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Just want to confirm, guys. I have a VCAP5-DCA and a VCP6.5-DCV. If I pass VCAP6.5-DCV Design, do I get a VCIX6.5-DCV?

Today I'm starting on the path towards taking the 3V0-624 test. Seems like conversation has kind of slowed down on this forum and there isn't much talk at all about this test other than the vhersey and davidstamen test reviews.

How many others out there are studying for this test right now? Hopefully there are at least a few :)

Hi All.

Unfortunately, I did not pass today, but I got very close (260/300). My failed topics was:
* Gather and analyse business business requirements
* Gather and analyse application requirements
* Build availability requirements into a vSphere 6.x Logical Design
* Build Performance Requirements into a vSphere 6.x Logical Design
* Build Security Requirements into a vSphere 6.x Logical Design

I don’t have experience designing VMware projects, and I felt I miss this knowledge for this exam. Nevertheless, I’d like to try again, and my question is: what I need to read and study to enforce my skills in these topics? The three last topics I think I forgot some technical details, so I’ll review the technical docs. My concern is the two first topics.

Could you help me?

Best Regards.

Valter Junior

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Hi Everyone, I am starting to study for the VCAP DCV Design exam and I am wondering which version to go with (6 or 6.5). I understand that there are differences with the exam structure between the two versions but I just want to know if there are any major changes with the contents and can I use the 6 material to study for 6.5?


Hey folks -
I am sitting for the VCAP - 6.5 - Design exam on Friday.

I've studied using the program guide, some of vhersey's notes, the vvd, etc. and am in general feeling good about things.

Any last minute tips or thoughts?

Second time I failed in VCAP6-DCV design exam cant even figure out where it went wrong. Any suggestion on this and how to prepare for this exam will be a great help.

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Hi All, I've found this link worth reading even if it is related to VCDX -

anu one can help me with last learning videos ( from pluralsight or any) of VCAP 6.5 Desing, i'm loocking for desing not deploy, and last ones 2017 or 218 if any,
i want the prep guides or any have questions exemple of the last vcap 6.5 please
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