We are thankful for your anointing, Jesus Christ almighty, help us to speak your Promises to people of #Taiwan and China...gives our kids your salvation and freedom...in Jesus ‘name


May the peace of the lord be with you and your household and may he grant you the authority, joy, success, braveness, creativity, wisdom,strength, wealth, faith, confidence, energy, friendship…
Pray(my wife Esther and daughter Joy…)

主耶穌,求你救 ###朱乃潔(老師)和一家人的靈魂,你回應她的祈求,使她能遇見屬天的平安,有權能的天使保護她和心愛的家人和再興小學的同事、同學…


求主智慧的靈,使人認罪悔改的靈日日充滿我的妻女brave Queen Esther and Joy,使她們能口中宣告主的權能話語…叫千萬萬的婦女(媽咪、女孩...) 能各種的勞苦重擔中得安息,能天天同心聚集讚美主的復活偉大…叫媽祖廟全部被棄絶…叫台灣的天空充滿歡笑讚美主的歌聲….

There is Jesus with you...how could you not to use magic to remove all of evil name in your nation...
Jesus Christ almighty, you are king of kings ...but we are nothing to do with your glory and almighty words...I am not happy about our souls are full of disappointment...
Answer my blessing for #nation Taiwan and China...we talk about your salvation everywhere...Taiwan is a holy nation with your holy blood...in Jesus ‘name 12/11

#City Jerusalem and Chicago,USA, You’re energetic always
#Jesus my Hope, How do you build lives of youths in Taiwan and China 🇨🇳? Please use your music to change the young people in our nation...in Jesus ‘name 12/5

49.The rumbling of engine 顯示 a need for some work to be done.

50.The patient’s tumor became 抑止的 after the treatment.

51.The professor sees an 口頭上的 report as an important means of assessing each professors performance.

52The factory’s water discharge is the 主因 of the pollution in this area.

52.main cause

University of Washington,USA You are reliable all the time
#Jesus my Light, What can encourage college students to preach the gospel of Cross ☦️?
Please forgive sinners of nation Japan 🇯🇵...In Jesus ‘name 12/5

God Father, we failed all the time... and you are waiting for our trust...please forgive those who curse me...your blood covered my wife’s soul...gives us wisdom to listen to Holy Spirit...In Jesus ‘name 12/4

Oh! LORD send Your Light and Truth! Let them lead Your people at #Taiwan and China 🇨🇳, help them to repent for all kinds of sins, then we can get New freedom from your Authority...gives good politicians to us ....in Jesus Mighty Name12/1

1. The customer 強烈要求 to see the manager of......
2. Some of the country’s finest knives are made in this 鐵工廠
3. Many 舞碼 were create in this famous studio.
4. Wen is taking his bar exam and (adv) will be able to 符合資格 as a lawyer.
5. If he take 持有權 ,of all six ,he will become like a god and will be able to change reality at will.
6. After all ,維護 valuable things shouldn’t have to come at the cost of human and environmental health.
7. Some people have difficulty falling asleep in complete 安靜.
8. Listen. Try to stay 樂觀的 you have a great opportunity to develop your people skill.
3.dance number

John 11:23-26
#Jehovah God almighty talks to nation Cambodia with Promises
Jesus said to her, “Your brother will rise again.” Martha said to him, “I know that he will rise again in the resurrection on the last day.” Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?”
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