the system, his whole message becomes meaningless. Consider the many people in the world who take up the sword in the name of Jesus! That shows you how successful the tactic is because these folks actually believe in the exact opposite of Jesus.

*A good example would be Mel Gibson: This guy is supposed to be a Christian who reveres Jesus - even going so far as to make his own Jesus film. Yet every film Gibson makes seems to be a repudiation of everything Jesus was supposed to stand for. Gibson uses the Hollywood machine to spread a judgmental message of war and mercilessness - and endlessly kills enemies in an unforgiving way. Interestingly, when he depicted his version of Jesus, it was the 'left eye' Jesus...he had Jesus' right eye closed so that he became a 'left eye' version of the historical character. (According to Hollywood, they are all of the 'Left eye' of violence and judgmental killing.)

The 'Left Eye' Jesus Of Mel Gibson

The opposite philosophy would be 'Universal Love' in which you love your enemies. So you, for example, would be of the 'Left eye' and in accord with the philosophy of Hollywood - because you do not love the Reptilians. AND WHY NOT? You have been heavily influenced by the Bible so there's no way you would easily understand the concept of 'Universal Love' - which was directly punished by the 'god' of the Bible in horrific ways.

*For example, when the Israelites first reached the land of Canaan, they discovered that the people of this land were just like them...they violated the command of the Biblical 'god' by socializing with the people of Canaan and making friends. This resulted in 'god' ordering the decapitations of many hundreds of Israelites - whose heads were displayed on spikes within the Israel tribal camps to serve as a deterrent. Obviously, this 'god' was of the 'Left eye' and used the Bible in much the same way that Hollywood is used today: To spread hatred and judgmental violence throughout the human populations.

Hey, have you seen "The Remaining"? It's pretty cool because it's about the Rapture but it works as a horror movie. In the end, they show a swarm of carnivorous Reptilians invading Earth to devour the non-Christians. That definitely sounds like the Bible's so-called 'god' - who would certainly feed all humans who defy his evil to his lizards! But whatever...those lizards need nourishment. After all, the Bible 'god' is quite a the Book Of Genesis, the first thing we learn about this 'god' is that it demands tasty carnivorous meals as sacrificial offerings. Then, we later discover that 'god' not only wants the firstborn cattle of the Israelites for dinner, but actually demands the firstborn HUMANS be served up as well! A healthy appetite, that one.

The point is that we live in an unhappy world of predators and victimizers. We have a choice of whether we want to participate in this primitive system. To trick us into choosing primitivism, the most powerful predators pretend to be 'gods' and provide us with very misleading religious books designed to intimidate us into worshipping their evil ways. Such silly threats as getting set on fire or being fed to carnivores are used as tactics. Don't fear the death of your body at the maws of carnivorous Reptilians, fear instead the death of your potential to evolve yourself beyond such a cruel world. Any wild animal can tear you to pieces - so you have no more to fear from the Reptilians than you do from any other predator. Despite their jive-ass propaganda about having power over our 'souls' after we die, there's nothing to worry about. However, there's a lot to gain by evolving into the Universe of total compassion and love.

So I disagree with Gnosticism if they claim that our world has been hijacked by a parasitic force. The Reptilians have every right to be here and to prey on humans. But just as certainly, humans have every right to evolve and stop participating in the whole system. I strongly advise against claiming the Earth. So when we say, "They have invaded and hijacked our planet", we're claiming that we own this planet. I think they own it...and they're WELCOME TO IT.

Just last fall I was talking to three police in my town...they all simultaneously admitted that they were Reptilian shapeshifters. (Probably they knew who I was because Reptilians watch the throne.) I was amazed and offered to open up a friendly discussion with them so I could make friends with aliens. But they said, "NO. We don't like you. Now LEAVE! GO!"

Now you might think I would become indignant that three public servants who supposedly worked for me (a citizen) had ordered me off a parking lot like they owned it. But I did NOT get upset at all...because they DO OWN IT. I fully acknowledge that the Reptilians own every square inch of this planet. I'm happy if they're happy. I'm an evolving person who comprehends the limitations of Earth - it's not my ambition to own anything here or to fight with anyone over any material possessions. Instead, I value my mind. I want to own my OWN MIND and not have it brainwashed by the Reptilian system. I think a person with their own mind and freewill can evolve beyond this planet and leave it to the primitives like Reptilians and drone humans and whatever other forms of predators are out there in space.

That's the problem with religion...its always about how powerful somebody is. It's as if the most powerful thing you happen to experience is 'god'. I don't see the logic of that. Think, man! If you were the supreme intelligence the last thing you'd care about is power. Let's say you eat bananas every have an infinite supply of bananas and can eat as many as you want every day of your eternal existence...what's the last thing you want for dinner? Yep...BANANAS. So this Biblical obsession with displays of power proves THE OPPOSITE of what your saying...any creatures so in love with power as these Bible imposters are definitely NOT a supreme being with infinite power that it has had for eternity. Such a Being would have as much interest in terrifying tiny humans with powers as you would have in beating up a three year-old toddler.

However, there would, perhaps, be a commodity that WAS highly prized by this Super Being of highest intelligence....TRUTH. And , of course, unconditional, authentic love. If you're this Supreme Being, you'd only be interested in other beings because they stand for the truth and believe in love. You'd be intelligent enough to cherish these qualities because they'd be rare.

I certainly don't think you're being truthful with yourself or loving when you claim that the Bible is about anything but brute power and intimidation. You should be more honest with yourself and reread this crazy book more carefully - but who could ever do that? It's too long and has such tiny print. The book is meant to be NOT READ. It's like those bills they pass in congress which are so thick that the legislators don't even try to read them before they pass them. The bills contain tiny paragraphs which are terrible for the country but are hidden in the legalese so that they get passed by legislators who know they can't read the bill before signing it. This is the way the Bible works,'s so damn long and in tiny print so people like you can't recognize the things it says are terrible!

*It's the Bible that encourages Man to participate in an animalistic 'food chain' that requires utter selfishness and predatory instinct - even though Man is quite capable of surviving without ever killing an animal for food.

*The first thing the Bible makes clear is that the 'god' character is extremely predatorial and demands to be served meat. This requires the brothers, Cain and Abel, to prey on other animals- ensuring that they, too, will remain at the simplistic level of an animal and not develop beyond this primitive level of existence.

