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Svensson looks carefully over the contract, making sure everything is in order.
“I say we send in Vaughn Dalca, he has been asking for work recently. And he is one of our best pilots.” One executive suggests.
“He’s also a complete psychopath, or did you forget what happened the last time we sent him?” Another executive says. Svensson lays the contract down and looks at the two.
“Walter, do you know what you do with a mad dog?” He asks the second executive
“You put it down” The executive responds coldly
“No, you send it towards your enemy and let them tear each other apart. Then, if the dog lives it is left wounded and is no longer much of a problem. If the dog dies then it is no longer an issue at all. Either way your enemy suffers” Svensson says, then he turns and presses a button on his desk “Mr. Devlin could you please tell Mr. Dalca that I would like to see him in my office please” He says, speaking into a small microphone attached to his desk

Devlin walks through the mech hangers. He stops in front of a large green mech and looks around for it’s pilot. He finally finds him behind an open panel in one of the legs of the behemoth, tinkering with some wiring.
“Hey Dalca, the boss wants to see you in his office.” He says, before reaching into the pocket of his pants and pulling out a cigarette, placing it in his mouth, and lighting it. The man closes the panel and rolls down the sleeves of his dress shirt and buttons the cuffs.
“Mr. Devlin” Dalca says calmly as he picks up the jacket of his suit off of the foot of his Mech and puts it on. “Did you know that, in addition to causing lung cancer, secondhand smoke can damage certain types of electronics used in mechs?”
“No, I guess I didn’t” Devlin responds, confused
“That’s good” Dalca says, plucking the cigarette from Devlin’s mouth “Because if you had I would have taken this cigarette and jammed it into your eye socket.” He states calmly and drops the cigarette on the floor before snuffing it out with the heel of his shoe. “Good day Mr. Devlin” Dalca walks off in the direction of Svensson’s office

“Good afternoon, Gentlemen” Dalca says. He steps into Svensson’s office and closes the door behind him “You look nervous Mr. Ingram, have you been fighting with your wife again?” He asks Walter smugly. Walter’s face swells with anger and he moves to respond, but is stopped when Svensson raises his hand as a gesture for him to be silent.
“Good afternoon, Mr. Dalca. Please have a seat.” Svensson motions to a chair at the opposite end of the room.
“Thank you” Dalca says and sits in the offered chair.
“I have some work for you Mr. Dalca, if your interested.”
“I’m listening.”
“We have been hired by Stealth Tech to protect their research and development laboratories in Britain from some of their more aggressive competitors.” Dalca groans at this
“Mr. Svensson, you know I dislike security work”
“I’m sorry. But beggars can’t be choosers Mr. Dalca” Dalca sits quietly in his chair for a while
“Very well, but I’ll want a third of my wages paid to me in advance”
“Of course, the money will be sent to your bank account as soon as your plane reaches London” Svensson replies. Ingram tries to say something but is silenced again by Svensson “This file contains all the information we have been given at this point. If you need anymore information I’m sure the people at Stealth Tech will be willing to answer your questions.” He stands and hands a file filled with papers to Dalca. Who opens it and glances at the papers before closing it again
“Thank you Mr. Svensson. Is that all?” Dalca asks.
“Then I should be going. Good afternoon gentlemen” Dalca stands and leaves the room. Leaving Svensson to listen to Ingram’s complaints.


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MeccaKore 1.0
MeccaKore 1.0

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Now that could be someone's OC right there....

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Name: Firefly

Pilot: Ryan Solomon

Class: Man O'War

Manufacturer: North American Advanced Military Solutions

Model: Helios Mark II Class Man O'War

Serial Number: HLS-0013

Height: 17 meters (62.3 Feet)

Top Speed: 66KPH

Two wrist mounted Plasma Projectors: These behave in much the same way as flamethrowers, except much more damage against metal. They have a relatively short range, however, and are less effective the further from the target that they are used.

Two shoulder mounted Missile Launchers: Pretty straight forward, they pop up and can fire up to a dozen missiles each. They then have to be reloaded at base.

One Railgun: It fires explosive projectiles that cause severe or medium damage per hit, on Scout or Dreadnought class mechs respectively. It can fire every four seconds. It has 160 rounds for it on board, before it needs to be reloaded at base.

War Hammer: Pretty much exactly what it sounds like, it's a massive hammer, it is extremely durable. When swung, well, if it hits it usually smashes or heavily damages it's target, due to the higher strength of the mech. Provided the target isn't another Man O'War, it is fairly deadly, but has a slower attack speed than a sword or dagger.

Appearance: Image

History: This mech wasn't the first of it's model being one of the standard mechs for the company that made them, but it was the last, due to most of the company's leadership dying in flames, some of which were actually caused by this mech. It has been used by Ryan for about three years now.
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"Some people want to save the world. Me? I just want it all to burn. Literally."

