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The app has finally been released on the Google Play store.

Beta 6 should now be available.

Fixes the album view crash, and adds support for remembering anonymous image uploads.

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Beta 4 should be available soon.

Change log:
Fixed uploading issues.
Added preliminary album support.
Added image folder location to settings.

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Beta 3 has been uploaded and should now be available. The changelog is below.  Thanks!

Added icons to user navigation items.
Changed application name on Imgur, User's need to logout and login again.
Remove account navigation items after logout.
Enable lights out mode for gif image.
Added image overlay/size for gifs.
Added padding around buttons/text on image view screens.
Added viewing custom subreddits.
Decreaed size of text in navigation list.
Fixed crash if returning from Camera/Gallery without selecting a picture to upload.
Can now share to Imgur from other apps (Gallery, Camera, etc).
Added image details.
Updated Style/Theme.
Update up/down/favorite buttons.
Rounded corners of points bar.
Gallery for Imgur Beta 3
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Just pushed beta 2. It usually takes a few hours to filter down. Thanks in advance for testing.

Change Log:
Fix issue with Galler "user" section images not loading.
Fix download image crash due to file creation failure.
The default gallery is highlighted in the navigation drawer on app start.
If you select the current navigation item it will no longer reload the view.
Added Favorites and Gallery Submissions to Navigation (must be logged in).

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Latest screen shots from Beta1
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Feedback: during upload I'd move the image selecting buttons above the keyboard so they're not hidden. Also clicking settings doesn't do anything and clicking on user on the main page of the app crashes the app.
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