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Yo I'm back ...I think I got banned by mistake though
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Srry about it about it saying raiders at the time it was rp

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Full Name Cosmic Furs

Age 22
Gender Female

Species Fox
Sexuality Straight

Height: 6'8
Weight: 174.7



Have Kids?
"No. Never want any."
Have a Boyfriend?


Any girls wanna rp????

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I dont want to risk it guys!!!

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Name: Abby
Age: 20
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Species: nine tailed fox/ demon
Likes: fire, pain, the end of the world, being pet.
Dislikes: having her tails pulled

Anyone fancy an rp?

Im non to picky so fire away

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Name: Mightyena
Gender: male
Sexuality: bisexual
Species: cat
Age: 19
Job: works in a lab conducting test.
Likes: food, being pet, cats and dogs, playing games, rough housing/ wrestling with friends, guns, and knifes.
Dislikes: my job, little kids, lemons, limes, and foxes.


I want to do a descriptive Wasteland/Fallout Rp any gender is fine
2-4 lines of text is needed
And dependent on how the story progresses there might be smut/ romance involved but its down to the rp partner

The setying i have in mind starts in a city and gradualy it works its self out into the world

But im lacking partners to rp with so anyone interested?

Comment any questions

Hit me on hangouts if you wanna jump stright in

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Standard information

Name: Austin fur

Nickname: prince panda/ Master panda (you can call me anything you want though.



Race: Panda

S/O: bisexual (no futas)

Stance: dominant

Occupation(s): Master

Side job(s) porn star (character not me keep it in your pants for know~)

Talents: ice skating, singing, writing, dancing, gymnastics, acrobatic.

Likes: to make my own music, music, dancing, being naughty, showing off a little, friends, teasing.

Dislikes: over muscular large dicks(it's a self confidence thing and other reasons being it annoys me) being touched by people who are nothing more then brutes. People who can't respect each other. God mods.

Height: 5"10

Weight type: thin and toned but not As weak as one would think.

Fur texture: depends on mood very soft and plush until aggressive.

Fur color: dark hazel greyish violet (lavender). Under coat is a light Snow White

Eye color: ender violet

Tongue color: bright purple

Teeth: has two shark gang extentions on the corner of his frontal teeth on bottom and upper teeth set.

Piercings: left side lower lip snake bite ring color is silver.

Accessories: glasses and a cherry red arm band left wrist


Top: has a black belly showing top that has a upside down cross in the middle saying lustful demon and a purple violet hoody also exposing belly.

Bottoms: pants are booty short khakis and black and pink trimmed panties with extra girth to support containing shaft.

Tail: 14 inches long

Sheath size (flacent): 7.5inch

Sheath size (erected): 9.4inch

Cock size (flacent): 6.10inch

Cock size (erected) 9.7inch

Cock girth: 4.5

Cock coloration: a dark grayish hazel violet

Balls: carries a load of 2 pints or more the longer stored increase the mass of the knot. The ball sack is 3.7

Traits: inappropriate, outgoing, teasing, playful, lustful, misdivious.

Habits: calling people baby, pumpkin, sweets, sweetheart, sweety. Etc.
Sexual information

Hates: being fucked, making the first move unless nudged to make first move ( I would probably make it sexual after 3 replies if you leave it to me) one liners emoji text talk. Waiting days for a reply. Futas overly muscular.

Kinks: does all including piss BUT not scat (piss can show dominants or owner ship)

I do bdsm and all kinds of pleasure tortures hehe.
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