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Name: Angel

Age: 70000 years old

Gender: Female

Species: Winged Wolf (Time Guardian)

Personality: She is stubborn, loyal, fierce, protective, wise, strong, and loving.

Mate: She is looking for one.

Weapon: Her claws, fangs, and wings if used in the thunderclap attack.

Companion: She has none.

Power: Her wings give her the ability to fly.

History: Angel is the daughter of a roaming Guardian line. She roams time and space, making sure its not tampered with too much. She is an old ageless-seeming creature a group of Time Lord scientists created to guard Gallifrey. But with the displacememt of Gallifrey, she has roamed time and space, always catching traces of the Doctor's scent. So now she hunts she hunts the Doctor for answers.

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"Captain Jack Harkness, And you are?"


"Well, I will admit, I don't know, being immortal makes you forget your age."


"HEY! I'm obviously a man!!!"


Jack is... basically your average lover. He's sweet, Very flirty, and well, a nice companion. Unless you tick him off, Then he becomes angry, and most likely shoot you with something.


"Um, I really don't have family."


Jack was traveling once and met the ninth doctor and Rose. Rose had looked into the time vortex and held all the power to her head. While destroying the Daleks, Rose brought him back to life, which now causes him to be immortal. 


-To flirt
-Saving people
-Being call a hero smirk


-Someone in danger and/or hurt
-Not being able to flirt
-Being alone in the universe

Time Vortex Manipulator 

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[Open RP, ideally someone with a TARDIS]

Rick and Caia were currently on their tenth anniversary at a five stared restaurant, however you appeared in the middle of the room in your TARDIS which disrupted the romantic setting. It had bought you there for the same reason why Rick had decided to go to this specific place - there had been reports of a rogue Dalek in the area.
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- Caia Hampson (FC: Racheal Harris)
- Rick Hampson (FC: Ray Stevenson)
- Janey Hampson (FC: Dove Cameron)

- Caia is 42
- Rick is 45
- Janey is 16

- Caia is female
- Rick is male
- Janey is female

- Caia is a florist
- Rick is a former UNIT operative, works as a delivery man for his wife's business
- Janey is a student

Caia - A devoted mother returning to a career as a local florist, Caia is an educated and calm thinking woman who may not be as strong as her husband physically but she can be a challenge in a conversation.

Rick - The complete opposite to his wife, he's a man of few words when it comes to strangers and rarely talks about his former connections with UNIT to anyone. He's very secretive.

Janey - Takes after her mother mainly as she has a optimistic perspective on the world which can be mistaken for innocence.

Appearance: See pictures below.

Bio: A small family from London, England who appear pretty much normal at first besides Rick's constant avoidance of speaking to strangers or people he cares little for. Caia has recently opened up her own florists which has been a big leap from her website while Janey is a secondary school students, she's not exactly a genius or has the IQ of a sack of potatoes but just in the middle.
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Can't remember if I've posted this one yet
Quote "I seem to be in near death situations more often then the average girl. Not that I'm an average girl" "I'm Judy Tyler, and I'm a Time Lady"
Name Judith "Judy" Marie Tyler
Age 15
How many time you regenerated? 0
Occupation Student
Villain or Hero Hero
Goal Make her father proud
Weapons Sonic screwdriver, given to her on her fifteenth birthday
Likes Exploring, sleep, music
Dislikes being judged, Daleks
Friends Wilhelmina, a friend she's known for ten years
Family The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler (Parents) Jackie Tyler (Maternal Grandmother, Susan Foreman (Half Niece, if that even is a term) Jenny (Half sister)
Appearance Picture. Judy however always has on a necklace given to her by Jackie.
Personality Bubbly, witty, clever, Judy is the perfect blend of her parents. Judy never stops talking either, she could ramble on for hours.
Vehicle She can't actually drive, but she does have a bike
Companion She doesn't have one, she likes to consider herself her father's companion
Bio Judy is the child of Rose and The Doctor, however she had no idea she was a Time Lady until she was fifteen and her parents sprung the news on her. She did however suspect that something was a little ood about her, if you catch my bad pun.

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Year 2014
Location London

The (11th) Doctor was walking down the street on the sidewalk. He was looking around the area as he kept his eye out for anything to come at him. Also in the process of looking for the Ponds. Where are they....They would be right here. That's where I told them to meet me at. Not go wandering off when we are trying to- He paused for a moment and he was thinking for a moment that he was talking to himself. He noticed everyone was looking at him and he walked faster and he looked down a little. He bumped into someone. Oi! Sorry.

((Open to anyone))
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"Why is everything so confusing or maybe I'm just out of my mind"

Do you need my normal name because that I cannot give to ya, I will give this name Lilly Knight But call me the warrior


How many time you regenerated
None even though I'm old I haven't regenerated even once

Time traveler of course runs in the family

Villain or Hero
There is something called Neutral ya know we like to be either good or bad

I have no goal oh wait one, The Phrofecey of hybrids will arise I'm I am hybrid Time-Lady/Human

Who needs a sonic screwdriver when you have a sonic spoon

Time, the doctor, my sister/Brother

Daleks and the cybermen

The Doctor, The master/ 'Missy' The Misstress, Alexader Fields

The Master/Missy aka the misstress [Sister]

Blonde and green hair pale skin

Bananas, Insane, Crazy, Clever, smart

I have a own TARDIS ya know my Green Police Box

The warrior is the sister of the master/Missy. She has a very Scottish accent. She was a warrior in the time war until her brother/Sister threw her into a TARDIS for safety. Her brother escaped somehow and that left The warrior alone in the planet called Earth. She has been Looking for a companion

Alexander Fields
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Wendy Stepped out of the TARDIS she some how escaped the weeping angels. When she stepped outside she was in old England in the knight times
[[ +The 10th Doctor ]]
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The Doctor was leaning against a wall near a closed door and he was listening to the people that was inside. He was staying quiet and made sure that he didn't moved too much. He looked ahead of him and he saw a shadow. He moved away from the wall quietly and he walked down the hallway where he saw the shadow. Hello? He whispered to not make too much of a noise.

(+The Doctor)
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