It's kind of like that Alcoholics Anonymous thing: The first step to overcoming alcoholism, they say, is to ADMIT you ARE one. For us as humans, the first step toward evolving beyond being an animal is to admit that that IS what we currently are. To discourage us from achieving this awareness, the Reptilians give us this sense of pride...telling us it's OKAY to be an animal - that's the way our 'god' (them) wants it. They want us comfortable where we are so they can exploit us as part of the animal food chain - where they stand on top as the 'apex predator'.

I don't think I'm being judgmental against you or Christians in general...I'm trying to deprogram you. I know it doesn't work but I think it's my job to make the effort. You know you're never talking me into worshiping blood-thirsty lizard gods, either. I was just watching videos this morning about Mormonism...

This is total blood-thirsty Reptilian worship thinly disguised as some kind of Christian church. I read that the space lizards invented Mormonism to conduct a massive genealogical research program...but along the way they couldn't help themselves...they had to inculcate all sorts of demonic rites and practices into this sham religion. I saw these Mormons mimicking slitting their throats...they also had a mock ritual for ripping out the tongue at the root and disemboweling the human convert. They had this concept of 'blood atonement' where the death sentence by throat slitting was the only way to atone for some sins - and this was practiced and carried out by members of the church quite often.

It's hard to fathom how contemporary Christianity has reformed itself in recent centuries. The Mormons were amateurs compared to the vast atrocity-filled history of Christians inspired by the demonic text known as the Bible. But Mormonism is intriguing because its a chance to study the Reptilian religious farce that occurred in more recent history.

ANGELA: As far as the issue of micro chipping, I actually had seen a segment on that Wisconsin snack vending company and their bizarre scheme on PBS the very night before you sent me the link to the ABC news segment. Talk about synchronicity! We had just begun discussing this the very day they had the news release. I am utterly dumbfounded that employees would not only permit such an invasion but would actually be enthusiastic about it. The P.T. Barnum effect, you know: "There's a sucker born every minute." [NOTE: Despite her current attitude, I KNOW that when the 'official story' changes Angela will be 'reprogrammed' to agree with the micro-chipping of human beings and will act like it's a perfectly normal part of life!]

johnellizz: I wanted to offer a brief reply about David Icke. I think that Icke must be another level of deception because he always claims that Reptilians are merely a theory that cannot be proven. Of course, that's incorrect since I have established that these lizardy folks are a PROVEN FACT. (Maybe Icke just cannot see the results of my investigation since they are banned from most human observation.) But I just sort of know that even if I was standing right in front of Mr. Icke he would simply ignore the proven reality of shapeshifting and the irrefutable evidence that exists in all our television and movies (much like you do, Angela). This evidence matches all scientific criteria for establishing proof: It's repeatable, verifiable, replicable and can make predictions. I can produce the evidence of the phenomenon over and over again quite easily and every result can be verified because they are moments of evidence in factory made DVDs that can be obtained from any independent source. Other people have proven that they can use my method to easily replicate these results as well. The theory of how shapeshifting works can also be used to make excellent predictions about the phenomena. Let me explain the theory and provide a dramatic example of successful prediction...

I was watching the 1932 film "Scarface" which starred the actor George Raft. George played a character who was dating Scarface's sister. But Scarface hated anyone who even looked at his sister. He would threaten to kill any man who got near her. George's character was also Scarface's best friend. So we've got an interesting psychological situation going on. Despite being warned off by Scarface, George continues to have a romance with his sister. Near the end of the film there's a scene where Scarface goes to visit his sister - but George Raft opens the door! Now Scarface is infuriated and instantly kills George. The picture you see below you is a still frame from the moment where George opens the door to see Scarface standing there. George Raft displayed an obvious 'clown slit' in his left eye as he realized that Scarface was now his mortal enemy - having caught him red-handed with the sister.

The 'clown slit' represents the negative reptilian trait of extreme acrimony or malice. It also indicates survivalism and the willingness to kill others to prevail in a conflict. This kind of shapeshift appears when mortal enemies are in a conflict. I knew I should check both Scarface's and George's eyes in this critical scene. Thus, the predictive power of Reptilian shapeshifts! I didn't have to watch George's eyes all throughout the whole movie...I just knew when he was going to shapeshift based on the predictive psychology approach that I use. That's an ability I can demonstrate over and over again with ease since shapeshifting is a real phenomenon with real attributes. You might wonder why this particular 'clown slit' (pictured above) is so obvious... It has to do with the early time period. Back in 1932 nobody could watch a movie except in the theater. (There were, of course, no DVDs to view at home.) So in this movie, the Reptilian shapeshifting actors and filmmakers felt comfortable using a fast edit to conceal the shapeshift from the audience's conscious awareness. As soon as George Raft does the shapeshift, they instantly cut away to Scarface. The edit prevents your conscious mind from seeing the shapeshift. While that technique worked fine in 1932, it is quite useless in the DVD age. So I simply freeze framed on George's clown slit.

These days they don't go this far with their shapeshifts when they are this close to the camera. A modern Reptilian actor will on do something this amazing at a distance from the camera of at least 6-8 feet. But because this was 1932 the filmmakers just didn't imagine that someday a guy like me could freeze frame on this amazing moment.

Let's consider this moment from actor Anson Mount as he plays 'Bohannon' in "Hell On Wheels"...Bohannon is on a mission of revenge because his family was brutally slaughtered by union soldiers who invaded his plantation. Bohannon is tracking down all these men who committed the murders. In this scene he has found a suspect and is holding a gun to their head...he displays a clown slit in his left eye because he's preparing to kill a mortal enemy is the man is guilty. (Pictured below)

Again, I didn't need to watch Anson's eyes in every scene of the show. I just needed to watch the scenes where he was dealing with his mortal enemies that he wanted to kill. Sure enough, I found a terrific example of the authentic shapeshifting phenomenon. I've documented hundreds of irrefutable examples and could easily document a thousand more. But because this is the real deal, it is virtually banned by the Reptilians themselves and people wouldn't be able to see the videos. If I showed David Icke these moments of truth, he'd ignore them, too.

