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This is a new community, no commitment needed, no responsibility, just raid to raid, and if you can hack, employers can pay you. Any service you need, we can do. Fell free to join if you please, in here you are not forced to do anything.

Lol? The fuck happened?

(Looking to rp)
Name: raven
Spesesis: wolf/cat
Age: ageless
Job: singer/model/life guard(depending on the rp)
Sexuality: straight
Persinality: nice, strong,fast,shows no one mercy or sympathy and much of a deva
Likes: chocs,skateboarding,swimming, painting,and etc
Her type: bad boys and plan bad furs
Dislikes: pink and the sun and her heritage
Supernatural: vampire , werewolf, and demon
Hight: 9"3
Whight: 94
Crush: (depending on the rp)
Relshinship: none( only in rp)
Other: Her eyes change colors for different emotions. she is mentally unstable but it doesn't show unless you mess with her to a point where she snaps. she also is good with weapons. she is rich but she doesn't show off. Her mother was a vampire/werewolf and her father was a demon. She is royalty (princess of the demons) she has powers to but I am to lazy to namw them all (if you rp with me you can find out) she hates being called emo a goth. Try not to get on her bad side. Also her mother was murder when she was no older that 5 years. Now she lives with her father. She is also the arena champion.(of the demon realm) thats pretty much every thang.

I'd like to rp with some furries...

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Looks like:sexy,cute
Anyone what to rolplay?~

Dont let RAWERXD join hes a scamer

Have I done a profile yet?

Anybody awake?

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(Hi thanks for inviting me. ..i dont have any furry ...people ..but . Is this fine?)
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