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Twilght-picking flowers (open rp p.s she's single)
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Name: Arc
Age: 14
Level: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Ability: Defeatist
Nature: Hasty
Moves: Iron Tail / Hidden Power (Ice) / Heat Wave / Dragon Pulse
Likes: Hats >w< / Action Netting New Pokemon
Dislikes: Staying Still / Too Much Tension
Bio: She never stays in one place for long, she is always moving and if she isn't doing that she is finding new people to play with or playing with old friends.
She doesn't really like to talk about herself or where she came from, she is the only one that really knows. She is fine with keeping the secret and kinda makes a game out of it sometimes.
Other: Blue Fedora w/Black band & Ho-Oh feather forgot to draw 

My name is Puppydaqueen but most people call me Puppy which is exceptable

~I am a great role model and i can cheer people up almost alk the time~

~I am very active after 2:00 on school days~

~I have been promoted to Co-owner of one of the communities im in because i am very helpful~

~I bring new ideas to the "table" quite often~

~I can make sure people do what they're supposed to, but in a nice way~

~Im a cool person tk RP with B3~

Can i sign up to be a moderator or co-owner? Or should i do an application?
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