mi very ecstatic to be here

Do any of u former 8th graders know which geometry book i should get over the summer? Or tell me the name of the book u already have

For the poetry project can we turn it in digitally? I have 15 pages of color I don't want to print

What are the page numbers that are due tomorrow for the science SOL book?

Does KZ go to finance park on the 9th?

For finance park,  not sure if teacher matters, but do we have to wear anything in particular? I'm hearing that people need to be formal, but also since I didn't hear anything about that from my teacher... I don't really know...

For the fairy tale project, where's the instructions and rubric and stuff? i can't find it anywhere on Blackboard and right now im not quite sure it exists.  If it doesn't exist, then do I just put the information i put on the check ins?

People in Spanish 1 Mrs. Crawford:

You have homework on Blackboard which will not be accepted late...

For people with DeMello, for the EDD, do we have to include the data from our actual experiment in the data table in our procedure, or do we just have to give an example of what the data table would look like?

When is the high school course registration course due? I don't think they told us.
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