My Pixel C has just updated to Oreo 8.1, now it has no internet. I've been through restarting in safe mode, turning WiFi and Aeroplane mode on/off and forgetting and re-sending the WiFi connection but it still says 'wifi, no internet's. I'm using a Samsung tablet with android 6 on the same WiFi to write this.

Anyone have the same issues?

Cheers, Andy.

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Has anyone else been able to install the Assistant on their Pixel C? I noticed it being available for the first time in the Play Store on my C last night. Usually it's not even visable on the C's Play Store. I installed it and it doesn't seem to do anything yet. It's permissions can't even be enabled.

I hope this means Assistant will be coming soon to the C. This would be a great consolation for not being able to update to Android P.
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I'm having an issue with ghost touches if the brightness isn't turned all the way down. I'm not sure how this makes any sense at all. Is anyone familiar with what is going on and how to fix it?

When I'm reboot my pixel c disappear my widgets in Android 8.1

Where can I get a fix for my pixel C

So google won’t do it and I asked a local shop “they don’t have the meteirial” my screen is damaged badly
The pixel c still works but I would prefer to have it fixed

Google pixel new game....chase the icons..
So I had to upgrade to 8.1, GPS position showing me on the other side of the country and I was forced to factory reset and update. (did not fix the gps)
But, since the update I've had to rearrange all my icons into folders which is simply impossible. I manged to join 2 somehow but after 10mins of chasing icons around I've given up and am now working from the pull up menu...
Folders do not work anymore for me...it's gone back a few years now.
Main reason why I didn't want to update is because it was bound to get slower....guess what, I'm finding it much much slower since the update. And I echo the bluetooth problem, my pixel keyboard now randomly looses connection....sounds like the begining of the end for the pixel C for me, shame, very good device. Replacement from google is a laptop pixel thing....Microsoft it is then!

Whatever you do, don't install Magisk v16.0. It will bootloop your Pixel C.
Everyone on xda has had this problem.

So tell me I'm going crazy so I can feel better... I'm on my 4th Pixel C and I still have the same problem.

When my Pixel C is idle and sleeping, it will reboot on its own. What's causing this? How do I know it's rebooting? I have secureboot or whatever they call it enabled so I look over and I'm greeted with the passcode screen to boot the device. Note: Note the screen passcode to unlock, the boot passcode to continue the boot process.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Since A.W. Sauls was so kind enough to point out this might be a kernel panic when trying to go into a deep sleep I decided to install Greenify to see if that will help with it not "dozing" properly.

It's been 24 hours with no reboot when idle.

Google's idea of support is absolutely horrible. I've never been so shoddily by any supplier. I purchased my pixel c in January and by November the graphics display stopped working. A nice big line down the middle with snow on one side and the working part on the other side, and it would rotate round when I rotated the screen. So I contacted their store and they confirmed it was under warranty. They provided me with their couriers details to pick it up and ship it back, which I did. Then I heard nothing. So I phoned them in early Jan, and they had no record, "can we call you back ? We need to get a logistics specialist to look into it" sure I said. Then you hear nothing, so 5 days later, call them back, same story. Wait, nothing. Called them again, finally got someone who found that despite their logistics company, it had not been checked in at the warehouse. I got " we will send you an email " this time. Which someone did about 3 days later. Basically it said " we recently ran into inventory challenges and due to this we will not be replacing your unit" " because of this we need to look into refund options"
Which I took to mean that they would refund me to my Visa card that I had provided. After waiting another couple of weeks and phoning them every couple of days and being told they had a "team of experts" looking into it. I finally cracked and demanded to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor decides to explain that their original email saying "we don't have any stock and we won't be replacing your unit" actually meant 'no we won't be giving you a refund ' and for you can give me 3-5 business day I can check the stock levels. I asked why he couldn't check while I was on the phone, apparently google has computerised stock control it's just not available to use instantly, you know like every other computerised stock system. I have never heard so much utter crap come from a company that I thought was actually reputable. It's made me loose complete faith in the whole company.

Just received the February Security Update on my Pixel C.
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