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Please fill out this template for each character and please get your character approved before Roleplaying. 

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Name: Anna D. Drako
Age: 24
gender: female
Likes: hugs and kicking major butt
Hates: death and sadness
Spices: human
Looks: dark brown long hair, brown/blackish eyes, red mask covering her mouth, and has a curvy but athletic figure
Bio: oldest out of 3 children. She raised them on her own when her parents were killed by demons at age 12. Her siblings died later after that due to a car accident when she was 17. So now she walks alone because she doesn't want anyone to get hurt becuase of her. She hunts now, but only becuase now she has nothing to fight for.

((Created a character :3,whoever wants to Rp with me we can do so))

((I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU GUYS but I'm bored. This is an open RP))

Sunny slunk through the darkness of the night, keeping light on her feet. She was deciding on sneaking into a store and stealing their cash. She, unlike most other robbers, didn't walk straight in. She found other ways in than the front or back door. She looked into the window of the store and saw only the manager, counting out the money. She didn't know what species the manager was but she didn't care, as long as she could sneak past. She painfully stretched her wings and, very ungracefully, flew to the top of the building. She quickly folded her wings back then crept along the roof, slipping into the vents and crawling as quietly as she could.

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Name: Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, the Morningstar, Belial, Serpent, Beelzebub, Light Bringer, Luci, Luce
Real Age: Second eldest Archangel, nearly as old as the Earth
How Old They Look: 30ish? (Mark Pellegrino is 49, but looks much younger to me)
Rank in Heaven: Archangel, Fallen
Personality (3 sentences at least): Lucifer is extremely self-centered, Pride being the greatest of his sins. He will argue with you until the end of time to redeem himself, and convince you that he is good and what he has done is not wrong. He has only lied once in his life. Lucifer believes that if someone likes multiple people romantically, they should be allowed to have them all, because joy is a fleeting emotion, but perhaps the greatest of them all.
Likes: Flying, being complimented, being trusted, movies, alcohol, exotic places, making someone he likes happy
Dislikes: Liars, cheaters (at least the not-clever ones), Michael, God
Are they loyal to God?: No!
Wing Appearance: Three sets, a total of six wings, stacked. The smallest are closest to the front (primary, about 10 feet each), then the secondary (about 20 feet each), and lastly tertiary (about 30 feet each). They're snow white with a rainbow, iridescent sheen, large and powerful, and a physical manifestation of his Grace.
Powers: Nigh-omnipotence
Anything else: Lucifer loved Abel, and when Cain took him from him, he created the Mark of Cain so he would suffer for all eternity. He will never forgive him for this. When Lucifer killed Gabriel, he hated to do so, and actually hopes his brother is alive.

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NAME: Ciel Allcott
AGE: 16
GENDER: Female
APPEARANCE: (See photo) Raven black hair, electric blue eyes, peach skin
WEIGHT: 104 lbs
LIKES: Throwing knives, Walks at night, Cats, Coffee, Soda, Pie, Burgers, Sleep, Chocolate, Classic Rock, P!ATD, FOB, MCR, etc.
DISLIKES: People who pity her, Loud people, Small children, Monsters, Nuts, Vegetables
PERSONALITY: She's generally quiet around people she doesn't know,  but is really cocky around people who she considers family or friends. She insults her friends jokingly and will playfully punch them but never means harm to her family or friends. She seems very tough and stoic on the outside but can be extremely caring and protective.
BIO: Ciel has been an orphan for her whole life. Her parents were killed by Azazel and she has been traveling foster family to foster family. She is really troublesome when people pity her and she doesn't take it well. She hates the pity and just wants to be treated normally. She now avoids foster care and hunts on her own. She doesn't mind help from her angel friend Aurelius once in a while.
ANYTHING EXTRA: She owns a vast collection of throwing knives she's made over the years and collected. She's secretly a huge geek and loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Avengers, etc.
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