Name: Ryan Solomon

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 149 Lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Nationality: American

Mech: Firefly

Weapons: He carries an assault rifle and a pistol

Allegiance/Employer: Varies, he changes frequently

Known Aliases: Inferno, Hellbringer

Known Relatives:
Ethan Solomon (Father, deceased)
Hayley Solomon (Mother, deceased)
Shay Solomon (Twin Sister, alive)
Zoe Solomon (Younger Sister, alive)


Personality: Sadistic, quick-tempered

Bio: Ryan was raised in a small town in America, about half an hour south of New York. His parents died in a house fire when he and his sister were 17, the two barely escaping the house with their then 9 year old sister. This gave him a weird obsession with fire, one that disturbed his twin. He took off shortly after, leaving his sister to attempt to take care of their sister. He went to college, which rather conveniently burned down a day after he left. No one was able to link him to it, though. He became a mercenary, working for an American company, which supplied him with a mech. Shortly after he was first payed, the corporate office of the organisation "mysteriously" burned down, no one bothering to take his mech away in the commotion. He's been regularly switching employers, doing jobs mostly for the excitement, although he likes the money as well.


I'm going to create my mech and person eventually. Probably in the next few days, they'll go up.

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Name: Gremlin

Pilot: Tori Evans

Class: Scout Mech

Manufacturer: B.M.E.C. (British Mechanics and Engineering Corporation)

Model: Sekhmet Class Long Range Scout Mech

Serial Number: SKT-000-02/P

Height: 9.9 meters (About 32.5 feet)

Top Speed: 160 KPH

HCG-312 Prototype Heavy Weapon:
Heavy long range coil gun, twelve shots before reload is needed. 5 second charge time before firing. (Note: Mech can't move very fast when charging, due to power requirements.)
Machine Gun
A standard weapon, it does relatively low damage and accuracy, but a high fire rate. Has roughly 7'200 rounds stored, so enough for ten minutes sustained fire. Fire rate of 12 rounds/second
Energy Blade
A sword similar to a Katana composed of plasma, it is the mech's only CQC weapon. It runs on its own power source, thankfully, although that does mean it could blow up in the mechs hand if it takes too much damage to the hilt.
Chaff pods:
This mech has the ability do deploy chaff, in order to confuse missile tracking systems.

Appearance: Has an image of a Gremlin on its left shoulder

History: This mech is a Prototype mech built by B.M.E.C, to kill other Mechs at long range. Being a prototype, not all of the kinks are worked out. It has a experimental neural interface, allowing direct movement from the user to the mech, increasing it's reaction time, although that depends on the user. It also has top if the line mechanics, using power very efficiently, and giving it great speed, as well as a mean kick, should that be needed. This mech has...flaws, though. It occasionally suffers power failures, although not often. As well as its subpar armor, it's basically a glass cannon. It's been used by Tori for about a year now, given to her by B.M.E.C, provided she help them, and the British government.
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Faction Profile Template


Function (R&D, Mech Production, Mercenary Work, etc)


Products/Notable Jobs (Depending on whether it's a manufacturer or a merc company*

Notable Employees (Your Char and other peoples Chars who work for the same company)



I've Added A Faction Profile Section. If You Want To Write Up A Bio For Your Company. Please Do So There.

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Name Scarecrow

Pilot Vaughn Dalca

Class Dreadnought

Manufacturer Brannenborg Rustung Worke AG (Brandenburg Armor Works Ltd.)

Model VPR-14 Hollenhund (Hellhound)

Serial Number VPR-14-03

Height 12.1 Meters/40 Feet

Top Speed 120 KPH/74.6 MPH

Armament 1 High Frequency Blade (See Image 3), 1 Laser Rifle (See Image 2), 1 Light Railgun mounted behind the right shoulder(can only be fired 2 times before having to return to base and reload), 2 Missile Launchers hidden behind the rear shoulder plates capable of launching a swarm of anti-personnel missiles, 1 30mm rotary autocannon hidden under the armor on the left wrist(meant for emergency use, Scarecrow only carries a belt of 2000 rounds. Enough for only a little under 1 minute of continuous fire), Chaff Deployers (used to scramble missile's guidance systems).

Appearance (See Image 1), It has a small picture of a Scarecrow painted on the upper left side of its chestplate (See Image 4)

History The VPR-14 Hollenhund was an experimental dreadnought designed and manufactured by BRW AG of Germany. It was intended to test a new light weight frame made of a special alloy that allowed for greater speed and agility. As well as a new experimental nuclear battery that could double its output without doubling its consumption. The experiment was a success, but its cost had run too far over budget and the project was cancelled after only 3 prototypes had been produced. The first two prototypes were scrapped for parts and the third was scheduled to be scrapped. But the factory it was being kept in was abandoned before the prototype could be scrapped when a group of armored mercenaries from a rival company began raiding BRW plants in the area. Several years later Vaughn Dalca came to the region and began hearing rumors of an abandoned mech factory there. When he asked the locals about the plant they described it as "An ugly old eyesore of a building filled with a bunch of worthless hulks unfit to be used as scarecrows.". In spite of their remarks, Vaughn investigated the factory and found the Hollenhund prototype. The prototype was worn down and rusted due to the years of being forgotten, but Vaughn decided to restore the machine. He spent several years and a small fortune restoring the prototype. Eventually he finished the restoration process and began using the mech, which he dubbed Scarecrow, in battle. One of his earliest jobs with Scarecrow was his infamous Belgrade mission. Vaughn is very protective of Scarecrow and refuses to allow any one other than himself to preform maintenance on it. It is even rumored that he once shot and killed a mechanic who accidentally scratched the paint.

(Image 1 by Jassada Sutthi, Image 2 by Edon Guraziu, Image 3 & 4 by Unknown)
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