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Three of my panoramas from the south of Iceland in the exhibition with the photoclub last weekend. It was the second of three exhibitions I am participating this year. These are photos of Landmannalaugar & Hjálparfoss printed at 10mm Forex (PVC). Each of them are 160cm wide.
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You know, +Martin Bailey, frogs almost never taste as bad as they look.

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+Martin Bailey, This made me think of your Greenland 'cast re glaciers receding. You'll recognize the location.,-16.22523,10.821,latLng&t=1.27

Martin - this morning I saw the tweet of the Tenba bag review. I clicked the link in the tweet and started reading the post on an iPhone 6S. When the newsletter pop-up appears I can't find a way to get rid of it. The "x" to dismiss is off the screen to the top and I can't find a way to make it visible.

It works fine on an iPad mini.

Just FYI. As always, thanks so much for all the interesting articles.


Just finished watching episode #367 from 2012. The video was amazing! The music fit perfectly!

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This week's podcast is a video tutorial to walk you through my image editing and processing workflow in Phase One's Capture One Pro.

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Broken bottles and cigarettes

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I just released part one of a travelogue series to walk you through my recent Iceland Full Circle Photography Tour and Workshop.

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The final part of four travelogue style episodes to share my experiences and photographs from East Greenland, continuing today with some aerial photos of glaciers, and Aurora Borealis.
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