Cocheta: cable snaps oh crRAAAAAAA- falls down a huge hole and hits the ground hard injuring his ankle and his R.I.G goes red need to get outta here! (Open)

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Name: Cocheta irons
Age: 25
Gender: male
Species: human
Likes: mining, exploring new places, and putting his armor to the test.
Dislikes: spikes, being trapped, or dark places.
Bio: Cocheta irons is a government miner who was equipped with type 92 armor,200 ft of tow cable ,a pick hammer, a plasma cutter and a radar for perception. He heard rumors of gold in Mount ebbot and he set out to make a fortune...

+Vanessa The Angel​ Thanks for the invite.

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thanks for the invite

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Thanks for the invite.


Thx for da invite +Vanessa The Angel
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