Also pictured above is my own little composite image of David Icke telling people to ignore the real phenomenon that proves that Reptilians exist. I can even explain why David Icke is allowed to be this huge public figure who presents the truth about Reptilians while claiming it's all just a theory he can't prove... You see the Reptilians want everyone to know about them. And they want us to understand their system and how it works. It's only because we know about them that we can agree to this system. So a guy like David Icke is letting everyone know the facts but the real reason for what he does is to invite everyone to pretend it's only a theory. The Reptilians love to be discussed and known for all their antics...what they DON'T WANT is to be nailed down and proven to be real with no 'plausible deniability'. All humans must know subconsciously that Reptilians exist while choosing to ignore this fact consciously. This creates the agreement that allows the system to proceed.

David Icke is controlled by The All Seeing Eye - the telepathic entity that co-ordinates this global system. In David's early book, "Love Changes Everything" he even admitted that he was telepathically contacted by the EYE and informed that he would be used as a distributor of Reptilian information. As soon as I learned this, I knew that David would never help me to establish the PROVEN FACT of Reptilian reality. I actually contacted another famous author named William Bramley - who wrote "The Gods Of Eden" about the alien control system that dominates and enslaves humans. Mr. Bramley was surprisingly honest. He basically admitted that he was part of a larger group of contactees who had gone 'beyond duality' and were connected as one mind. All these folks are under the control of The All Seeing Eye and can be considered to be a vast, secret conspiracy. Perhaps they think they will create a new, global 'Atlantis' free of Reptilian domination, but in my opinion this is just another Reptilian deception to enslave their minds.

So in my opinion, David Icke is a puppet of the All Seeing Eye like so many assimilated human beings and can't be relied upon to reveal the PROVEN FACTS to anybody. The All Seeing Eye even puts this assimilation right in our faces on shows like "Gravity Falls". Just watch this amazing 2 minute clip:

YOU'RE MY PUPPET NOW! (Gravity Falls)

ANGELA: On the terms good and evil: I definitely do NOT agree with you that they are "just more Archon propaganda." Good vs. evil describes human behaviors, and yes, even other primates such as chimpanzees and Bonobos. Primatologists have studied these species and observed chimps planning and actually plotting the murder of rival chimpanzee groups. Bonobos have been observed to be the most peaceful and loving of the higher primates. Their favorite pass times are eating, sleeping, playing and mating, with never a harsh feeling among them. They're like the hippies of the primate world with nothing but peace and love on their minds.

In terms of the existence of evil in human beings, just let me remind you of the holocaust and the extermination of 6 million Jews. Are you telling me that the destruction of that many human lives (not to mention the lives of other groups whom the Nazis deemed inferior) by means of gas chambers and other abominable methods in the death camps is not evil? It isn't evil to pack people into cattle cars, herd them naked into "showers" and then perfunctorily pull the lever to gas them to death as you listen to their screams? I don't know about you, but I just can't think that evil is an illusion created by some alien race of reptiles. Evil is real!

About a year and a half ago, in a town neighboring ours, one of the most heinous acts ever committed was perpetrated against a 14 month old baby girl. Johnny, it literally makes me physically ill to contemplate or try to relate what the newspapers and television reported. You can't conceive of the suffering that precious little innocent baby endured at the hands of a murderous pedophile. I will just inform you that little Shaylyn was kidnapped, brutally raped, beaten and strangled to death by a monster, a worm, a putrid excuse for a human being. The monster poured a bottle of bleach over her private area to try to destroy the evidence by destroying the tissue. "The Exorcist" can't even hold a candle to the horror of an event that actually happened just a few miles from where we live.

I'm sorry to be so outspoken about this issue, but good and evil are not propaganda in my view. They merely describe the behaviors of our species. I have also witnessed many examples of kindness and compassion. I think that for most of us, when we offer help or a gesture of kindness toward another, we feel buoyed and a sense of joy and purpose. If goodness didn't exist as real substance, then why would we experience a surge of endorphins upon doing a good deed? Evolution, which you DO believe in, has programmed us to find reward in being helpful. Somehow, this type of behavior has been advantageous to the survival of our species.

Now, on the theory of evolution, I know you recognize that homo sapiens shares genetic material with many lower life forms. We share 7% of our DNA with bacteria, 15% with mustard grass, 21% with round worms and 36% with fruit flies (do you think that may be why those little suckers follow us around and try to get in our faces?) You can probably see where I'm going with this! Yes, humans share DNA with reptiles. We're talking about evolution, for crying out loud! You and I, Johnny, share a common reptilian ancestor!

I'm just playing the "devil's advocate" here. No, we can't shape shift or display subliminal messages (at least, not that I'm aware of), but we do owe our hair to reptiles. It seems that all animals, including humans, descended from a single reptilian ancestor approximately 320 million years ago.

johnellizz: I'll try to explain my viewpoint: The concept of an intelligent purpose for the existence of the universe (or universes) is hard to defend if we don't postulate a more evolved universe than the one we now experience. WHY would a higher intelligence want us to dwell in a primitive world where everything is trying to fight, eat or out-compete each other? This might be considered a fun game to some people...but what about people who would like to play a more gentle, compassionate type of game? Unless there's a universe for them as well, we'd have to discard the idea of a benevolent form of super-intelligence that accords everyone their freewill.

So if there is a benevolent super-mind at work to create freewill for everyone, then it should be pretty easy to choose to live in the 'evolved universe' and not the more harsh and primitive one, right?

But the apex predators of the primitive universe do not want their slaves escaping to the evolved universe - so they have to win 'hearts and minds' by encouraging us to remain in a primitive mentality so that we won't choose to evolve ourselves higher. The best way to do this is to keep us fighting with an enemy. This is why we are always being taught that there is a force of good that is battling against a force of evil. Battles are inherently primitive - as is picking sides in a conflict where the other side becomes the enemy.

In truth, there is no force of goodness in this primitive universe. Nothing here can battle or defeat the primitive (evil) forces. You become the primitive as you battle. Therefore, the whole concept is merely a hoax being staged by the Reptilians (Archons) to encourage humans to join in a battle. Both the 'good' and 'evil' forces are just working together to stage this theatrical battle. (The two masterminds of this hoax are supposed to be the 666 and 777 conspiracies, I think.)

It's like the NFL...we see two opposing teams in a conflict on the field. But in reality, the two teams are actually all working for the same organization - the NFL. And the teams work together to create the spectacle. They both play by the rules of the game and share the profits equally. From this perspective, they aren't really battling at all. That's what the conflict between the so called 'good' and 'evil' force really is.

