Sorry but I'm not a Alicorn Queen anymore sorry

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Hayy finally made my shadowbolt oc (Art is mine Please do not steal)

Name: Rosie Sketch
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Speed: 20.5

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(For got to sign up)

Name: daisy day

Age: 16

Gender: mare

Flight speed: 90.10

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Name water shine
Age 21
Gender mare
Species pegusus
3 Photos - View album

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Who wants to be in the base
1 +Puffed Nicole Pie
2 +Eleonora Stoyanova

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NAME : mlp sweet Antaya
AGE : 12 almost 13
LIKES : night work darkness nightmaremoon
DISLIKE : light sun Celestia

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Name: Rainbow blitz 
Age: 18
gender: Male
Speed: 20.6 
Bio: I'm very awesome in town and I want to be very popular as I become a shadow bolt  like my friend RD so that ponyville will know what I am and what will do to it when my popularity goes wild        

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Done +Puffed Nicole Pie

Hope you like it
(Sorry its blurry)
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