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Well I guess I have to... Ugh fine

Name: Zekeria

Species: Unknown

Likes: people, interesting things, fights, and stuff

Dislikes: perverts

Age: Doesn't age

Bio: An incarnation of The force of Chaos, the creature chaos and mephiles were also incarnations of Chaos but Zekeria is the strongest incarnation able to go toe to toe with hyper shadow when armed with the dark emeralds, was born from a ball of light in a deep cave and lived in that cave for 3 years eating rats until people found him and took him to a village, raised him as their own and trained him in martial arts, when he became older Zekeria learned of his true BIRTH and set out to find out who he was, once he reached the cave Zekeria found strange markings on the wall that showed him who he was and unlocked his power, Zekeria took a 100 year nap as a side effect and awakened when the original Dr.Robotnik attempted to rule the world, the original Dr.Robotnik found Zekeria and attempted to control him for world domination but Zekeria escaped his control and went into another 100 sleep so Robotnik would never get his hands on Zekeria's power, Zekeria re-wakened now when the freedom fighters rose up against Eggman...

Moves:full skill set unknown but has the transformation ability and destructive blast attacks, the angrier he is the more powerful he becomes, Teleportation, immune to power draining

Fur: Black as space, white, and purple
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For those that joined welcome and be sure to tell people about us,now heres some basic rules.

(Beta Testing)

1) Respect your superiors,your Comrades and your Leader (Me).

2) Dating is allowed but no Sexual Posts.

3) You must a profile before you Rp

4) No hate or criticism on peoples artwork no matter what (theres a possibility of me contradicting this rule)

If these rules are broken then you will receive 2 warnings if you ignore these then it will result in bans ranging to a week,2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month or permanently.

Annnd i think thats all,see you around comrades! Hail to The Revolution!
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