I can not wait for the new sequal series to fablehaven and the next five kingdoms books. But five kingdoms and beyonders are basically the same plot line. And there could totally be another series to the beyonders. The prophecy says that jason should tell his daughter about her prophecy and where she can go when she needs help. Seriously, we need more books. I just started reading candy shop wars. Its pretty awesome. But fablehaven is my absolute fave out of all of them. I keep reading it over and over. I love the audio book.

My mom just bought me the whole Fablehaven series!

Just finished chasing the prophecy. Who thinks what happened to Nedwin stinks. Rest in peace Nedwin. Rest in peices Copernum LoL. Also rest in peace other 8 people that died in the delegation

When I heard about sky raiders and how Cole goes to a different world I thought to myself....... Hmmm I wonder where I've heard that before
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