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Dock and folder is not blur.

It is the best launcher that i have seen
But it consumes more ram which lags phone
Plz fix problems and add new features
All the best

Plz add custom image for applock which looks better plz

Great launcher thank you !!!!!!

Please add a option to blur the Google search bar, because it would be beautiful

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I like this launcher alot. But this is starting to happen more often. Moto X4 Android 8.0

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Another style to move from one screen to another with one hand. With the style P is somewhat complicated by the elevation of the Dock.

I'm no longer able to move, resize, or delete widgets by long pressing.

Running latest version of Flick Launcher, OG Pixel, Android P DP3.

This is an amazing launcher! Does anyone know how to change google now to a dark mode?
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