What topics would you like to see at future meetings?

Case studies?
Talks about specific services or libraries?
How to bend the language to your will? (A personal favorite)
Software development techniques, methodologies?
Lightning talks?

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for those who are interested: I add a few things to my Wallpaper Slide Show program.  Now you can set the Duration time and the Transition time.


Happy Holidays all!

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Thanks +Jace Browning!

Cross posting to the GRPUG community
Some highlights from my first GRPUG:

Kivy is a framework for developing cross-platform (desktop and mobile) applications and has very ambitious goals:

Pyjnius ("pie-genius") creates Python interfaces to Java libraries:

Rosetta Code is a wiki showing various "tasks" in every type of language:

Requests is "HTTP for Humans":

People aren't using ordered dictionaries enough:

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I moved my previously posted gist to a regular repo so you can now create pull requests with additions.

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Here is something I whipped together a while back as a bash script, and recently did a Python port of it.  It simply lets you pick a directory of pictures and generates an xml file that the Nautilus (wallpaper) uses to make a slideshow of those pictures.  I hope you like it.


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Here is a small list of handy Python packages that I started keeping track of (because i forget things easily). Feel free to add notes if there is anything you would like to add.

Welcome to the GRPUG Google+ community. I have no idea what the difference is between this and a Google+ page, but we'll see what happens here.

Thanks, Ben, for the invite. I look forward to how this will play out. I am positive it will be fine, fun, and lively.
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