We can actually go to the higher universe of true good where it's just as impossible for 'evil' to prevail there as it is for 'good' to prevail here.

ANGELA: You didn't address my REAL WORLD examples of evil at all. You just sent more of your propositions on the construction of the universe according to your gospel.

If you can't explain the examples of evil I put forth to you and tell me, other than stating that they are just situations of victimizers and victims, what kind of phenomena they constitute (these extreme behaviors), I will think you are being evasive. Whether Pedator/prey or victimizer/victim, we have an obligation in this "inferior" and "illusory" world to exert our free will to oppose evil behaviors. Not to just withdraw from them, but to oppose them, as the Allies opposed Adolf Hitler during WWII. We are often forced to take a stand and rescue a victim or victims. When we do these beneficent deeds, such as reaching out to another human being to offer help, we may glimpse that higher more evolved universe or heaven or whatever you want to call it. We exist in the more highly evolved "universe" in the here and now when we lay down our lives or put ourselves at risk to save another. [NOTE: Angela's refusal to acknowledge the 'Left Eye' symbolism of Hollywood now makes perfect sense. She has just totally endorsed the 'Left Eye' philosophy and this indicates that she IS part of the same conspiracy - which means she keeps to the same 'Occult rules' of playing it dumb and avoiding any overt acknowledgment that Left Eye symbolism is real. This is exactly what a Hollywood insider would do: They would pretend that the amazingly obvious 'Left Eye' symbolism somehow doesn't exist and just ignore everything you'd say about it...exactly as Angela does.]

Just stop one moment and LISTEN to me. If Allied troops hadn't been altruistic and vanquished Adolf Hitler, you and I would not be here today. [NOTE: So now we learn that Angela considers the destruction and violence of war to be 'altruistic'. BEAM ME UP, Scotty! It's MAD DOWN HERE!] The world would be VASTLY, VASTLY uglier than it is today. Just give that thought a moment to register, please. And then, please think about the looming threat of nuclear war with North Korea and the evil little tyrant Kim Jung Un, he of the revolting hair style. Would you advocate just withdrawing from any resistance? Should our country just allow North Korea to launch ICBM's at Alaska and eventually the continental U.S.? Should we look the other way as he destroys South Korea and Japan? Eventually, Johnny, just like Hitler, he'll come for us. Under that scenario you and I could be interned in labor camps and lead out the remainder of our lives as abject "victims."

Did you see the tragic outcome of Otto Warmbier, the hapless young student who visited North Korea with a tour group, was captured, given a "trial" and sentenced to hard labor? You'll recall he was returned to his family in a coma and died only a few days after N. Korea sent him back. I think you really should think through the tenets you espouse. Consider how your philosophy applies or doesn't apply to the real world. This life isn't merely about ideas and alternate world/universe theories. They may be interesting and stimulating to contemplate, Johnny, but they are just ideas and theories. Not facts. Facts are the phenomena you experience with your 5 senses every day, not just visually as witnessed on a screen, but with your other four senses as well. This is the mode through which I perceive the world around me and verify the truth of what I experience. Any other means than using my 5 senses to find truth in my immediate experience is beyond me. I don't possess the superpowers required to visit another dimension in my earthly form. And that statement presupposes that other dimensions than up/down, left/right, backward and forward and space/time exist.

johnellizz: You are making the assumption that news stories are real whereas I don't assume this for a fact. Remember that I believe we exist in the same world as the impostor humans. Many of these atrocities we attribute to humans may actually be committed by these 'wolves in sheep's clothing'. So when you read about the worst examples of human 'evil', you can't really know if that's an accurate example of human behavior. The impostor humans muddy the waters.

But it gets even stranger than that... Not only can we not assume that humans committed the atrocities, we can't even assume that the news story was real at all. As hard as this may be for you to contemplate, we are living in a world where entirely fictional news is created. Recent atrocities like the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings and the Boston Marathon Bombing were examples of this kind of faked news. You might think that no conspiracy could be big enough to dupe everyone in this way. But if you recall the theory of the 'Organic Portals' that I previously mentioned, then we might have millions or even billions of imposter humans in the world today. These folks are human in every way...EXCEPT that they don't actually possess free will. They are like molecular androids without that critical aspect of freedom. These Portals can be addressed by the controlling Overmind and programmed to carry out any level of deception or conspiracy.

In the case of the murdered children of Sandy Hook, these younglings were displayed alive and well just a month after the supposed tragedy before the whole world! They appeared before the Super Bowl to sing "America The Beautiful" and, delightfully, were completely un-murdered. But remember: This system provides us with a thin veneer of 'plausible deniability' whenever they reveal the truth to us. This allows us to escape by explaining away everything we see. As we choose this escape we choose to accept the system at a subconscious level - because only our conscious mind can be fooled in this manner. The deeper mind cannot be deceived and it is in this mind that the system seeks to achieve our consent. Recall the words of Adolf Hitler: "The masses of people are more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their minds, rather than consciously or voluntarily."

This is the reason the children were displayed before the world at the Super Bowl...the system wanted everyone to see and accept the truth that this world is controlled by the 'big lie' and all who conspire in the Art of lying. But to allow the mind to consciously deny what it has seen, the children were five years older than the victim photos presented by the media. Where the children were alleged to be first graders in these photos, they were actually fifth graders. The photos were five years old and not current images of the younglings. However, as we examine the faces and compare them with the victim photos we see clearly that the children are the same people:

Those are just a few of the kids. There were about twelve in all. They appeared to sing in the choir and were never heard from again. No one was allowed to interview the 'Sandy Hook Choir' or know their names. In addition to this amazing display of truth, there were many subtle clues provided to allow everyone to know (subconsciously) that this news event was a hoax. [NOTE: I already knew that Angela would totally ignore this astounding proof that the Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax. She always behaves exactly as I expect her to - since I understand that she is 'programmed' to never respond to irrefutable facts IF they contradict the official story.}

As is always the case, the system used Hollywood to explain what they would do by disguising it as merely a fictional movie..."Wag The Dog" depicted Dustin Hoffman as a Hollywood filmmaker named 'Stanley'. He gets recruited by the system to create an entirely fake news event. Using all of his knowledge Stanley convinces America that actors are real people in a real crisis - even though they stand in front of green screens inside a studio instead of the outdoor locations the events are supposed to be taking place in.

