Am I missing something? Why do some Devs upload ROMs to AFH when the ROM itself won't boot? Not just one upload but four. Fair enough it needs working on but in the mean time there are many folks downloading and getting no result. I'm not complaining! I want to understand more. Do they make money from downloads? And I'm talking about Devs who upload files without an XDA thread on the subject they there's no way of seeing progress. So maybe it's a case of don't flash unless they have released an XDA page on it? Any advise welcome


I just joined AFH a few days ago.
I requested a device name (my device) which is not currently in the list. I hope I will get that ASAP.

Now, I want FTP Access to upload files.
How can I get it?

My email:
My Screen name: fr3aky_phantom


Hy Everyone member

Hey, I have requested FTP access for roughly 2 weeks, not gotten an email or anything about it. I would appreciate some help, thanks.
username: shagbag913

Hey i have an S8+ SM-G955U Custom and Unlocked BL. I work at home and have had lots of free time, so i been getting into using odin with custom roms and would like to be part of your group. I first paid oneclick to root my phone for $40 but now i feel stupeid cause im good at rooting now and i didnt even need them.

Good Day Admins,

FTP Access Requested mail has been sent already , waiting for the response..
I have requested FTP access the past 14 days & not gotten.
I wanted to uploads some rom build .Please look into this.

Mas bisa minta Pasword untuk file
TF Update Andromax Qi G36C1G 5.1.1

You had toYou had to put version of android 5.0 that sdk 21 in the pixel lancher

Is there any problem with servers been trying to download roms but downloads are slow and sometimes gets stuck

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هل تريد حفظ جهات الاتصال الخاصة بك للأبد على بريدك ونقلها من جهاز إلى آخر بكل سهولة ؟

هل مللت من تكاليف نقل جهات الاتصال بك من جهازك القديم إلى جهازك الجديد عبر محلات الجوالات ؟

إذاً عليك ببرنامج خاص يتكفل بهذه المهمة ومختص بالجوالات الذكية ( الايفون و السامسونج والأجهزة الأخرى )
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