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This community is not for roleplaying, so please do not roleplay or make OC's on this community. If you do this, you will be immediately and permanently banished.

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This is a warrior cats community I made with the help of my good friend Infinity. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us, and we hope you enjoy the community!

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Join the GayWings (WoF) today! The most MLG, Mary-sue, and Gay tribe you'll ever meet!
we are number GAY

Founder: Moi

Me ofc
+Whiteout The NightWing/IceWing​​

GAYWINGS HISTORY (Will be edited as community, lore, and roleplays expand):
There were 8 dragons, a NightWing, two Icewings, a Seawing, two Skywings, a Mudwing, and a RainWing shunned out of their tribes for being Gay. The NightWing, Tiddieblaster Rainbowinvasion was decendant of an Animus, the 8 came together, and managed to claim part of Pyrrhia as their own with GAY POWERS. The NightWing made it so the gay couples would be able to have dragonets with the same gender, and it'd be passed on. But, Rainbowinvasion unknowningly made it so that also all decendants WOULD BE GAY

Note: Try overexasderating our OC's name, instead of doing... Sunkiller, do SPHEREDESTROYER360

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Most of the Warriors Fandom pages that I own or moderate are shown in this community.

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