I wanted to make sure I was understanding the power options for the BADGEr,

http://wyolum.com/projects/badger/ lists Power Options:
- 2450 coincell (~ 100 page turns) - easy to understand
- Lanyard terminals (7-12V) - easy to understand

This are not on my v4.1 that I can find.
-- JST connector for lipo batteries
-- microUSB (5V)
-- Barrel jack [not populated] (7-12V)

I think the schematic OHSBadge_sch.pdf in the power supply section (lower right) seems to break it down as:
P5 = JST / 3 volt
P6 = barrel jack / 7.2V LiPo | 9V Battery | 12V Wall Wart
P7 = microUSB header ?

Maybe I am not reading the the wording on the badger page as intended, but I wanted to verify these before ruining my board.

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I'm new to the BADGEr (and Arduino for that matter) and received a couple of boards. After reviewing the EPD library and the examples, I tried the ALBUM example. I downloaded the sketch and the screen "froze". The LED light blinked (can't remember how many times), but no action on the screen. I then tried a simple implementation of the library (see code below). The display doesn't change (on either board).

anyone have any thoughts on what's going on? Any help would be appreciated.


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I am getting a sketch error (below) that I am unable to resolve. I am using an Alamode with PI2B running the latest release of Jessie. I had issues with the Alamode set-up, but after looking at a number of blogs, and other posts here, believe those issues are resolved (thanks to Bob Segrest for summarizing the steps for Jessie set-up). I have done a clean set-up using Bobs steps twice and am still ending up with the below error.
Any advice?

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I am trying to get started with an AlaMode on a Raspberry Pi 3 running the latest Raspbian OS load (Jessie?).

Following the process in the v1.1 user guide I was not able to get the alamode-setup/Jessie-setup script to run. So I manually executed each line in the script by hand and everything seemed to work ok.

I am subsequently able to see the alamode option in the Arduino IDE and I was able to select the basic Blink example. When I click the upload button, the program compiles and indicates upload complete, but a syntax error is displayed and the led does not blink...

Has anyone else seen this?

Any ideas?



I have several AlaMode that I purchased at a Maker Sale awhile ago. I have finished soldering them up this morning. I want to add the DC Power Barrel Jack and voltage regulator. I have the Barrel Jacks all ready. I normally get parts from DigiKey.com . Is there an alternate source for small quantity voltage regulator?

I am not sure what I will ever do with these AlaMode.
they may just sit on the shelf forever.

The voltage regulator is NCP1117ST50T3G
Also need D5, MBRM110LT1G, a Schottky diode.

Why were these parts not included in the AlaMode?
It is like the entire barrel power socket was abandoned.

Like I said , I may or may not even use them, I just want them finished in case I do decide to use.

Hi everybody,

I try to buy this fantastic BADGEr hardware but this product is no longer in stock on WyoLum Shop.
Do you think will be avaiable soon.
Thanks in advance. Raffaele

Will there be more production of the TIM (The Intelligent Matrix) boards? I notice there isn't much stock left at Seeed.

Please run another batch of production?

Hi, I am setting up a Alamode on a raspberry pi (original not 2 or 3) and I get no no serial port showing up in Arduino IDE to connect to. I do have around 3.3 volts coming through to the alamode pins and have run the latest configuration files. i am on the latest jessie code. the device is on and the two LEDs are lit. Help is appreciated.

Thanks to Eric Chapman for pointing to the truly easy fix: In the latest versions of Raspbian the GPIO headers used for serial are disabled by default. edit the following file:

$ sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Changing the enable_uart from 0 to 1 at the bottom.


Hi guys,
I am having difficulties with Alamode and Jessie. I was able to set the hardware clock, and thus have convinced myself the board is connected properly to the RPi. I ran the commands contained in jessie-setup individually as the jessie-setup will not run for me (I ran 'more jessie-setup', then typed the same lines while in 'sudo bash'). (I just apt-installed dos2unix, and jessie-setup runs as per Plinio's reply to Aaron Braun's query.)

I started with a new install of Jessie (May27 version) on RPi B.

Here is the trouble I am having:
When I open Arduino on the RPi, I can select Alamode as the board, but the 'Serial Port' section is greyed out and I cannot open the section to select 'ttyS0'. In the Jessie raspi-config, I have the following advanced settings:
Camera disabled
SSH enabled
SPI enabled
I2C enabled
Serial disabled (otherwise the RPi starts going into a loop that will not stop spitting out a line prior to logging in when Alamode is connected)(I tried Kent Hill's change to jessie-setup and still no luck)
Audio disabled
1-wire disabled
Gpio Server disabled
GL driver disabled

Any suggestions to get things working? I'm planning on a working robot by the end of July.

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Having an issue getting Arduino to program the alamode.  See the error below from a screen shot.

Shout out to my buddy Even. Long time no see at RMD
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