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I thought pinkie pie is creepy, but that is more then creepy 😨

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These r cool
(not mine)

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Hi And thanks for invite. I will make realy creepy Mlp and i hope you enjoy it. 😊

Sorry I have not been on this community for a long time but work and other stuff is getting in the way so for a return I am starting a contest. More will be explained in 4 and a half hours from now. But for now it will be a drawing contest (subject: your "creepy" oc) and short story (extra if you have a recording of the story)

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December lightly stepped through the town, her mane blowing in the slight breeze. She had gone to the trouble of disguising herself as a normal pony, though it wasn't doing her much good.

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Name: December
Race: Specterpony
Bio: As a spectrepony, December is drawn to places with large quantities of negative energy, which she must feed on. She is disdainful of most ponies, finding them difficult to understand, and therefore difficult to deal with. She has a short temper, and is easily annoyed by conversation revolving around topics she has little or no interest in.

Specterponies are very, very physically and magically weak, but in return they do not need to breathe or sleep, and are impervious to pain. They are also very physically hardy, being very difficult to wound and having nearly limitless amounts of stamina. They only need to feed on negative emotions, nothing else. However, they are susceptible to magic, and are easily restrained by most ponies. They are very lightweight, and they tend to avoid high winds, as they are at risk of being blown away. They can levitate, but are not particularly fast, strong, or agile in the air. They can change their appearance at will, but hunger or high emotions will interfere with this ability. Transforming does not affect their other abilities. 

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Name: Unknown
Gender: Mare
Species: Earth Pony
Bio: Unknown Used to be normal until she shattered (mentally).
Personality: Pyromaniac, obsessed with ribbons, completely insane, dangerous!
Talent: Anything with fire

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Name: The Puppiliete
Gender: Mare
Race: Earth Pony
Age: ???
Bio: Chasing the night watch's beacuse they waked up she! Also is The Puppet's Master GF!
Category: Bad, Murder
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