Hello, my ClockTHREEjr has been plugged in and working great for years. This morning I noticed that the LED's started flashing and my first thought was that the clock has a loose power connection. I have reset the clock and powered it on and off with no resolution. The clock still keeps the correct time but the LED's are flashing on and off really quickly as if there is a short. Not sure if it is a part or resistor? I did not put my Clock together. It was purchased already assembled from the original kickstarter campaign. Any help is appreciated. If a video or pics are needed to better understand the issue please let me know. Thanks.

Hello - having bought the kit in August 2014, I have now assembled it. All LED and functions seem to work fine (could set time, and it memorizes it), with one exception: the clock starts and displays the time - but then jumps over to temperature and stays there.
I've discovered that the "decrease" button doesn't work - even after I replaced the switch by a new one.
Also, strangely, sometimes the clock goes back to time mode when I put my finger in front of the photoconductive cell...

Could you help me with the troubleshooting, please? I don't really know where to start...

can you get in touch please re:GPs module. I have some issues......

Bought the kit on seeedstudio, but received the clock without buttons, where can I get equivalent buttons?

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Here's the pics of the back of the board sir!
December 26, 2013
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Here's the video again.

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I purchased the ClockTHREEjr from SeeedStudio. It arrived and was assembled flawlessly. I do have an issue with some groups of random leds lighting up out of order. I will attach pictures & video. The leds that show clear in the pictures are the dimly lit leds. Thanks guys!
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I need a new panel for my clock-3 as its all scratched - can you help me please?

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