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Hey, Zozo K here! Welcome to The Fandom Community!!! Here are the rules!

1. No judgement!!!
2. Nothing inappropriate!!!!!!!!

If any of these rules are broken you will be banned.

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Which One

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That 1 Button

UPDATE!!! Please read!!

Hey guys, Zozo GMR here! I have a new update for this community! I am going to add a new category for this community. I'm going to add a cosplay category for this community!!!! I'm super excited because I've done some cosplay myself! I'll be adding the new category soon, so I would like to welcome cosplayers to this community, if you have done cosplay, feel free to post some cosplay pics when I add the category, if you know anyone who does cosplay, tell them to join my community and post there cosplay pics and check out the other things my community offers for fan girls and fan boys. Thx!!! 💗💗

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Overwatch fanart time!!! Here's some fanart of my fav character, junkrat!!!!!! If you guys any fanart of junkrat or any other character, feel free to post it, as long as it's appropriate. You don't want to get banned do you? Thx!
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UPDATE!! PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!! Plz...

This is a big update for the community! I have been playing a lot of Overwatch for a while now and I have gotten into the fandom recently and I want welcome all the overwatchers out there to join the community and show how much they love the game and the fandom (I am seriously obsessed with this game!!). If any of my members are overwatch fans, start posting. If any of you know anyone who is into overwatch, tell them about my community and just spread the word, I'd really, really like this community to be known as a safe place for all kinds of nerds and geeks or what other names there are for nerds to be themselves. I'll start by posting fanart of my favorite overwatch character, Junkrat (I live junkrat so much!!) in the fanart section of my community. Thx for reading!! Love you guys!!! 💗💗💗💗

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Which is Better? PS4 or Xbox 1 (I'm a PlayStation person)
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Xbox 1


Hey guys, Zozo GMR again. I just wanted to announce that I want to welcome gamers into my community, especially overwatch and destiny fans. I will also be adding more categories to post stuff in my community. So, if any of you are gamers or you know people that are gamers, tell them about this community and just spread the word so you can start posting!!!!! Thx!! 💗💗

Hey guys, Zozo GMR here! Sorry that I haven't posted a lot, I've been really caught up with high school and didn't have time. I just wanted to ask for your guys help to spread the word about this community, I would really appreciate it. Thx!! ❤️❤️

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