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Hello, dear fellow Divergent fan! Welcome to the fandom! First you have to read the rules and agree to it, then create a profile and have us moderators accept it before you can roleplay.
You may create up to two OCs~

- Treat others nicely. On the internet we tend to forget that the other person has feelings too. Do not criticize or judge other people. They are their own character- If there's a problem, the moderators will deal with it.
- No swearing/cussing. This is a roleplay mainly for kids, if you will.
- NO MARY SUE/GARY STUS! Goodness sake. It means that your character is a perfect, no flaw- character. That's straight up boring. Where's all the fun without flaws? Each person has their own unique personality. That's it.
-Remember your faction. How do they act? How would they behave in this situation? It's just weird if you were a Amity and you punched someone in the face.

Here's a template we recommend:

Faction (Old to new):
Appearance (Include picture Optional):

One Choice, decides your friends. One Choice, defines your beliefs. One Choice, determines your loyalties - Forever.

Name: Sabrina (Sab) Tarran
Age: 16 (and a bit)
Faction (Old to new): Candor-Dauntless
Bio: I can be brave. I will be brave. I am brave. (Divergent)
Family: Vera Tarran (twin sis, in Amity)
Personality: Divergent (Candor, Erudite, Dauntless)
Appearance (Include picture Optional): Tan, short hair (dark reddish brownish). She is always wearing a skirt with leggings and a t-shirt with a black/white jacket on.

Name: Rhys Daina Jenkins
Age: 16
Faction (Old to new): Candor-Amity
Bio: Is NOT divergent, just chose what the test said
Family: Blake Kyle Jenkins (dad), Nicole Olivia Ryde (mom), Quentin Ronald Jenkins (bro)
Personality: truthful, honest, kind, peaceful, calm, impulsive, all-over-the-place, clumsy, messy
Appearance (Include picture Optional):

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Name: Katya Alexis Jessica Green
Age: 16
Faction (Old to new): Dauntless>Dauntless
Bio: Was a Dauntless and will be a Dauntless xD
Family: Jessie Green (Mom), Alex Green (Dad)
Personality: Brave, and loyal though ill tempered
Appearance (Include picture Optional):
Ripped leggings, loose long-sleeved top, black leather jacket, converse sneakers, and dragon tattoo, pink, blue and purple ombre hair, dark eyes, pale skin.
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Name: Calypso Durant
Age: 17
Faction (Old to new): Dauntless> Dauntless
Family: Micheal Durant (Father), Amara Durant (Mother), Raven Durant (Younger Sister)
Personality: Tough, Strong, Smart, Kind...
Appearance (Include picture Optional):
Clothes: Black Crop top. Black jeans. Leather jacket. Black Boots.
Hair: Teal Turquoise ombre hair.
Tattoos: Small feather tattoo on the arm and a flower at the upper back.
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Choosing Ceremony:



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Name: Natalie Bella Jane
Age: 16
Faction: Amity
Bio: Me and my younger sis (Kat) are very close, we are twins and are in Candor and Amity, we are quite shy and very calm. We both look pretty similar, but you can tell us apart.
Family: Laura Lily Bell (Mom), Kyle Jason Jane (Dad), Katie Yvonne Jane (16, Twin Sis)
Personality: Shy, a bit nerdy, peaceful, calm, kind, honest, clumsy, forgetful
Appearance: (down below) but with green eyes

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Name: Eliana Karma Laurel Lancaster "Dawn"
Age: 16
Faction: Candor to Dauntless
Bio: Eliana (Prefers Dawn, Eliana means dawn.) was born in the arms of her dead mother. Her mother died giving birth to her, and Eliana grieved heavily. She believes that she was the one who caused her mother's death. She got over it but stays at the bottom of her heart. She is a honest and trustworthy person, not afraid to speak her mind. She decided to transfer to Dauntless because of her sense of adventure.
Father: Scott Mitchell Lancaster
Mother: Amber Rae Lancaster (Deceased)
Brother: Finn Daniel Karma Lancaster
Personality: Sarcastic, blunt, risk taker.
Appearance (Include picture Optional):
Long ombre black to silver hair and amber eyes. (Ignore pic)
Usual Outfit: Black tank top with black leggings and a long black to silver coat thing- Black knee-high boots.

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Name: Raven Lynn Anders
Age: 16
Faction: Dauntless transferred to Amity
Bio: Was Dauntless, but after hearing about my sister's complaints over Eric's leading, I changed my mind, and followed my other aptitude result instead, as I was Divergent, Dauntless and Amity.
Family: Leah Anders (Sis, 18), Karma Anders (Mom) Maxwell Anders (Dad)
Personality: Brave and Peaceful equally
Appearance (Include picture Optional): Dark brown hair, hazel eyes, pale-ish skin, usually wears (Dauntless): Black crop top with graphics, and leggings, (Amity): Red shirt, yellow jeans
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