The reason these elaborate hoaxes fool everyone is also explained by Adolf Hitler, who says: "Even when the facts are clearly before them they will still refuse to believe and insist there must be some other explanation. For the human mind cannot fathom the Great Lie. They, themselves, tell small lies in their everyday affairs, but cannot imagine that anyone would lie so impudently and so elaborately." This is the reason that the system lying in such grand, epic ways. The Apollo Moon hoax is a perfect example of 'The Great Lie' which the human mind cannot fathom.

Regarding the Allied troops saving us in World War Two, Angela... We live under a global Nazi empire right now. We were not saved from anything and the United States commits more violence and oppression than the amateurs in Germany (who were funded by American industrialists and bankers to create the global threat...remember what I said about 'problem/reaction/solution'?) could have ever dreamed of.

Whether it is Adolf, Kim Jung or Donald Drumpf, we ARE living in a prison concocted for us by the system of alien deception. No one can save us from it but ourselves. We have to choose to put down the weapons and stop killing each other on the orders of Reptilian aliens. Adolf Hitler was not working against the United States...nor was the Soviet Union. The leaders of EVERY country are always the system (wolves in sheep's clothing). They conspire together to aim their unwitting humans at each other to keep them at war because it prevents true human evolution toward 'Universal Love' - which would be the ONLY real freedom that could be achieved.

Regarding Otto Weimbier...this kind of mistreatment happens everywhere. Because everywhere on Earth is the prison. I'm sure the United States has a frazillion more people dying in prisons than North Korea does. I don't prefer to live in either society because I want to evolve beyond this primitive level. Don't fear nuclear death from North Korea...fear instead the death of your potential to evolve your mind beyond the world of primitives like Kim Jung. The question is: WHY are you even living in the same world with that guy? In what ways are you and I similar to Kim Jung? How can we evolve to the point where we bear no resemblance to his hostile approach to life? First, we must choose not to insist on getting our way through violence. We must not insist on a certain 'way of life' that we will kill to defend. This life is extremely brief...we are just passing through and can learn a few things before we die. We don't need to adopt the exact same attitudes as any animal in the jungle...we don't need to defend territory or protect offspring or prey on weaker creatures. The system wants us to choose these things because it keeps us here - restricted to the physical universe where they can enslave us.

Regarding you question: Couldn't some other phenomena account for the eye distortions you observe? Why in heaven's name wouldn't reptilians display this eye thing anywhere else but on film and television? This stuff is just not logical to me in any degree. Why doesn't the all seeing eye have the meat puppets display to people in every day conversation, and face to face?

I'm sure the 'wolves in sheep's clothing' can display these shapeshifts in person. But your conscious mind wouldn't be able to see it. Shapeshifts happen so fast and are only done from the precise distance that allows only your subconscious to detect them. The technique I use can only be done with DVDs - where we can zoom-in on actors who are far from the camera and go frame by frame to examine their eyes. Angela! Why don't you try something: Get a wide screen copy of "Vanilla Sky" on DVD or Blu Ray. Tom Cruise plays a man trapped in a dream world in this film. He shapeshifts his eyes almost constantly throughout the movie. In particular, use your zoom function to check out his eyes in the scene where he's wearing the burgundy sweater. Put his eyes in a closeup and go in slow motion and frame by frame. Tom won't disappoint you! You'll see him offering up endless shapeshifts that are pretty far out. It's a really fun thing to do. Then you won't have to take my word for it.

The All Seeing Eye wouldn't give Tom or any other imposter human permission to shapeshift obviously right in front of your face. Everything's done with subtlety because 'The Devil's In The Details'.

Angela, this is just a quick visual guide through the self-expression of Reptilians in human bodies...I got these images off a Google search and they're representative of thousands of similar images...

1 Here we see a clown with a big number 6 on his forehead because the Reptilian inside these people is called 'Number 6' and the collective is called '666'
2 This image shows a clown with just one slit over his eye. This is characteristic of the way that they shapeshift. They always display a shapeshift in just one of their eyes and almost never in both eyes at the same time.
3 Reptilian-possessed humans must be unhappy. Who would want these 'clown slits' superimposing over their eye? (The creepy black of her eye must also be meant to indicate her possession status.)

4 Here we see a woman with the 'clown slits' and the wide reptilian mouth. These two attributes are often shown together in the theme of Reptilian possession.
5 Again we see she has clown slits and the wide mouth gashes to indicate the much wider Reptilian mouth.
6 And here again a rather gruesome image of a clown slit and the Reptilian mouth gashes.

7 Another major, recurring motif is the sutures in the mouth gashes. The indwelling Reptilian feels awkward inside of the human because of our small mouth. It feels as if sutures have been stapled to
it's mouth corners. The Reptilian wants to be able to open it's mouth much wider than the small human mouth allows for.
8 Here we see the theme of corruption and the Left Eye. The Reptilian-possessed human is willing to kill. Notice the skull with the 'Left Eye' symbolism and the missing right eye.
9 This is the important theme of the 'masquerade'. The Reptilians feel they are masquerading as they wear the human body. Often the mask is a friendly one with a more predatory countenance disguised underneath. "Places, places...put on your doll faces! Please don't let them see us for who we really are."

ANGELA: I think you should investigate books about philosophy. I recommend my approach. I try to assimilate as much as I can understand about general philosophical terminology, the lexicon. Sometimes, it makes my head hurt because there is so much to absorb. Then, I read a bit of biographical information on a given philosopher. I don't feel I have enough mental capacity to tackle actual works by philosophers on my own at this point though. I think YOU do have the intellect to tackle philosophical works, Johnny, if you would redirect your investigative energy toward reading and researching philosophy. You could challenge your mind with empirical facts and logic rather than using your time and energy toward what I, for one, deem to be pseudoscience. I see your energy and intellect devising a science fiction world and existence. Why not engage your very capable intellect in the field of the humanities?

