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Flatnote now allows you to choose a more simple theme
More are in planning.
If you have suggesstions for themes please don't hesitate to share

The update is live for beta-users right now!

Besides Themes, you can now also change artist images manually and of course, the never ending story, a few Bugfixes were also included in the update.

Hello, I was wondering if there's a way to implement a "change artist picture" or something like that since the automatic artist photo isn't always accurate. Thanks a lot.

Here's a few features that I'd like to see implemented in the future, so I can delete the other music players:

- delete the currently playing file
- fade out when pausing
- fade in when resuming
- cross fade songs at least for 15 seconds
- long press play button to select crossfade or gapless
- remember the position within the song when it is paused for whatever reason, also after app is killed

Hope these suggestions help.


Version 1.1.0 is now live for everyone.
I feel like this is the most stable and bug-free release as of yet and I realize that this should've probably been 1.0
You can find the changelogs over at Google Play

From now on stable updated will get a little bit slower, aside from critical fixes.
Beta and (closed) alpha branches will however still have their very fast update cycle.

Things that are planned or beeing looked into for the future in no particular order:

Playlist import / export
Converting the artist list to have cards with artist images (similar to the album list)
Adding context-menus in directory view
"Now Playing" themes
More widgets
Sorting options for lists
Work on improving the visualizer

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Just pushed another update for beta users

The biggest change is that you can now re-order the tabs in the media-library
I've also added a share option to contextmenus of tracks

If the directories tab is in the first two spots, it will also automatically open to the last location played from

It is live by now!

A snapshot of the 1.1 update has just been pushed for beta-users

The snapshot contains customizable smart playlists (recently added, most played, most skipped and favorites), a setting to disable the long-press tag-editor as well as a couple of fixes.

I've also edited my post in translations containing up to date language files


Dear developers visualizer doesnt work. I m click widget but flatnote not open.Thank you.

Dear developers this app very nice,thank you.I'm using plus version but lyric editor doesnt work.copy paste lyric in tag editor but doesnt save.

Hey there, I wanted to say thanks for the fixes and ask for a little thing that I think will help to the overall look and feel of the app. I was thinking if it was possible to rethink the splash screen on start, since the one it has now doesn't blend nicely in those colours or format. That's my suggestion, and I could work on some spanish translation since it's my native language.

There were some unfortunate issues that snuck through testing which prevented new users, or rather anyone clearing app data, from using the app (it just crashed)

Those are, among others, now fixed!

I strongly reccomend everyone to update to the latest version 1.0.12
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