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All you need to know about Chenani-Nashri: India's longest tunnel:

Built at Rs 3,720 crore, the tunnel will reduce the distance between Jammu and Srinagar from 41 km to 9.2 km
1,500 engineers, geologists, skilled workers and labourers worked on the project
92.7 FM is mandatory for vehicles where emergency messages will be relayed
6,000 LED multiple colour lights will be used to break monotony
GSM phones will work inside the tunnel. 118 SOS boxes have been set up, one every 150 metres on both sides
Smoke and heat dampeners will react quickly in fire incidents
118 CCTVs, one every 75 metres
At 5Okm/hr speed, the tunnel is a 12 to 15 minutes drive
Each tube has a diameter of 13 metres, while sideway has a diameter of 6 metres
Rs. 27 Lakh fuel savings a day
Comprises two tubes and 29 cross-passages, with special lane for exigencies
Air quality monitors every 12 metres will keep a check on carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, guiding exhaust fans and air purification
Automated Integrated Traffic Control System will monitor traffic round-the-clock and overheated vehicle will be made to stop for cooling off
Vehicle distance to be maintained at three metres
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