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Interesting design of communication between drivers developed and patented by Brazilian inventor. Looking for partners…

"When my car can talk to your car, and your car can talk to a third car , everyone will be able to replace the excess data shared by only thing that robots do not have: intuition ."  

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I received a invite to ORD Camp January 2016 and am looking forward towards prospectively creating Google Software Defined Radio Networks!  Or whatever else ;-)
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WindyCitySDR's "YateBTSLiveUSB" works with our SDR devices ;-)
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Lisbon TADHack 2015 news and photos to watch
Collected from Twitter and other sources, see
Photo collection during the event:

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4 Reasons for a Strong Development Career with Koenig’s Mobile Application Design Training

According to a Survey by Forbes, the mobile applications market is the fastest growing market in the developing world, and owing to the fact that a regular user spends a minimum of 72 minutes per day on mobile apps, this technology enters 2015 as the number 1 trend with respect to popularity and usage. Read more-

#ApplicationDeveloper #KoenigSolutions

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Download the Book "Getting Started with OpenBTS" Free
Friday, we reconnect with +Michael Iedema, longtime friend and creator of Askozia PBX. He's now with +Range Networks who are providing the book for interested developers. 

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WebRTC poll 2014 :Q "What do you know of WebRTC":

* I have never heard of it = 33.61%
* I know what it does on a "conceptual" basis = 58.33%
* I understand all of the technical elements relating to WebRTC = 9.29%
* I am a WebRTC developer = 0.82%
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