There are so many ideas to look into, so I hope you will take an opportunity to spend more time on other things than reptilians. Quite frankly, Johnny, I don't want to even debate this any longer. I feel so bewildered that you believe this, but I can't dispute your right to do so. I can't change YOUR mind and you can't change MINE. [NOTE: That's true, Angela. Nothing (not even clear, irrefutable evidence) can change your mind since you are a 'confederate' who is programmed to always 'play it dumb' and stick to the 'official story'.] If we could just, as you said. agree to disagree and leave it at that. I won't try to sway you toward my world view if you don't try to sway me toward yours. It feels to me as though you are proselytizing. Those hideous ugly pictures you just sent me are an example of why I don't want to engage in this discussion any more. Please, can't we find other ideas and topics to discuss?

I wish that we could have discussions about real world scientific discoveries and philosophy rather than spending so much time on conspiracy theories. I don't have a dark world view. I love nature and being alive and having consciousness. I enjoy spending my free time learning and keeping my mind sharp. I don't believe in vampires, ghosts, reptilians, Archons, Illuminati or (forgive me) any mythological bull shit. I'd give anything if you felt enthusiasm and had a more optimistic outlook on this lifetime.

johnellizz: Sorry that those pictures were disturbing. Okay, we won't discuss the topic of Reptilians anymore. EXCEPT for one thing that I'll mention just this one time: I have to say my feelings are a bit hurt that you are so into philosophy that you try to assimilate as much as you can until it makes your head hurt, yet I wanted you to watch my own philosophical Kimba video (which was my entire philosophy condensed into a mere 27 minutes) and you didn't want to watch it. If you were a person that wasn't into philosophy it wouldn't sting quite so much. I really don't understand that part of our email relationship. Is it that you think only officially approved philosophers should be given any consideration? You know...many times in history these philosophers were ignored or ridiculed in their own time. Would YOU have been one of the masses who rejected them because they weren't officially endorsed? Perhaps so. It's as if your mind cannot dare to venture beyond what has been pre-approved for you by the officials and experts. I think you (and almost all other humans) have the minds of small children who can only believe what the parental authorities tell them is so. You appear to choose total trust and reliance upon what they say.

Looking on the Google map at your idyllic home makes it seem more logical to me. You're very invested in the pursuit of happiness upon this Earth and have achieved it in terms of material prosperity. It would surely be too much of an inconvenient truth for you to admit that our masters are a bunch of criminal gangsters who are not even human. To avoid that, you would turn a blind eye to every subtle revelation they have provided no matter how clearly it is presented. [NOTE: This is me again trying to find some way to disprove that Angela is an Organic Portal...Has she been bought off with materialistic prosperity? Is it really possible for a human to accept such an extraordinary level of intellectual dishonesty...just so they can live in a nice house???]

THERE YOU GO, ANGELA! johnellizz strikes back! I am the UNDEFEATABLE TRUTH! (And NONE of my energy will ever be redirected away from the pursuit of irrefutable Truth and toward the meaningless triviality that your life is dedicated to.)

ANGELA: Johnny, I DID watch nearly half of your Kimba video. If it would please you, I would watch the remainder with no hesitation. It's just that if you want me to give you feedback that affirms and embraces your view of truth, as I've already stated, I find myself unable to provide that sort of commentary. You have judged me to have a tiny mind, so if I tell you with heartfelt honesty my true thoughts and feelings on the content itself, I will only seal that judgment. As I said before, technically, your video is very impressive. Using the character Kimba as a tutorial host is quite creative and highly imaginative. Your visuals are evocative, to me, of a graphic novel. Princess Leia explains very clearly to viewers your ideas and outlook on the way the world sits and what you think is necessary to escape what YOU see as a conundrum that faces humanity. Your choice of accompanying music is complementary to the story of two universes and what each one comprises.

Please do not think that my intention was to insult you. You should know that I never, ever intentionally insult anyone. I respect people and the right of each and every one of us to our own opinions. I also do my best not to judge other human beings. I feel that, in the end, we are all made of the same substance. I am not perfect, and I do often lapse into judging, but when I do, I usually chastise myself liberally.

Do you think that you have attained your ideal of universal love? Does this ideal include showing compassion toward all living beings? Does universal love mean trying to be kind and understanding toward everyone, including simpletons? Would a person who had such love have internal peace? I am curious about what attributes this state of being possesses. Jesus said to his disciples, "suffer the little children to come unto me for the Kingdom of Heaven is made of up of such as these." There is Heaven, Johnny, when you look upon, and I mean truly look upon, innocent creatures: "younglings"; any one and any thing that is helpless and in need of protection is a facet and a presentation of Heaven on Earth. That's how I look at this world. I see Heaven reflected in so many things. And I see darkness too in the created world. But, if I have to choose which one to direct my focus toward, I will foolishly and childishly direct my attention toward the innocent things. Like your U.F.O. experience, playful things, things of innocence, make me feel blissful.

And one more thing, Jesus did refer to his followers as his sheep. Sheep are innocent and helpless. They NEED a shepherd. Like Mom said to one of the ministers at Snyder nursing home, "They're not stupid! They're meek." Meekness, according to one of the Beatitudes: Meekness is humility toward God and toward others. It is having the right or the power to do something but refraining for the benefit of someone else. Paul urged meekness when he told us “to live a life worthy of the calling [we] have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love”

At any rate, having a sheep-like state of mind isn't a bad thing necessarily, do you think?

I am VERY SORRY if I hurt your feelings. I tried very hard to be tactful. I was so startled and horrified, really, when I scrolled through those images. I can't ignore a visceral reaction, Johnny. And I've stated several times that I DO have a limited capacity to process information.

I'll be honest, at first your words were hurtful: My life is dedicated to meaningless triviality. Does it make you feel superior to be my judge? I don't know for sure what I've dedicated my life to. I feel that mostly I've dedicated my life to others and to trying to help others. I've dedicated my life to being a good mother and to being a good partner in marriage. I haven't accomplished much that any one will remember, but at least, I hope, my kids will remember me. When they're gone, so am I! But not really, because in my own personal way of looking at the meaning of life, all of the substance of the universe is one. Each and every particle has consciousness, every atom of you and me holds the origins of the universe within it. The universe itself is conscious! Death will be like having general anesthesia. One minute, you are aware that you exist as a corporal body, the next minute, you are assimilated once more into "star stuff." You might start out on another journey, or, you might just enjoy sublime consciousness without a corporal reality.

johnellizz: First I wanted to let you know that my eternally suspicious mind has caught on to another possible 'subtle disclosure' going on about the TRUE nature of our world...

