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•Theme song•~•


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Mother• ~

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Name: Willowheart
Clan: ThunderClan
Age: 16 moons
Mother: Dead
Father: Dead
Littermates: Fawnpelt
Mate: None
Kits: None till mate
Favorite prey : Vole
Likes: Her Clan, Friends, family
Dislikes: Rude cats, traitors, other clans, water
Quote(s): "Life can be hard sometimes, and you have to realize that"

Name: Cedarpool
Age: 22
Rank: Medicine Cat
Personality: kind and sweet
Mate: N/A
Daughter: N/A
Son: N/A
Crush: N/A
Bio: Cedarpool lived in Skyclan all her life. She never wanted to take part in all of the kitten play, she would rather study the habits of the passing ladybug or the occasional beetle. Cesspool got the position of medicine cat apprentice because of a sign from Starclan and her ability to focus when put to task, even when she was a kitten.
Gender: Female

•Name ~
•Age ~
25 Moons
•Clan ~
•Rank ~
Medicine Cat
•Theme song ~
Dig by Incubus

•Relationships information•
All of her family died in a fire.


•Personal Information•

•Pelt color ~
Solid Silver
Eye color ~
Blue eyes
•Personality ~
Streamfur cares only about her clan, but even she doesn't find happiness in taking care. She only does it to keep her clan from dieing off. Stubborn and sly, all cats should watch out for her.


•Hunting ~
•Stealth ~
•Climbing ~
•Scenting ~
•Swimming ~
•Strength ~

•Favourite Prey ~
•Likes ~
The color red, moss, and dragonflies
•Dislikes ~
Frogs, her own defeat, and diseases
•Quote(s) ~
"I am stubborn like no other." "You may lose a battle, but mischief always wins the war."

We didn't get to do a gathering at the four trees October 31. Saturday the 12th we will be having a gathering at the four trees. (6pm)

Claw took a deep breath and followed Shadowshade's sent. Claw stopped dead in his tracks and realized he was right next to Shadowshade. Quickly he ran over to a nearby boulder and sat behind it. Even though he was a fierce warrior, he didn't know what to do now.
+Elizabeth Blackthorn

Puddlekit padded next to the warrior who was showing her around the territory, but not to close to the edge of the territory. Puddlekit saw some little stones in the river and when the warrior wasn't looking she leaped on the stones one by one. Finally she reached the other side. And smelt a unfamiliar scent. *Other cats! soon she reached where the smell was strong and felt someone grab her scruff.
open to DeathClan

Anyone wanna rp

*Claw stared blankly at the Warriors entrance.. When was this 'attack' on other clans going to happen? Claw hardly noticed the light tabby go into the Warriors den, finally, escaping from his thoughts, he shook his head and padded into the den. He didn't need to go much farther in the den because he realized it was a clanmates scent. He thought now after realizing the tabby was a clanmate, he went over to Lilith's den to ask her about the battles.
"Lilith, I came over to your den to ask you when the battles will start against the other clans."
+Amy Aqua

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Name: Sky
Rank: Rogue
Age: 19 moons
Strength: 62/100
Swimming 76/100
Scenting: 90/100
Intelligence: 96/100

Gender: Female -
-Mate: None
Father: Dead
Mother: In another Clan (Doesn't know which Clan though)
Littler mates: None
-Crush: None -

Good At: Fighting
Not so good at: Being nice to the other clans
Bio: Used to be a Kittypet with her father. She was only a kit when he died, before her father died he took her to the forest hoping someone would take her in but nobody did, she struggled to stay alive but she somehow managed. All the clans never accepted her because she didn't know much and that she was a Kittypet before.
Quote: "Giving up is never an option"
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