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Markers in Augmented Reality worlds can be placed everywhere. The distance between the user and its goal is primordial for every applications using Points Of Interest.
In this tutorial we have a look at how to display this distance in real-time and we discover Wikitude's logging system.

In Ionic 2 I try the getting started, however when I enter ionic serve It opens an empty page. Throws 404 for main.js.

There are no build errors.

npm 4.2.0
node v7.10.0
ionic 3.1.2

Can anybody offer some help here? Pretty frustrating that the getting started fails to run. 

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AR Markers first came as QR codes with some very odd black and white shapes.
Nowadays, we don't need to print those atrocities anymore!
In this tutorial we will integrate a geolocated markers in an Ionic app using Wikitude.

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Hello All,

Frangout( is an app that lets you plan hangouts with friends and like minded people.

I would request you all to check out our application made with love using Ionic Framework. Please let us know your feedback on UI, Flow and responsiveness. Most of all let us know how you feel it useful for planning your hangouts.

We made it possible to make this app as smooth as a native app. Contact us for more details on technical implementation as well as help with your app. 

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I expanded on Mike Harrington's recent post on CSS animations in #Ionic with some examples:

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Just started an open source project on Github - "Hybrid Weather". It's a simple weather app (DESKTOP app) and is packed to MAC OS (not tested) and Linux (tested). The app shows the currect weather data of the city. This project was built on Electron (io.js), AngularJS and Ionic framework. The aim of this project is to help in learning hybrid app technologies and build cross platform apps [desktop - (Windows, MAC, Linux), mobile - (iOS, Android, Windows phone) and web (chrome app)].

It would be great if more developers can contribute to the project and help newbies learn hybrid app technologies.

Here is the Github link:

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