Have you seen any police cars in your area with 'In God We Trust' printed on them? I only noticed this yesterday as I was walking to Mike's house to chat with him. A sheriff's car had it in big words on the back end of the vehicle. It seemed somewhat bizarre to me. We have the separation of religion and government - yet here is the public servant exclaiming something about a 'god'.

For a person with an inability to see deeply into the truth (as person such as yourself as well as almost all other humans) this is as far as the enigma goes. Maybe you do or don't agree that it's inappropriate for police in many areas of the country to be doing this. But regardless of the issue of separation of church and state, there may be an even deeper issue. One that you could not possibly connect the dots on in order to have any apprehension over. (johnellizz, on the other hand, easily connects the dots and penetrates deeply into the heart of real intents and meanings.)

The key is the exact phrase: "In God We Trust". This is the phrase that ALL the police seem to insist on attaching to their public service vehicles. WHY is this so crucial to them? Because it is the phrase we see on the back of the dollar bill. And what do we associate the phrase with? The All Seeing Eye (pictured above) which is ALSO on the back of the dollar bill. I believe that what is going on here is a game of mental association... We are being informed in a subtle way (through association) that the 'God' of the government is now officially The All Seeing Eye.

Pretty amazing, right? We now have public vehicles officially endorsing the All Seeing Eye (the god of the Masons) as their 'God'.

Of course, many would say, "What's the big deal about that? The Federal Reserve is a government institution and it has been putting that Masonic god on our dollar bill since the 1940's."

But NO! The Federal Reserve (despite it's intentionally misleading name) is NOT part of the government but is a private bank. So it's a HUGE difference between a private organization like The Fed and public, government police vehicles claiming that the All Seeing Eye is their 'God'. Yet here we are. Another subtle, easy step down the 'stepping stones' into the garden of the global government of the All Seeing Eye. Now people can gradually get used to accepting that the government trusts The All Seeing Eye as 'God'. What a BRAVE NEW WORLD we are moving into! (You don't get it, do you?)

Angela, I don't buy your explanation about why you haven't watched my Kimba video. It's only 27 minutes long and anyone curious about various philosophies wouldn't find it hard to watch, would they? You could watch it without giving me any negative feedback. So obviously, that isn't the real reason why you can't watch it. I think something will not allow you to watch it. It's a mental obstruction deep inside your mind. I can expose myself to any point of view or philosophy - even if I disagree with it. But it seems like you don't have this capability. Have you ever felt suicidal in your life? At that critical time, did a presence come to you and offer you a bargain? Did it ask you to join it in a great endeavor? Oh, let's say...CREATING A NEW GLOBAL ATLANTIS?

Because IF that ever happened to you then it may explain why you are experiencing this mental block. This situation with a 'God' who will unite all the minds together into the global Atlantis with the pyramid hand you ever find that attractive? It would certainly bring about the end of 666, would it not? We'd all be FREE! FREE!

Anyway, I'm just fishing. Regarding this mental block, I also think the 'subliminal intimidation', or 'Fnords', factor can explain it. If you could, just watch the video in it's entirety without giving me any feedback. That way I won't become enraged but we will be able to determine that you could, in fact, watch the video. I just wondered if it's possible for you to watch it to the end.

I think that anybody still relegated to Earth existence has not totally chosen 'Universal Love'. So unless I choose to transition into the 'Evolved Universe' there must be something that attracts me to the more primitive nature of the 'predator universe'. I think I'm very kind to the child-like humans of Earth because I'm helping them to reach 'Childhood's End' if they so choose. And if they don't choose that then I respect that choice, too. What I want is for everyone to have all the facts...the PROVEN FACTS. Then they have the right to make whatever choice they want to make. I disagree that everyone should only be 'subliminally informed' of the true situation. I want to directly inform Humanity of ALL the possibilities. As for me, I enjoy total inner peace. But when I'm around loud, primitive humans it does disturb my mind. I'm a completely self-contained, happy individual with perfect inner love and harmony because I don't use drugs or alcohol, I avoid stress and conflict and I 'lighten my burden' of conscience as I go through my life. Happiness is as simple as that. But for those who do not accept the Truth that life is showing them there is a burden of conscience. Our subconscious always knows the truth. It will nag at them until they try to escape with medications or indulgences in excessive materialism or sensualism...anything to keep from feeling the urgency that is nagging at them.

I disagree that it's good to be a sheep - except for the limited concept that sheep are non-violent. In this one respect, it IS good to be a sheep. Humans are the product of down-breeding that has made us into 'sheeple' - trusting in the authority of the 'Archons'. Consider the Biblical story of Abraham...He is clearly being tested for his mindless obedience to his Archon authorities. They want to find a candidate for a breeding program. Abe passes the big test by being so blindly, unquestioningly obedient to them that he would snuff out his own child's life just to follow an arbitrary command from them. They are satisfied that Abe is the right candidate for breeding, so he is given a large harem of females to mate with. Clearly, Abe is a 'stud' in a breeding program designed to produce more genetic offspring that possess his innate quality of mindless obedience. Such programs were not unique and Abe was just one of thousands of such breeders - which is why the world is so full of this kind of person today. It's an authority-driven world where folks like you cannot fathom the 'Great Lie', but instead, place child-like trust in the 'Archons' to tell you how to think and live.

ANGELA: "In God We Trust" first appeared on a 2-cent coin in 1864, according to the U.S. Mint. A 1955 law still in effect made the phrase mandatory on all U.S. money, both bills and coins, and another law in 1956 made it the national motto.

The atheistic group Freedom From Religion Foundation has challenged the Childress, Texas, police department for displaying the motto on their police vehicles. So, there is push back from other groups!

Now, I'd like to mention that I don't think you should set yourself up as judge over people who believe in "a god." Do you likewise judge atheists as "sheeple?" The entire premise of our nation's founding was "freedom of religion." People/sheeple can choose for themselves what they want to believe in and that, of course, includes your own ability to believe in reptilians and the illuminati. I think , with all due respect, that you have what appears to be a double standard. You state that "I can expose myself to any point of view or philosophy - even if I disagree with it. " Why, then, do you appear not to accept the legitimacy of my right to my own point of view and leave it at that? I wish that you wouldn't assign people who don't agree with your views, myself included, to the category of tiny mindedness and sheep-like intelligence, Johnny. We are all of us just floundering objects in a murky, tumultuous sea, capsized and instinctively grasping at any flotsam that will save us from drowning. No one really knows the answer for sure. No one really knows how to swim all the way to shore. [NOTE: Angela's last statement is non-sense. The PROVEN FACTS are clear and discernable and humans (actual humans not programmed to deceive) have logical minds and the ability to acknowledge what their eyes are seeing.]

