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It’s time for another First Saturday in Perth!

This is a great opportunity for new players of the game to learn the game's dynamics from experienced players.

As such, all players are encouraged to take part, whether you are Level 1 up to Level 16. Please register at

Higher level players will assist lower level players around the play area, the west side of the CBD.

There will be a small mission series to complete that will complement your scanner profile.

Everyone is encouraged to come along to a social gathering at Ivy and Jack after the event.

Full details are linked to the Event and best viewed on a computer.

#IngressFS #IngressWA

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A poll I created in a different community :(

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The blockchain tech impresses me, and people are only just thinking of new ways to use it...

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C'mon now I've just noticed that this post was deleted by the mods as I'm assuming it was deemed "off topic". As far as I'm concerned this is a hobby I enjoy alongside playing Ingress, and I come from WA, so it's entirely relevant to this page. I can't say the same for the flower pictures, that were posted by a known troll, who does not play Ingress in Western Australia. There are similar posts on this page where people have talked about how they enjoy getting out and the places that the game takes them. This was more of a "I play some Ingress sometimes while I go and do other stuff" post. I thought it was a good way to lighten the mood somewhat in here too, and remind everyone that we're actually real people behind the scanners. In particular I feel like I'm a caricature to a lot of the opposition, and that causes some major problems. This page is full of pretty ghastly content and characters though, and while I do encourage new players to read back through some of the history, it's not a bad idea to have some softer content on here occasionally.

So where did James's post go?

Censorship? Really? This is completely unacceptable. This is the last Ingress G+ I'm in. I left EnWA over a issue with secrecy.

The post deleted last night should be restored.

The post made over night was removed by a mod primarily to ensure 'trial by internets' did not happen.

We have seen the post and we agree that threats by anyone to anyone are not socially or personally responsible in any manner or format.

People should be aware that Ingress is a game and learn to go with the flow of the other players actions. In situations of danger, please remove yourself from the situation and speak to your teams moderators about what has happened.

In this case the post will not be reinstated. However the originator is welcome to modify his post and place it back up here.

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I'm happy with my stats.

Well, I've now deleted my account. If it's not actually dead yet, then it will be as soon as Niantic get around to it.

The decision to leave was made while angry and disappointed over EnWA's secret decision to allow a banned agent full access to EnWA. I honestly don't care who the agent is, or what they did/didn't do. Secrecy is bad. And I am so very over having to explain to people the difference between confidentiality and secrecy. If you are still confused, Google is just over there...

But the anger is gone, and that disappointment is tempered by the sanity that I have seen surface in the past few days. The tone I'm now hearing is more along the lines of mistakes were made, lessons need to be learned. Hopefully I haven't been imagining that tone.

Too late though. MikeCornflake is associated with the old EnWA, an EnWA who's reputation was allowed, many times over the two years I've played, to be brought into disrepute.

I would love to rejoin the game, but I will only join a team that has clear, visible community guidelines that set and enforce a high standard for it's players and establishes transparency in all dealings.

I'm happy to be part of any process that leads towards this.

Until/unless booted, I will hopefully remain in peripheral social chats. Why? Because there are good people there, and they are my friends.

UPDATE: Got so hung up on what I felt I needed to say, I forgot what I wanted to say! Apologies...

Many thanks everyone, blue and green. On the whole you've been awesome, and on the odd occasion you've exceeded even that. It's been a fantastic time :-)

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+Michael Thompson​ sorry to hear you leave! Hopefully if your community gets better (in regards to what you posted) you will rejoin the Enlighten camp so that we can do battle again (when I'm in Perth)!

From your friendly resistance dinosaur

Or you could always join the resistance (the better side) 😛
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