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Welp this place is dead

((Warning: this will be random as youtube))
you playing gta and suddenly things start going werid cars chasing you and a strange person is following finally have enough and shot the heck out of the person but the seem unharmed...
(Open rp))

Hi! I made a new account for those who don't know, and I'm gonna use Mayako for my RPs. Thanks!

Sorry I have been gone so and other stuff has kept me buzy

Hello anyone here?

is silently walking though the woods guns drawn black hair covering eyes, before stopping to reload my shotgun that is strapped to my back
"well this is fun still tracking that damm slenderman...."
returns the shotgun to the strap and contuines walking until I hear a branch snap and I stop and look around
(Open rp)
(Carrion eater character)

Cmon CreepyPasta RP members, someone shoot me a message! Im new here!

Anyone wanna rp? 

Anyone up for rp?
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