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Card Counter LTD Since its inception,Specializing in Portable Card Counter technology research and development、Manufacture、Market,Products in the international leading level.
Portable Card Counter is made of advanced lower power consumption digital circuit with photoelectric theory technical design. With its multifunction and convenient operation, it can accurately count almost all cards thicker than 0.3mm, making of various materials.
PVC Card、Raised Symbol Card、ABS Material Card、PET Material Card、Paper Card(Standard thickness paper card required)、Intelligent Card、PVC Print Card、Magnetic Card、IC Card、ID Card、M1 Card(NXP Mifare1 Card)、Chip Card)、RF Card、Alien etc.The Portable Card Counter for Various Manufacturing Card Factory、Bank Credit Card、Bank Deposit Card、Intelligent Card、ID Card、VIP Card、Preferential Card、Shopping Card、Chip Telephone Card、Traffic Pass Through Card、Traffic Charge Card etc Manufacturers Or organizations.Widely used in various industries.
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Products can substitute the following models:
TP-323 RJ-218 CC-5 CN368 CN800 EMP-1100C JC-1100B JC-1100C JC-1100
GG-1 TH-8800A JK2000 JK2000+ JK-2000 JK-2000+ PRIMUS C-12  PRIMUS C-12DT  PRIMUS TC-12DT CC-1 CC-550 CC-1N  Card Counting
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