I will also observe that I have never felt suicidal to the point where a presence asked me to join it in "creating a new global Atlantis." Nor did I experience any blockage in my ability to watch all the way through your Kimba video. I watched it carefully and made notes! I will send you my thoughts on the video this weekend as it will take more time than I have this morning to formulate fully and put down into commentary.

johnellizz: I'm delighted that you watched the whole Kimba video. Thanks so much. And your feedback is welcome and valued regardless of what you agree or don't agree with. It's the ultimate for you to take notes on the video and share them with me at some point. I couldn't ask for more than that.

That's really interesting that you have never felt contacted by an 'overmind' that wanted to recruit you to this cause of the 'Global Atlantis'. From what I understand, there are a LOT of folks who have had this experience and they make the Occult pyramid hand sign to indicate that they are part of this movement.

For example, this celebrity is famous for making the gesture (as are a great many others) and he also wrote these fascinating lyrics:
"Run This Town" lyrics
feel it coming in the air
masonic symbols everywhere
Deaths their game and it's not fair
They make the rules and you don't care
You just blindly sell your soul
Hypnotized they're in control
In a trance you go along
Indoctrinated by their psalm
can't be scared when it goes down
stand for freedom here and now

Throwing up a pyramid, it's all Illuminati
it's six, triple six
Now follow your leader
straight to the creama
Auschwitz wanna be fiends
the capstone to the eye
you think the deed is done?
they took you for a ride
you think they run this town
they running game that no lie
and they ain't spending no cake
those federal reserve notes
you know it's all fake

and mock rituals
what they unleashing
masonic rituals
live on TV
It's all been exposed
just like MK Ultra
it's all mind control

In one theory I've learned of these recruits are serving the 'god of Earth' who has united their minds into a collective group mind for the purpose of overthrowing the 666 system of Reptilian hegemony and establishing this 'god's' global kingdom of utopia. The premise is that ordinary humans cannot free themselves from the machinations of Reptilian government unless they unite their minds into the collective. The Reptilians seem to acknowledge this collective mind concept by making negative movies on the subject such as "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers", "The Amazing Spiderman" and "Cell" - all films where joining a collective mind is portrayed as a bad and undesirable condition.

I, personally, would never voluntarily join a mental collective based on Occult secrecy. I think the purpose of life is to expand and develop the potential of our individuality and that Earth is comparable to a school for achieving that goal. Every person is in the 'school system' and going through a 'learning curve'. This is why it's a misleading idea to practice's like killing the other kids at school. Would you approve of the fifth graders killing the second graders just because they were less advanced in the learning curve? Of course you wouldn't. Quite the opposite: The fifth graders should set a good example for the second graders if they are acting too foolish or rambunctious - not kill them.

I think the Reptilians can be compared to a delinquent student who has accepted failure and just wants to hang out in the school causing as much distraction and creating as many obstacles for the other students as they possibly can. Trying to get the other kids to behave violently toward each other is their idea.

I think that people have the right to practice any beliefs system (like believing in 'god' or becoming an atheist) and ignore the true lessons of the school if they choose. In order to do so, however, they have to become intellectually dishonest. The Truth is always being revealed to us - but only in subtle ways we can choose to ignore if we want to practice self-deception. This way, we are not compelled to embrace the Truth against our will. But only the Truth sets us free from the school and allows us to enter the 'true reality' where we are empowered. So long as we exist in the school, we are dis-empowered and are merely students.

One great YouTube video that explains the ways of Earthly corruption is "Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick". This presentation really nails it (except that the 'wolves in sheep's clothing' tactic is never mentioned). But if you understand that the elite are actually the 666 system of Reptilians in human bodies, you can just replace the word 'Man' in the title with 'Archon' or 'Reptilian'.

We are living in a reality where 'might makes right' and only the violent and ruthless are empowered. If we choose to join this system and accept it then we choose the Earth (and perhaps the entire physical, primitive universe). On the other hand, if our minds develop in awareness to the point where we do not reject all the subtle proof we are always being given that we are living in this incredibly corrupt situation, then we may choose to reject the system and embrace the Truth. At this point, we are set free of the system and cleared a major hurdle in the process of evolving our independent mind. But the trick is that the 'Archons' will always make it easier for us to choose intellectual dishonesty and fool ourselves into ignoring all the subtle disclosures that we are living in and accepting their corrupt system. They've got a lot of clever tricks up their sleeves - such as making us think that a 'god' will jump in and save us. This makes us apathetic so we don't think we have to do anything about the problem ourselves. Another powerful trick is to mis-teach us that we have to be 'perfect' in order to succeed. (As we know, this deception is a big part of religion.) All we have to do is be intellectually honest - not perfect at anything.

The purpose of the 'school' we are in is to learn to follow our own mind's inner-conscience and logical thinking abilities without caring about rulebooks and authorities. Only by becoming our own authority can we be trusted with the powers of a real person living in the higher reality. If you can be tricked like a small child to do harmful or destructive things then you must remain in the 'school' until your mind has developed further. You must attain 'Childhood's End'.


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Hello, I enjoy watching your videos on YouTube and I respect your research and approach to topics.

Yesterday, I was watching the fairly new Vice channel on cable and saw a few episodes of their "Party" something show. Celebrities were talking about their party experiences in LA and Hollywood area - mansion parties with sexual acts behind closed doors, Bushwick Bill describing what sounded like possession when he lost his eye and his death and return. Today, on Channel 12 news on Optimum cable, there was a story on a new store in Canada that is called the "Poop Cafe" where desserts are made in the form of human feces for human consumption.

It seems as if the media is running a campaign to desensitize the masses to the more frequent and blatant display of rituals being performed out in the open. Would you look into this and do a video on your take on this topic and similar occurrences?

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RIP  Prince...............

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Was the Predator Real?

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