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Character templates:

Personnel template:
Eye Color:
Hair color:
Biography (Must be 1 paragraph long):

Anomaly template:
Anomaly name:
Danger class: (1-10)
Description: (What it does and what it looks like) Containment story: (How it was put into containment.)
Containment procedures: (how it's kept in containment.)

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Name: Zed De La Cruz
Nickname(s): Zeddo "only to his friends" Sulfur"on the military"
Age: 21
Class: Agent
Height: 5'7
Weight: 135
Eye Color:Brown
Hair color: Black
Personality: Calm and Serious
Likes: Doing stuffs at the shooting range
Dislikes: Pineapples
Friends: None
Enemies: None
Crush/Lover: None
Family: He has a brother named Tyler who usually worked in the facility as a body guard but was killed one of the specimens on the facility.A father who is living along with his little sister on a ranch.
Biography :
When he was young he s determined to be part of the military.He trained from all the day when he got into the military till he finally succeeded.He got experiences from every combat and retrieving missions.He was soon assigned by the facility to be one of the recon agents to find every anomalies on every sightings.He finally got along with the facility and always keeps an eye to find them under his mask.
He always wears mask whenever he is the hunt always begins

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Anomaly Template
Anomaly name: Katie
Danger class: (1-10) 9
Age: 21
Description: It has long, white hair with the ears and tail of a fox and odd red eyes. It is extremely agile and hard to catch once free and could cause extreme amounts of damage if let loose. Doesn't seem to need to breath. It has shown slight intelligence. Is carnivorous, ignores any vegetables given, with the exception of strawberry cheese cake. Aggressive to bright lights, loud noises, needles, and most living things. Very curious, constant, and reckless. Will take any opportunities. Keep away from other intelligent life similar to it.
Containment story: 19 years before, it was found in a box in an alley way in Seattle. Someone had reported it to the authorities and later was taken to the Deckard Research Facility.
Containment procedures: In a reinforced glass cage with a door that can't be picked and with no vents and an energy barrier. When taken out, it is hauled around in a reinforced glass box with a strong energy barrier surrounding it.
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Personnel template
Name: Ashburn Carter
Nickname(s): Ash (only frIends), Ms. Carter, Miss
Age: 28
Class: Administrator
Height: 5"3
Weight: 134 lbs
Eye Color: Light blue
Hair color: Pinkish orange
Personality: Strict, annoyed easily (due to her sleep schedule), tired
Likes: Coffee, sleep, bossing people around, feeling superior
Dislikes: Work, the adult world, most food (Due to allergies)
Friends: An old childhood friend that lives across the street from her
Enemies: A good portion of people best left untold
Crush/Lover: No one
Family: Her younger brother(17), her parents
Biography: She grew up in Ohio, with her family on the hunting grounds for rare creatures. She never really knew what they were until she got this job, but she sometimes regrets not leaving.
Other: Has an odd pet fox named snowball that she takes to work.

Name: Henry Deckard
Nickname(s): Mr. Deckard by lower ranking personnel.
Age: 36
Class: Administrator
Height: Tall
Weight: He is abnormally thin
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color: Gray from stress.
Personality: Redmond is a practical man, he tries to be the cold and unfeeling machine he has to be in his job. He is highly stressed from all the work he gets and is prone to panic attacks. Even though he is very cocky and in-your-face when he is right. Likes: Redmond's few breaks consist of drinking tea and listening to jazz. He has developed an addiction to alcohol due to the constant barrage of stress that comes from his job.
Dislikes: Henry despises his job and all the paperwork that comes with it. He gets furious when someone interrupts his music.
Friends: His assistant, Zant.
Enemies: None lived long enough to call themselves that.
Crush/lover: None.
Family: His father passed away a decade ago, soon after his mother died as well.
Biography: Ever since Henry was a young boy, he'd always believed in the supernatural. When he had a strangely pleasant experience with one, he'd been studying for most of his life. He graduated from college with a doctorate in psychology and a PhD in biology. After which he founded his research facility and managed to get tons of funding from the world governments, presumably through using his anomalous objects to gain power.
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